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Guilbeault Increasingly Desperate, Using Lies To Hide Failures


Guilbeault Gaslights Farmers As Rural Backlash Intensifies

Environment Minister Guilbeault has uttered perhaps his most outlandish whopper yet! What he stated about Canadian farmers during Question Period is so unbelievably detached from reality he might as well have claimed the sky is green. 

When the minister’s comments are held up against the actual real-life experiences of agricultural producers across this country, his statement comes across as straight up delusional propaganda.

Guilbeault either profoundly misunderstands the true feelings of Canada’s farming community, or more disturbingly, he is deliberately spinning complete fantasy. Either way, what he just claimed is contradicted by mountains of evidence.

The minister is showing once again he inhabits his own imaginary world that bears little resemblance to the hardship everyday Canadians are enduring thanks to his government’s policies. 

Guilbeault’s apparent willingness to openly mislead Canadians about issues central to their economic livelihoods demonstrates an appalling level of arrogance and contempt from this public servant. He seems to think voters are idiots who will believe any fiction he manufactures.

The eco-extremist minister’s nonsensical claims about farmers are just the latest proof that for the Liberals, facts really don’t matter. 

Farmers’ Anger Grows As Guilbeault Lies About Carbon Tax

The arrogance and dishonesty of Steven Guilbeault truly knows no bounds. This minister seems to believe he can openly gaslight Canadians and we’ll just accept whatever fantasy he spins. 

His latest insulting fabrication came during Question Period, when Guilbeault claimed he’s been meeting with farmers who don’t care about carbon taxes. Apparently they’re only worried about climate change!

This is clearly a fabrication meant to downplay the devastation carbon pricing is inflicting on Canada’s agriculture sector. Does Guilbeault really think he can spread such obvious misinformation without being challenged?

He expects us to believe farmers are excited to have their livelihoods harmed by arrogant politicians pushing economy-damaging policies. As if producers are asking to have their costs skyrocket to satisfy urban climate activists.

In the real world, away from Minister Guilbeault’s deceptions, farmers across the country are urgently requesting relief from this punitive climate tax that is squeezing their margins tremendously.

The carbon tax has already increased propane and natural gas costs over 20% for grain drying and heating barns, farmers report. Meanwhile, the rebates Guilbeault touts do not come close to offsetting these rapidly rising input costs.

The carbon tax exemption for farming equipment is little comfort to producers facing inflated energy bills just to maintain operations. These severe new costs are imposing extreme financial strain, badly impacting farmers’ profits.

For many family farms already dealing with narrow profit margins, it could determine whether they survive or shut down. The carbon tax places a major new financial burden on farmers unable to raise their prices.

Unlike huge corporations, farmers can’t raise their prices and have to absorb the whole inflated carbon tax burden themselves. No wonder producers are ticked off about getting punished for growing the food Guilbeault and his fancy city pals depend on.

The frustration is spilling into the streets with farm protests demanding relief. But so far the government has coldly ignored their pain. Clueless Liberals like Guilbeault clearly have no clue how much economic hardship their policies are dumping on rural Canada.

Plus, the carbon tax pain on our farmers will eventually get passed to Canadian shoppers through pricier food. By crushing farmers’ profits, Guilbeault is jacking up what families pay for groceries.

When producers gotta devote more of their limited bucks to bonkers energy bills, they’ll have no choice but to hike prices to make up for it. Already skinny profit margins will be stretched to breaking by these backwards carbon taxes.

Canadians already dealing with outta control inflation and unaffordable groceries are gonna get slammed by these clueless policies. Guilbeault seems not to care about the financial agony his agenda will cause struggling households.

City elites who’ve never worried about grocery budgets seem unconcerned about further driving up food costs. But for many families, even small price increases could mean being unable to put dinner on the table.

The carbon tax squeeze will steadily tighten the vice on both farmers and shoppers. As carbon costs go up and up, more inflation pressure will hit the food supply chain.

Canada already has some of the priciest groceries in the world thanks to stuff like weather and transport costs. Piling on harsh carbon taxes will only make this worse.

When essentials like meat and produce get totally unaffordable, it leads to a lower standard of living for everybody. Once again, Guilbeault’s policies will disproportionately hurt society’s most vulnerable.

The minister ignores warnings that his backwards agenda could leave many Canadians unable to afford enough healthy food. For wealthy dudes like him, inflated grocery bills are just an abstraction.

But for the single mom or elderly pensioner on a tight budget, even small food price hikes could have serious health consequences. This kind of household food insecurity is a real possibility under Guilbeault’s plan.

However, the minister doesn’t seem to care how his policies negatively impact regular people’s lives. His arrogant technocrat mentality blinds him to real suffering from unaffordable groceries.

In his recent visit to a Vancouver food bank, Common Sense Leader Poilievre showed how the bank, like many across Canada, has seen usage double after 8 years of Trudeau.

Canadian farmers are making noise. They’re desperately trying to send a message before it’s too late – carbon taxes are annihilating their ability to make a buck.

Clearly Guilbeault isn’t listening. He’s trapped in a progressive bubble that blocks out dissenting voices. The minister would rather gaslight his own peeps than admit his and Trudeau’s policy is failing.

His dismissive attitude speaks volumes about how this government disrespects rural Canada. Elitists like Guilbeault see farmers as hicks to be talked down to, not citizens with real economic worries.

For Trudeau’s inner circle, carbon taxes are a trendy cocktail party topic – not the devastating new cost they are for producers across the country.

That’s why Guilbeault thought he could get away with such an insulting lie to explain away the unrest. He wrongly assumed Canadian farmers would stay quiet like the obedient voters he imagines.

This wildly condescending lie reveals what the Ottawa elites really think about the people who grow our food. Farmers’ anger isn’t just ignored, but actively dismissed with dishonest propaganda.

Instead of engaging the legitimate complaints being voiced, Guilbeault chose to gaslight. He peddled an evidence-free fantasy meant to erase the protests against his policies.

During question period, he also lied and deliberately misled Canadians about the so-called carbon rebates meant to offset his economy-destroying carbon tax. The minister claims these payments leave most people better off. 

In reality, the Liberals fall far short of compensating average families for inflated costs.

No one’s buying the minister’s insulting fiction that carbon taxes aren’t wrecking farmers. This will only strengthen resistance to his agenda.

Guilbeault’s bubble stops him from getting how much this damages public trust. When politicians openly lie to your face, it permanently corrodes faith in government.

By pushing easily disproved propaganda, the minister is only speeding up rural Canada’s alienation. He stupidly thinks patronizing platitudes will patch things up – when really it pours gasoline on the fire.

Guilbeault’s casual lying about farmers shows a bigger problem with the Trudeau government. The Liberals have constantly misled Canadians while covering up that they’ve caved to NDP demands.

Guilbeault’s blatant farmer fabrications are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ministerial dishonesty in this government. 

His willingness to brazenly mislead Canadians is matched only by Housing Minister Sean Fraser, who also routinely peddles misinformation about housing and the school lunch program during Question Period.

But Poilievre rightly attacked him and rightly called him out for all his lies, which then resulted in a shouting match between MPs, blatantly ignoring the Speaker’s calls for order.

Trudeau’s Unfathomable New Budget

Nowhere is the Liberals’ lies more evident than in the upcoming federal budget. This was supposed to provide relief for struggling Canadians facing high costs of living. But instead it is shaping up to be an NDP-dictated spending bonanza that will hurt growth and job creation.

It looks like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has caved to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s demands – he’s clearly the one running the government these days.

FILE PHOTO: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Ecuador’s President Daniel Noboa (not pictured) on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, March 5, 2024. REUTERS/Blair Gable/File Photo

Instead of focusing on the needs of average Canadians, this budget has job-killing tax hikes driven by Singh’s socialist views.

Even though the government says it won’t directly raise taxes on the middle class, the corporate tax increases and taxes on high-income earners they’re planning will no doubt hit regular Canadians too.

As Trudeau himself said in a recent speech to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, when too much of people’s money goes to cover basic expenses like housing, there’s less left over to stimulate the economy.

Same thing happens when the government takes more from people’s paychecks.

Yet that is exactly what the NDP has demanded and Trudeau has agreed to. Emboldened by his deal to prop up the minority Liberal government, Singh has been aggressively pushing for what he calls an “excess profits tax” on corporations. 

The NDP wants to jack the corporate tax rate up to 22% from its current 15%, a move they claim will bring in an extra $9 billion to federal coffers. An unnamed NDP source boasted about this tax grab to Radio-Canada, calling it essential to create a more equitable society. 

This massive hike reverses a decades-long trend in Canada of lowering corporate taxes to attract business investment. 

Since 2000, the federal rate has dropped steadily from 28% before reaching 15% under former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. While critics claimed this would starve government revenues, the opposite happened. 

Aside from during recessions, corporate tax revenue held steady or increased as more companies invested and created jobs here.

A competitive tax rate has always been a key policy to draw foreign capital. Yet with an NDP-backed Liberal government, this pro-growth approach seems gone. Canada’s rate will now exceed that of the United States if increased to 22%. 

Why would companies not take their money elsewhere?

Already businesses are speaking out against Trudeau’s coming tax grab. Chambers of commerce and industry groups have begged the government to stop its socialist shift and think about the economic damage.

Trudeau once mused that big government could solve society’s problems, saying budgets balance themselves.

Well, his massive spending has ballooned deficits with no end in sight. His answer isn’t to rein in expenditures but to squeeze job creators and high-income earners until they’ve got little left to invest in growing our economy.

No wonder his government is being called Liberal in name only. This is an NDP budget written in orange ink. While Trudeau claims to rep the middle class, he has surrendered control to Jagmeet Singh and the socialists who have no idea how to manage our economy.

Take Trudeau’s laughable appeal to trickle-down economics to justify limiting taxes on peeps. He understands leaving more money in people’s pockets boosts spending and growth. Yet he ignores this when it comes to businesses and the wealthy.

If you raise taxes on high-income earners as planned, they’ll cut spending on services from small businesses. Fewer meals out, less hired help, reduced travel. That means job losses and lower wages for average Canadians. Discouraging investment and growth only hurts workers.

Likewise, jacking up taxes on corporations will backfire. Businesses will halt new hiring and scale back investing in equipment and tech. Domestic and foreign companies will flee Canada’s increasingly uncompetitive tax scene. This damages productivity and access to capital, the real engines of higher wages and prosperity.

In the end, Trudeau’s budget will do the opposite of its goals. Costs will rise for the middle class while economic opportunity shrinks. Businesses will stall, unemployment will grow, and government revenues will fall further. Canada’s standard of living will go backwards as this high-tax NDP ideology takes over.

So there you have it – lies, misinformation, and hypocrisy from start to finish. Minister Guilbeault clearly inhabits his own fantasy world, fabricating claims about contented farmers to downplay the damage he’s inflicting. 

This government excels at spinning propaganda, evading accountability, and misleading Canadians about who’s really calling the shots.

Trudeau pretends to stand for the middle class while letting Singh’s radical NDP dictate damaging policies. And Guilbeault happily uses blatant dishonesty to disguise his failures. Voters see through the gaslighting and recognize the disrespect.

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