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Joe Rogan Offers Peter Hotez HEAPS of Cash To Appear In Vaccine Debate


Joe Rogan has decided to boldly use his platform to open up a seemingly abandoned topic of debate that became so stigmatized, discouraging experts, influencers of all sorts, politicians, and regular people from approaching it.

Just a few days ago, Rogan was hosting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his show, talking about a host of issues including CIA assassinations, JFK, and global politics but one topic stood out in particular.

Kennedy’s controversial stance claiming, vaccines cause autism, came up, prompting Rogan to ask if anyone publicly debated him on the issue, but Kennedy replied that for almost 18 years nobody did.

He repeatedly challenged Peter Hotez, a scientist and a vaccine creator himself, to public debates inviting him to showcase the science behind his answers but Hotez kept rejecting this proposal.

Rogan wasn’t having this and decided to spice things up a little bit, personally inviting Hotez to his show for a debate with Kennedy, throwing some money in the mix.

Stick around and we’ll tell you more about what Joe is offering, Hotez’s reaction, why we need to have this debate and keep having similar ones, a very interesting development, and more.

What makes The Joe Rogan Experience unique, beyond its laid-back and often riveting conversations on all sorts of things, is that it acts as a platform for all opinions and doesn’t restrict anyone whatsoever.

A clear manifestation of this was when Kennedy was allowed to profusely discuss his opinions on vaccines on the show, his experiences, and everything that shaped them.

Unlike the mainstream media, which just completely dismisses Kennedy’s claims as hoaxes or conspiracies, Rogan finally gave Americans a real chance to take a deep dive into the Presidential hopeful’s claims.

This freedom revealed to audiences that Kennedy repeatedly challenged Vaccine creator Peter Hotz to public debates only to be rejected every time.

Awfully suspicious of a man who claims to be standing on solid unshakeable facts.

Rogan raised the stake by inviting Hotez to his show to debate the issue with Kennedy, offering him 100,000 dollars donated to a charity of his choice if he only shows up.

A very generous and charitable donation that cannot be refused.

So how did Hotez respond?

It seems like what Hotez might be hiding is worth much more than a 100,000 donation because again, he rejected the offer to publicly debate the issue.

However, Rogan issued the offer publicly on Twitter, putting Hotez in a tough spot.

He tried to save face through vague non-answers, which were swiftly called out by Rogan.

The exchange caught the attention of Elon Musk, who sided with Rogan tweeting “He’s afraid of a public debate because he knows he’s wrong”, significantly raising the pressure on Hotez to accept.

Elon even joked saying “Maybe Peter Hotez hates charity”.

After several exchanges back and forth, Hotez finally caved and said “I’m happy to come on and clear the air.

I respect you and your show. I don’t want an adversarial relationship, I think we can work well together”

This response remains more or less vague and does not include a clear agreement to the debate.

Also, did it seriously require Elon’s intervention along with thousands of other Twitter users for him to finally agree? Very weird behavior.

If you’re wondering why Hotez was so adamant about a debate with Kennedy, It’s worth taking a quick look at who he is because it could possibly explain a lot.

Peter Hotez’s Wikipedia page says he is an American scientist, pediatrician, and advocate in the fields of global health, vaccinology, and neglected tropical disease control.

However, the introductory paragraph on Wikipedia fails to mention a very significant part of Hotez’s career, which is only mentioned in passing much further down.

That is that Hotez led the team which developed the COVID-19 vaccine Corbevax. With everything we know about the malicious nature of big Pharma, could Hotez possibly know something they don’t want us to know?

Is he profiting from the latest vaccine craze in any way?

Hotez’s reluctance and constant rejection of debates are exacerbating the public’s curiosity and certainly aren’t looking good for him.

Perhaps he doesn’t want to face the reality that there even is a slim possibility for Kennedy’s claims to be true, given that his own daughter, unfortunately, suffers from autism.

The scientific community was unfortunately affected by the rise of social media and all that it entailed, just like everything else.

Rather than peer review, academia’s main feature now has become peer pressure. Scholars usually view opinions differing from mainstream ones with disdain, contempt, and even ridicule at times.

This is extremely problematic because the basis of modern academia itself, the scientific method, requires constant skepticism and questioning.

This means with the exception of very few things, anything should be subject to skepticism, even mainstream theories.

Kennedy’s claims boil down to a theory that attempts to explain an existing problem that is growing by the day.

Today, almost 1 in 36 kids develops autism, a staggering increase from the 1 in 150 figure back in the year 2000, especially after the pandemic and its widespread vaccination campaigns.

So why was Hotez reluctant to debate? What’s the worst that could happen? Increased autism awareness and charitable donations?

Although Hotez seems to have accepted Rogan’s invitation to the show, we’re yet to see if he is a man of his word, or if he disappears in “mysterious” circumstances.

A recent twist though saw the stakes grow much higher, with many affluent individuals, including Andrew Tate, promising more money for charity if Hotez shows up for the debate.

Over 1.5 million dollars has been pledged so far, raising the original donations by more than ten folds and still counting.

America needs to have a serious debate on vaccines, and there couldn’t be a better chance than now.

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