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Jill Biden Stuns With Laughable Claim Polls Will Swing Back For Joe


Delusion And Denial Come Hand In Hand

In a jaw dropping and shocking display of denial from the out-of-touch First Lady and Joe Biden’s wife, Jill made an astounding declaration that left even loyal Democrats scratching their heads in disbelief. 

Jill Biden claimed the polls will somehow swing back in Joe’s favor, her laughable insistence flies in the face of all data and common sense showing Biden’s abysmal approval ratings and incompetent leadership have already doomed this presidency beyond recovery. 

But living in a liberal bubble oblivious to the suffering of working Americans, Jill Biden seems completely disconnected from political reality. 

Jill Biden bizarrely believes miracles can happen to save her husband’s bid for re-election. But spin and denial won’t sway citizens feeling the pain of Biden’s failed socialist policies in their daily lives. 

The red wave is coming as even lifelong Democrats abandon this sinking ship. Jill Biden’s delusional words reveal a president who has completely lost the confidence and trust of the people. Joe Biden’s credibility is beyond repair. 

No amount of denial from his wife can revive his dead presidency now. The American people see the clear and present danger of four more years of Democratic incompetence, hysteria and tyranny.

Jill Biden Baffles Democrats With Claim Joe Will Defy Political Gravity

Joe Biden, his team, and even his wife the First Lady Jill Biden never fail to give embarrassing statements and claims on public TV. Jill Biden throws a massive incorrect claim about her husband as he has been trailing the former president Donald Trump for five months now.

In a recent interview with The View, Jill was asked about her husband’s credibility through the elections and campaigns noting that he is losing in every swing state after he defeated Trump in 2020, how did the numbers turn drastically? 

Jill Biden’s insistence that the polls will somehow magically turn in Joe Biden’s favor is laughably naive. With Biden trailing badly across battleground states and his approval rating in the gutter, denying reality will not win this election.

Easily put, Biden has been an unmitigated disaster, from runaway inflation to surging crime to open borders.

It is pure fantasy to claim Americans will choose “good over evil.” Most see that Biden and the Democrats represent the forces of chaos and tyranny. Their lawless policies have unleashed anarchy in our streets and left our southern border wide open. Americans are hungry for a restoration of law, order and sanity that only a new Republican Congress can provide.

Jill Biden’s attempt to make this about “character” instead of age wise is ridiculous given her husband’s lifetime of lies, plagiarism and corruption. He has always been a tool of the radical left. Biden lacks the strength, principles and mental acuity to lead. 

In a ridiculous move, the first lady claims that the vote for Donald Trump is evil and for Joe Biden is good, as in another laughable claim that he is energetic, steady, strong and full of integrity. Clearly the first lady has never seen her husband’s rallies or conference with all the tripping.

She also demeans the office of the presidency by making patently false claims in a desperate bid to boost her husband’s dismal standing. Voters see through such naked propaganda. They want real leadership to address inflation, crime, immigration and more. 

The Biden administration has disgraced itself with one catastrophic failure after another. Out-of-control inflation, spiking crime, chaos, war abroad – Biden has made everything worse. And he callously ignores the suffering of ordinary Americans. The polls make clear he has lost the public’s trust. 

Biden has betrayed his own campaign promises. He claimed he would shut down the virus, unite the nation and restore the soul of America. Instead his mandates and incompetence divided us, while his socialist schemes bankrupted the nation. Even former supporters are jumping ship. Jill Biden’s denials ring hollow in the face of his abysmal record.

The American people see clearly that Biden is a failed president. No amount of spin can hide his obvious cognitive decline and disastrous policies.

Jill Biden Spreads Bizarre Anti-Trump Conspiracies

Moreover, Jill decided to attack and call out Donald Trump that if he won it would be a disaster and  a loss of human rights. Well, surprise surprise Jill it’s already a disaster and chaos in the United States thanks to your husband.

Jill Biden’s fear mongering about a second Trump term is absurd. Trump’s policies led to unprecedented prosperity, security, and freedom for all Americans. He will protect our rights, not take them away. Mrs. Biden is promoting baseless conspiracy theories to distract from her husband’s failures.

Under Trump, women and minorities enjoyed historic economic gains thanks to his pro-growth policies. He promoted religious liberty and appointed judges who respected the Constitution. Americans had more freedom under four years of Trump than under decades of Democratic rule.

Trump has been defending the sanctity of life and traditional values against the Democrats’ radical pro-abortion agenda. Respecting unborn life is a human rights issue. Jill’s dystopian vision of America under Trump is contradicted by his outstanding first-term record.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are the real threat to our rights and democracy. They weaponize federal agencies against political opponents, censor dissent, and demonize half the country. Mr. Trump will stand up to leftist tyranny and mob rule that the Biden’s encourage.

Meanwhile, a democratic strategist has spilled explosive details about the Biden’s campaign’s disastrous situation as its end is almost near to a freeze out.

Of course a campaign with no further looking into strategies or plans will go downhill with not a second thought. Democratic strategist Doug Schoen has cleared some statements that could be a nightmare for Joe Biden and the White House.

“I don’t think [the Biden campaign] has a clear theory of the case or strategy. They have no message on inflation. They have no message on the southern border. All that they appear to do is demonize Donald Trump and talk about their statistical record of accomplishments. And everything I see in my polls and every other poll says it just isn’t working.”

The white house has turned a deaf eye and blind eye to two previous Democratic strategists and additionally Schoen when they addressed the serious issues surrounding the Campaign. Only Biden and his team are the ones seeing the success of the Campaign.

“What I’m picking up is that the White House is uniquely tone-deaf and not listening to not only me, but two Democratic insiders who’ve been in past campaigns, who’ve been successful with the Obama administration, the Clinton administration. There’s a near-total freeze-out on outside advice to the detriment of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Biden Silently Watches His Presidency Crumble

Biden seems fixated on losing and leaving an embarrassing mark for history about his tragically presidency and elections. While advisors are trying to help through the freefall in the polls, Biden seems unaware of the dire situation.

Last but not least, the polls are drastically in the toilet for Joe Biden. Even a new reporter has claimed on TV that Biden is failing in every aspect in the elections, nothing the Biden campaign does seems to be moving the needle with voters.

Despite endless fear mongering and demonization of Trump, Biden continues to flounder in the polls across every key issue. The American people have woken up to the failures of the radical leftist agenda being imposed on our nation.

The Democrats are recycling the same tired playbook of hysteria and deception that already failed them in previous elections. Crying wolf about “democracy being on the line” or calling Trump a “dictator” just makes Biden seem desperate and out of touch.

In contrast, Trump’s bold leadership, conservative policies and economic record were a great success for America. Voters know we need his steady hand back at the helm to rescue our country. The Democrats’ only strategy is to demonize Trump because they cannot run on Biden’s dismal record. But voters see through such desperate ploys.

Biden’s presidency is already collapsing under the weight of its own failures. He has neither the competence nor confidence of the American people to continue leading our great nation. His time in office will be limited while the task of repairing his damage will take far longer. But the polls make clear voters are ready to begin that process by electing Republicans.

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