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Jagmeet Singh Exposes himself as a Two Faced Fraud


Flip-Flopping Politics Never Wins Anything

Betrayal. Backstabbing. Confusion. Choose your poison when it comes to describing Jagmeet Singh’s stunning reversals on the carbon tax.

Singh plunged a dagger into the back of his liberal allies by distancing his party from Trudeau’s punishing carbon scheme.

Despite propping up the government for years, Singh abandoned ship on the carbon tax, leaving Trudeau gasping for air like a fish out of water.

With the next election looming, Singh showed he will betray even his closest allies to gain power.

The fallout was swift and severe. A fired-up Trudeau accused Singh of misleading Canadians and shamelessly chasing political winds. Only for Jagmeet Singh to fold once again under the pressure and try to save face by further supporting the Carbon tax.

All while his party votes favourably with the conservative motion to force Trudeau to meet with his premiers publicly over this sham of a tax.

Canadians are now witnessing the flip flopping stance of the NDP as the only party that makes any sense and stays true to its convictions remain the conservative party.

Jagmeet Backs Away from Trudeau

Jagmeet Singh continues to shamelessly display the flip flopping of ideologies that all liberals and leftists go through when they are trying to assess which political path would be more lucrative and maybe give them even more control and power over innocent Canadians’ lives. And this strategy has brought him down to his knees with everyone looking over him with disdain and disrespect.

This all came about with Jagmeet Singh’s recent comments distancing the NDP from the supposed liberal only carbon pricing. A move that should concern Trudeau and the liberals about the future of their crony and corrupt scheme running the Canadian government unopposed, even from allies. Although, it is quite ironic at the moment coming from the NDP’s equally corrupt and incompetent leader.

Jagmeet Singh’s stunning betrayal of Justin Trudeau shows the NDP will abandon principles for political gain.

Despite propping up the Liberal government countless times over, Singh has always shown that he can bite the same liberal hand that feeds and right now he opposes Trudeau’s punitive carbon tax that hurts struggling Canadians. Which is funny considering he and the NDP goons have supported the carbon tax and the recent April 1st hike to the detriment of further tarnishing their already ruined reputation as a supposed party for the Canadian people.

Jagmeet Singh fought tooth and nail to defend this little corrupt carbon scheme that Trudeau cooked up, and now he is getting cold feet as he can’t handle the pressure his rotting support of an equally rotting policy has brought to him.

This puzzling saga started with Jagmeet Singh outlined the unfinished NDP’s stunning policy shift at a conference, clearly signalling his intent to abandon the Liberal carbon tax.

And obviously he couldn’t just trash the liberals without bad mouthing conservatives so Singh dared to condemn both Trudeau and Conservatives on climate change, as if he and his NDP goons weren’t frothing at the mouth already implementing this failed tax with the Liberals for years.

Singh took blabbering lessons from Trudeau as he kept talking on and on about how the carbon tax is not enough to curb emissions but maybe it is actually beneficial and should stay; how Canadian families are being handed the short end of the stick with no immediate or long term advantages of a taxing carbon price, but also conservatives are to blame somehow because they didn’t fight the liberals hard enough.

And then Singh just kept talking about a plan that is still in the works and is highly likely poised to fail anyway coming from the incompetent NDP, all while attacking business and taking an egregious neutral stance on everything.

What did we learn exactly from Jagmeet being too much of a coward to say the quiet part out loud? Jagmeet Singh is a crony and he is dancing around the fact that the carbon tax is not working and is actively harming Canadians and their everyday lives while doing absolutely nothing to curb emissions or save the planet as Trudeau would love for you to believe.

This flip-flop also exposes the NDP’s untrustworthy nature. Which is something that Canadians were already aware of, but it is very nice to get constant confirmation that we are indeed living in a clown world run by people that may fight for your rights only if the circumstances call for it and the price is right.

Despite what Singh would want you to believe, his comments prove Conservative warnings about the carbon tax were right all along.

Conservatives said time and time again that this sham of a tax would raise costs without meaningfully reducing emissions. Now Singh suddenly agrees after already doing the damage and inflicting this tax on Canadians alongside Trudeau.

Singh admits carbon pricing has failed and that other climate policies are more impactful. Yet he had no qualms implementing this tax on the poor and middle class. His admission vindicates Conservative opposition to an ineffective, unaffordable tax.

And Singh still claims to care about regular folks despite abandoning them to higher taxes, heating bills and gas prices.

He can’t be trusted to have the backs of hardworking taxpayers if he’s willing to flip-flop on his defining climate policy.

Jagmeet Supports Conservatives Now

But the saga doesn’t end there for the deceitful Jagmeet Singh, as he and the NDP did the unthinkable and supported a Conservative motion calling on Justin Trudeau to publicly meet with premiers over his failed carbon tax.

The NDP joined Conservatives demanding a televised conference to review the unpopular carbon pricing scheme. Who could have thought this would escalate so quickly and in such an embarrassing fashion for Trudeau and the liberals.

It bears reminding you again how Jagmeet Singh and the NDP implemented this regressive tax alongside the Liberals for years, hammering low-income families. Now, suddenly, with an election on the horizon, the NDP wants to review the same cruel tax they imposed. It was always more about politics than principles for the NDP.

The carbon tax issue is so dire that NDP MPs like Laurel Collins kept on her lane accusing Conservatives of not having a climate plan, but still supporting the motion to discuss the corrupt carbon tax further with Trudeau.

No one in this shameless party can hold a single position with absolute conviction and Canadians will never get them to stick to one policy or another. And people wonder why they are a failing party that has to strike a corrupt and shameless coalition with the liberals just to get by these days. Their downfall alongside their liberal masters is expected soon, and it should be a holiday for all hard working Canadians.

The Liberals and Justin Trudeau were shocked by the NDP and Jagmeet’s position on the carbon tax seemingly coming out of nowhere and biting the Liberals’ back.

The prime minister openly rebuked Singh’s stunning reversal, saying he doesn’t understand the NDP pulling back on fighting climate change.

Trudeau criticised the NDP for bowing to political headwinds instead of standing up for their beliefs as progressives.

He took the chance to keep posturing about how his failed carbon tax will give more money back to Canadians, money that they will never see and the government will just pocket for future vanity projects and programs.

Trudeau also took the opportunity to slam conservatives efforts to combat his slimy carbon scheme for absolutely no reason other than him being jealous and furious that common sense conservatism is somehow even winning his allies in the fight against climate policies and corruption by the liberals.

He ended his speech vowing to keep fighting for Canadians and the climate in Canada. Apparently at the detriment of Canada’s support and vote. If only someone would usher him to the fact that he is fighting Canadians not fighting for them or with them, Maybe he would be humble enough to leave the office willingly. But who are we kidding, Trudeau is more self aware than he has ever been, and as such he has become more malicious and deceitful.

A reporter asked him about the future between the liberals and the NDP after the NDP succumbing to some common sense, only for Trudeau to pretend that he is a thoughtful politician that understand the NDP folding under pressure, but he is definitely not going to end up like that and he will keep trying to better Canadians somehow by stealing from their pockets and using their hard earned money on failed green projects and to line up the liberals’ pockets further and further. What an upstanding prime minister he is.

Trudeau is so worried and anxious about the NDP’s position that he couldn’t help but join in on the lambasting session pointing out the hypocrisy of Jagmeet Singh, even conservative leader Pierre Poilievre joined in on the public call out as he reminded everyone that Jagmeet and his NDP cronies are as bad if not worse than Trudeau and the liberals.

Can’t Stay in One Place for Too Long

The pressure was so high once again, and so intense that Jagmeet couldn’t help but fumble his way into clearing the air and supporting Trudeau once again.

Singh’s weak attempt to clarify that the NDP still supports carbon taxes after all is far too little, too late. The damage is already done. He clearly signaled in a speech that the NDP is distancing itself from the punitive carbon scheme it imposed on working families. No amount of backtracking can hide this monumental betrayal.

His pathetic attempt to clarify the NDP’s position came only after facing backlash for suggesting carbon taxes are unnecessary.

This further proves the NDP will say anything to score political points. They lack the courage to openly admit their carbon tax crusade has failed miserably.

The NDP deserves only scorn for this naked political posturing. They implemented a deeply flawed tax on Canadians for years, then changed tune as soon as it became inconvenient. Only for them to change their tune back to their original position after more humiliation and pressure. These are supposed to be the politicians fighting for the people against common sense conservatives and even sometimes the liberals? It looks more and more that they are the Liberal’s lap dogs if anything.

These corrupt liberals and leftists do nothing but insult Canadians’ intelligence, and then they beg for your support.

It is time for Canadians to respond strongly and show them that common sense and honesty will always prevail over corruption and lies.

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