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Johnson 61 Billion Ukraine Aid Sparks Outrage


Johnson Betrayal Exposed

In a shocking betrayal, Johnson broke his solemn promise to voters in the worst way possible. This turncoat Republican just jammed through $61 billion for Ukraine with Biden and the corrupt Democrats – spitting in the faces of taxpayers and his own party.

He brazenly sold out conservatives to give Biden a huge foreign policy victory after getting brainwashed by deep state crooks. Now these snakes are dancing while you and I get thrown under the bus and illegal Immigrants storm our borders in the worst border crisis in US history under Biden’s nose.

Johnson and the Democrats were actually cheering and waving Ukrainian flags as they screwed us over – utterly sickening! RINOs like Johnson are wolves in sheep’s clothing who must be kicked to the curb. He’s a backstabbing fraud who tells voters one thing then does the opposite once elected.

Conservatives have had it with spineless losers like Johnson who cave the moment pressure hits. He crumpled like a house of cards because he was never the tough guy he claimed to be. It was all just an act to gain power.

Mike Johnson Passes $61 Billion Ukraine Aid

The utter betrayal is complete. Speaker Mike Johnson has shown his true colors by joining with President Biden and the Democrats to ram through $61 billion in taxpayer funds for Ukraine.

Despite Johnson’s repeated promises that he would never advance foreign aid without first securing our own border, he has done exactly that. The Louisiana Congressman cast aside his principles and months of tough talk to deliver this massive gift to Ukraine, violating the trust placed in him by the American people.

Make no mistake, the Democrats and Biden are overjoyed by Johnson’s stunning reversal. This “major foreign policy victory” was delivered to them by the Speaker himself, as he kneeled before the White House and intelligence agencies who have been working for months to flip Johnson through “reeducation” efforts.

The Democrats cheered and shouted “Ukraine!” as they waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor, blatantly violating rules of decorum. But they faced no rebuke from the Speaker who was joining in their celebration.

Meanwhile, the majority of Republicans who voted against this aid package were stunned and outraged. Their months of effort to secure the border before turning to foreign aid was utterly betrayed in an act of political cowardice by Mike Johnson.

This $61 billion gift empowers Ukraine to continue its losing war with Russia. If Johnson and Biden want open conflict with Russia, they should formally declare it instead of secretly inching us toward World War 3.

The aid package also grants billions to Taiwan, one of the world’s wealthiest nations fully capable of purchasing its own arms. More insultingly, Taiwan is not even at war, making this colossal waste of tax dollars indefensible. Americans can’t afford groceries or gas, but the Democrats and Biden are funneling their money overseas.

Mike Johnson could have secured border legislation before allowing this aid package. But he folded without a fight, surrendering his leverage and rigging the process to let Democrats have their cake and eat it too.

This is the Washington Swamp at its worst – Democrat spendthrifts enabled by spineless RINOs like Johnson who betray Republican voters the moment they get a taste of power. He has essentially become a member of Biden’s party in working to advance reckless foreign policy.

Conservatives must bring a vote to vacate the speakership immediately. Shutting down the House is better than allowing Johnson to enable Biden’s war agenda any further.

But under no circumstances can Johnson’s shocking capitulation stand. He has crossed the line beyond all measure of political forgiveness. The notion that Republicans “control” the House is laughable when Johnson consistently violates the will of his own party.

This supplemental spending bill confronts multiple nuclear powers and risks open war. Yet the voice of the American people opposed to entering new wars is ignored. Johnson is pushing us down a dangerous path of no return that will span generations.

By ramming through this legislation and splitting off the border bill vote, the Speaker showed he serves Biden now, not the wishes of Republican voters. He single-handedly empowered Ukraine warmongers in both parties to get what they want at the expense of public opposition.

Conservatives have only one option left – immediately move to vacate the chair and elect a new Speaker who will not betray them so profoundly. If Johnson remains in power, there is no telling what else he will hand Biden on a silver platter while ignoring Republican priorities.

The trust in Johnson is irreparably broken. Getting rid of him won’t be easy or quick, but it must be done. Bringing the people’s House to a standstill is better than the actions Johnson is enabling.

Unsurprisingly, Ukraine’s President Zelensky was quick to thank Johnson for the “decision that keeps history on the right track.” But whose version of history? The undeniable truth is most Americans oppose pouring more billions into this conflict, much less confronting nuclear-armed opponents.

Only Biden, the Democrats, the military industrial complex, and disloyal Republicans like Johnson see this as the “right track.” But it’s the wrong direction for hardworking taxpayers who will pay the price for these misadventures.

Thanks to Johnson, Zelensky can keep pretending momentum is on Ukraine’s side as he guzzles up our billions. Johnson’s gift empowers his losing war effort and needlessly aggravates tensions with Russia.

It’s clear who really influences Johnson – and it’s not Republican voters or his colleagues in the House Freedom Caucus. This aid package passed largely with Democrat votes, again revealing the Speaker’s true loyalty.

If Johnson wants to be Zelensky’s pen pal and best friend, he should resign from Congress and join Ukraine’s cause full time. But he has no business occupying the Speaker’s chair if he intends to ignore the party that elected him.

Pinheaded Gerry Connolly even claimed the Ukrainian border is the same as America’s border during the aid debate. This perfectly demonstrates the America Last mentality that Johnson has pathetically capitulated to.

Connolly explicitly stated on the House floor that “The Ukrainian Russian border is our border!” This absurd statement denies geographic reality and demonstrates how globalist politicians have prioritized Ukraine over US interests.

Republican Representative Andrew Clyde responded to Connolly’s outrageous comments by sharing an astounding video on X, expressing his dismay. He summarized the sentiment as: “The America Last Uniparty in a nutshell.”

Gerry Connolly over-the-top rhetoric reveals where his true priorities lie – and it’s not with American citizens.

Border Crisis Worsens While Democrats Wave Ukraine Flags

And while Democrats wave Ukrainian flags in violation of House rules, we have a wide open southern border being overrun by millions of illegal immigrants thanks to Biden’s lack of concern for enforcing security. But don’t expect Johnson to lift a finger to change that anymore. He already caved on his key leverage point.

The separate border security bill vote engineered by Speaker Johnson was pure legislative theater intended to fail. This toothless, watered down bill was dead on arrival and never designed to actually pass.

It was merely a face-saving effort by Johnson after he already caved by allowing the vote on Ukraine aid to proceed without any concessions. The meaningless border vote was an insult to conservatives.

Clearly this was not a sincere effort by Johnson. It provided no real policy changes or funding, only a recycled bill guaranteed to fail. This allowed Democrats to happily keep waving Ukrainian flags while Republicans offered empty gestures on the border crisis.

Let’s be clear: Johnson took the coward’s way out by refusing to play hardball with Democrats. He could have leveraged their desire for massive Ukraine aid to force action at our border. Instead, he rolled over and played lapdog for Biden.

It’s now obvious Johnson was co opted early on by deep state actors who repurposed him as their sleeper agent. The former tough talking defender of border security is no more – he’s a Swamp creature now.

Johnson was never committed to doing the hard work needed to turn Congress against foreign aid. He told Republican voters what they wanted to hear, but failed his first big test.

The Speaker role requires grit and determination to force action on Republican priorities no matter how messy the fight becomes. Johnson clearly lacks the intestinal fortitude this historic moment requires. He crumbled at the first chance.

Republican voters are sick and tired of being betrayed by leaders who cave under pressure from the radical left. That’s why they elected fighters who they believed would actually stand up to the Biden Administration.

Mike Johnson looked like one of those fighters. But his stunning capitulation on Ukraine aid reveals he was a fraud all along. His tough guy persona was just an act to ride a red wave into power.

Mike Johnson had a golden opportunity to redefine the role of the Speaker in the eyes of the American public. He could have set the tone for a Republican House that unapologetically fights for the working class as hard as Democrats fight for globalists.

Instead, he became part of the problem – a tool of the Democrats’ machine.

All Americans must send a powerful message to all traitorous Democrats & Mike Johnson: if you fail to represent the citizens who elected you, your position is forfeit.

The American people are fed up with incompetent leadership from double-talking fraudsters. That’s why they gave Republicans the House majority – to finally get results.

For the good of the country, Johnson must vacate the chair. His cowardly appeasement of the left proves he does not have the fortitude to stand tall when it matters most. He crumpled under pressure, revealing he was never the right person to spearhead the conservative populist movement.

It’s time to cut our losses. Mike Johnson had his chance to lead and squandered it. He chose to cozy up to Biden and the Swamp instead of upholding his word to Republican voters.

Now the real work must begin to select the type of leader this defining era requires. We desperately need someone with the backbone and unshakable resolve to steer America off our current disastrous course, no matter the waves of vitriol that crash upon him.

In times like these when the big shots are out to mess things up and corrupt anyone in power, we need a president who can handle the heat. America’s future depends on picking the right person to take charge.

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