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Guilbeault Drives Liberal Collapse with Divisive Climate Extremism


Countdown to Defeat

The countdown has started for Justin Trudeau’s eco-extremist puppet Steven Guilbeault. Recent polls show this unbalanced environment minister is going to lose his own seat very soon. Canadians are demanding Guilbeault’s resignation after his disastrous time causing chaos across the country.

Voters are rising up to kick out Trudeau’s extremist buddy. Guilbeault’s days of forcing economy-hurting climate policies are over. His Montreal stronghold could switch to another party as his support crashes.

This huge fall from popularity shows the total rejection of Guilbeault’s extremism. His attacks on provincial leaders defending their people showed he is dangerously out of touch. Trudeau’s weak refusal to fire this loose cannon has only sped up the Liberals’ defeat.

The polling leaves no question – Guilbeault’s time hurting Canada is up. With him and his fellow Quebec ministers facing losses, the Liberal ship is sinking fast.

Guilbeault’s Days Hurting Canada Are Numbered

Time is running out for Justin Trudeau’s Climate extremist Steven Guilbeault as recent polls show this out-of-control environment minister would lose badly if an election happened now.

The message from Canadians across the country is obvious – Guilbeault needs to quit right away after his terrible time in office causing huge harm to Canada.

According to the latest data, Guilbeault has just a 35% chance of retaining his Montreal seat versus 65% odds of defeat. The NDP are now poised to flip his longtime Liberal stronghold as Guilbeault’s support implodes.

This dramatic reversal reflects the total rejection of his divisive extremism by constituents.

If an election occurred today, Guilbeault would plummet to just 33% of the vote in his riding – a massive plunge from the 38% he received in 2021.

Meanwhile the NDP have surged to 35%, while the Bloc Québécois and Conservatives have also gained at the expense of Guilbeault’s collapsing Liberal campaign.

This dramatic shift in fortunes was reflected across Quebec, as multiple Liberal ministers were projected to lose their seats.

Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne and Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge were also in jeopardy of defeat. The Liberals would be reduced to just a handful of seats in Quebec if the current polling held steady.

Nationally, the outlook was just as bleak for Guilbeault’s Liberal Party. Their support had plunged in every region, from Ontario to the Atlantic provinces. In the West, they were running third behind the Conservatives and NDP.

According to seat projections, the Liberals would be cut down to a rump of just 63 seats across Canada if they were decimated in Quebec as expected.

Guilbeault Attacking Saskatchewan Premier

Guilbeault’s inflammatory attacks on Western premiers and crazy policy ideas have sparked outrage all across Canada aimed at both him and the weak prime minister.

The growing anger at Trudeau for allowing Guilbeault’s destructive plans will likely cause Trudeau’s government to be voted out in the next election.

Trudeau’s refusal to fire or silence his out-of-control environment minister despite nationwide protests has made the prime minister look like a coward who is caving to extremist environmentalists.

Guilbeault’s traitorous rhetoric and policies have made him Enemy Number One in Canada, while Trudeau’s role in destroying national unity with environmental fanaticism has also earned him scorn across Canada. The two clueless politicians fiddle with far-fetched net-zero goals while the country erupts in anger around them.

Guilbeault’s inflammatory accusation of “immorality” against Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe for defending his province’s interests sparked major backlash.

The minister’s comments referred to Moe’s decision to not submit his province’s carbon tax payments on natural gas heating, due to unfair exemptions given to Eastern provinces on heating oil carbon taxes.

Moe was protesting Ottawa’s biased decision to exempt heating oil used widely in Atlantic Canada from the carbon levy for 3 years, while not providing the same relief for natural gas which heats 8 in 10 Saskatchewan homes.

The unequal treatment and higher burden on the Prairies was seen as profoundly unfair and discriminatory. Yet rather than acknowledge the legitimate grievances, Guilbeault resorted to demonizing and threats.

He declared it “immoral” and “irresponsible” for any premier to defy federal laws, warning darkly of unspecified “measures” if dissent continued. Guilbeault’s portrayal of Moe as some lawless renegade for defending his province’s interests came across as sanctimonious browbeating.

Guilbeault preaching about lawbreaking is pretty hollow considering his own history of illegal stunts and protest charges from his past as an activist.

Guilbeault Dark Past Exposed

The environment minister doesn’t have any moral high ground to accuse others of breaking laws when he himself was convicted of mischief in 2001 for illegally climbing the CN Tower in Toronto. Guilbeault got probation, community service, and a fine for that tower break-in, which cost the operators tens of thousands in damages.


Shamelessly, just months later Guilbeault led a Greenpeace team to swarm then-Premier Ralph Klein’s private home in Calgary. They invaded and vandalized Klein’s property with banners and ladders, terrifying his wife who thought it was a violent home invasion.

Guilbeault’s extreme protest tactics should have disqualified him from ever holding a position of authority. Yet somehow this convicted criminal became Canada’s environment minister, bringing the same disregard for laws that he used to protest against.

The minister’s bold hypocrisy is still obvious. Guilbeault has zero credibility accusing provincial leaders of breaking laws when Trudeau’s Liberals themselves have frequently gone against Supreme Court rulings for unconstitutional legislation.

A prime example is the Canadian court’s ruling that the government acted unreasonably when it invoked the Emergencies Act to crack down on the convoy protest.

A recent video showed Guilbeault declaring the summer of 2023 as “the worst climate summer,” which rang hollow for many Canadians.

This reminds Canadians of when the Liberal government exploited the devastating Quebec wildfires this past summer to promote their extreme climate agenda. Guilbeault cited the fires as proof of a worsening climate catastrophe, yet it was later revealed that many of the worst fires were actually caused by a serial arsonist named Brian Paré.

The minister conveniently failed to mention that a climate change conspiracy theorist was behind the fires when he declared 2023 the “worst climate summer.” The government inflated the climate fears while knowing the real culprit was not global warming, but a man intentionally setting blazes.

Once again, the Liberals used misleading claims about the environment to drive their climate extremist agenda. The facts show the major Quebec fires were acts of arson, not natural disasters as Guilbeault claimed. But as usual, the minister could not resist seizing on a crisis to further his climate narrative, even if the real cause was a human act rather than climate change.

Despite all the carbon taxes, regulations, and other economy-draining policies imposed by Guilbeault and the Liberals, they had clearly failed in their main mission of improving the climate.

The Liberals are very familiar with political arson, having burnt down the economy with carbon taxes and crushing regulations.

Guilbeault’s days of pushing a really aggressive climate agenda and bashing the West are numbered. His extreme views have helped more and more Canadians feel like the country is broken under Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government and needs major repairs.

After eight years with Trudeau as Prime Minister, lots of regular Canadians across party lines feel let down by him failing to address their top worries. While families struggle with stuff like costs and healthcare, Trudeau stays focused on trendy global causes that don’t really help citizens in their daily lives. His government’s policies have directly made these kitchen-table issues worse.

Poilievre Slammed Trudea

Unlike Trudeau’s ineffective leadership, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre promises real change to fix Canada’s growing problems. Poilievre says Trudeau has totally lost touch with average Canadians and what matters to them.

A deep frustration with the governing Liberals is reflected in polls showing 70% of Canadians feel everything is broken right now. This discontent crosses partisan lines, with majorities of NDP, Bloc Québécois and even many Liberal voters themselves agreeing the country is off track.

Poilievre pledges to redirect priorities towards pragmatically resolving the everyday challenges citizens face. A Poilievre government would tackle Trudeau’s broken Canada by addressing the issues most concerning to Canadians that have been ignored or mishandled under Justin Trudeau’s leadership.

In contrast to Trudeau’s lecturing style, Poilievre promises to listen to the real worries of real people across the country. His platform is tailor-made to address the kitchen-table issues that directly affect families’ lives, not lofty abstractions. Poilievre believes strong leadership means standing up for the silent majority, not just privileged urban professionals.

As backlash grows against Trudeau’s out-of-control environment extremist minister, the weak prime minister faces more and more calls to fire or demote Guilbeault.

His appointment had been a move to please progressive voters, but now it threatens to hurt every Canadian home.

Yet Trudeau seems paralyzed and unwilling to ax his politically poisonous environment radical. For many, it is a confusing case of misplaced loyalty that helps neither Guilbeault nor the Liberals at all.

The Liberals are now seen as more focused on virtue-signaling and urban identity politics than practical economic policies to help working Canadians.

Somehow Steven Guilbeault still holds on to his job as Environment Minister for the time being. But his days in the cabinet look to be numbered.

A huge anti-Liberal, anti-environment extremist wave is rising, one that can easily sweep away Guilbeault and his Liberal master Trudeau in the next election.

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