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Freeland & Trudeau’s Budget Scam Could Leave Canada Bankrupt


Trudeau & Freeland’s Pre-Election Scheme

Freeland and Trudeau’s Upcoming budget scam will very likely bankrupt us all. On April 16th this dastardly duo will unveil their plan to scam taxpayers out of billions. 

They’re teaming up on a shameless pre-election spending spree to buy your vote. 

Freeland has seemingly lost her mind, proposing over $38 billion in outrageous new initiatives even as experts plead for restraint. And Trudeau is fully onboard, mortgaging our future just to cling to power a little longer.

The criminal tag-team is misleading Canadians, claiming they won’t increase the deficit.  But the only way to pay for their vote-buying schemes is by jacking up taxes to eye-watering levels.

Hard-working Canadians will be forced to pick up the tab for Freeland and Trudeau’s budget shenanigans. We’re headed for financial ruin because of their fiscal incompetence and deceitful scams.

On April 16th, Freeland and Trudeau’s sketchy budget will be exposed for what it is. Their secret dealings with the World Economic Forum will be revealed as a straight-up traitorous plan to surrender Canada’s sovereignty to shady globalist interests.

A big question emerges – how much longer will we put up with Trudeau’s pathological spending addiction that’s brought us to the edge of disaster?

Freeland proposes over $38 billion in new spending

The Trudeau government is going on a huge spending spree that’s going to leave Canada in big economic trouble. And the one leading the charge is Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland.

Even though she promised not to whack the middle class with new taxes, Freeland’s going to drop a boatload of tax hikes on everyone in the 2024 budget she’s unveiling April 16th. The Liberals got to pay for their insane pre-election spending spree somehow.

As Robert Asselin, senior vice president of the Business Council of Canada, stated, “I’m pretty confident they will raise revenues because they’ve squeezed themselves on their fiscal situation and they continue to commit to spending that is not sustainable.” 

Freeland has been on a pre-budget spending spree, committing over $38 billion in new spending initiatives. Her irresponsible splurging includes $500 million for youth mental health, $8.1 billion for defence, and $1 billion for school lunch programs. 

This youth mental health money is just a sneaky attempt to cover up that Trudeau’s policies have caused a huge mental health crisis among young Canadians. 

His failures on the economy, housing, affordability, and imposing a woke climate agenda have left them depressed and anxious. 

Youth unemployment remains high while housing prices are out of reach, leaving them with no hope for the future. And his excessive carbon taxes just steal the hard-earned money of young people trying to get ahead, wasting it on inefficient climate policies.

Trudeau has impoverished young families to the point where children are not being properly fed at school, necessitating another billion dollars for school lunch programs. This prime minister has stripped prosperity from Canadian households through his high-tax, high-inflation agenda. Now he wants praise for meagerly feeding the children he helped deprive.

Trudeau is essentially spending millions to partially solve problems that he and his government created in the first place. Rather than taking responsibility and fixing the root causes, he throws money at band-aid solutions to cover up his own failures.

The housing crisis, unaffordability, rising inflation, high unemployment among youth – these are all directly tied to Trudeau’s flawed policies. Now he wants to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to superficially address the devastating impacts of his own mistakes.

Yet he still thinks that the fake climate crisis is people’s biggest concern.

Even more outrageous is Freeland’s audacity to claim that her budget is focused on “generational fairness.” This is coming from a finance minister whose policies have screwed over generations that aren’t even born yet. Her horrible money management has burdened future taxpayers with endless deficits and piling up debt.

The minister’s talk of “generational fairness” is a cruel joke coming from the mastermind of plans that waste our kids’ inheritance. Her hypocrisy shows why Canadians have lost trust in this government to manage money responsibly. 

Freeland also insists the deficit will not increase beyond the $40 billion target set last year. But this is an accounting shell game that hides the fiscal ruin her policies are causing. The only way to pay for the Liberals’ lavish new spending without ballooning the deficit is through massive tax hikes on businesses and high-income Canadians.

Yet taxing job creators and successful innovators will undermine economic growth and drive away investment, ultimately shrinking the tax base. Canada’s corporate tax rates are already uncompetitive after the U.S. and other countries enacted reforms and rate cuts. 

Pushing more tax burden onto a narrow band of “wealthy” taxpayers also encourages capital flight and tax avoidance.

According to Asselin, “The problem for them is either a surtax on big corporations or a wealth tax sounds very good, but in practice they’re terrible. They don’t work.” 

James Thorne, chief capital market strategist at Wellington Altus Private Wealth, concurred, stating, “If you do it on the high-income people, they’re just going to move their money offshore.”  

Thorne stressed that the number one priority for any responsible government should be showing some financial restraint. That’s the key thing needed for the Bank of Canada to cut interest rates and provide some cost-of-living relief for struggling Canadians.

But Freeland seems set on forcing the central bank’s hand through reckless spending stimulus, even with the inflationary consequences.

The Trudeau government claims to be concerned about controlling inflation. But their actions speak louder than words. Karl Schamotta, chief market strategist at Corpay, warned, “If we get anything like the U.S. surprise, it would look rather scandalous that the government is looking to push a lot of money into the economy.”

Polls Confirm Distrust in Freeland Money Management

Canadians have no faith in Freeland’s ability to demonstrate fiscal responsibility. A recent Angus Reid poll found 59% of Canadians believe the federal government is spending too much, even before $18 billion in recent Liberal spending announcements.

The poll showed Conservative voters overwhelmingly believe spending is too high, but even Liberal voters are growing wary. 87% of current CPC voters say the federal government is spending too much overall, with Bloc voters not far behind at 76%.

Importantly, only 29% Liberal voters who still support the party think spending is too high, versus 47% of those who have changed their support to another party. Just 8% would spend more.

59% of Canadians said they are concerned about the growing federal deficit. As economist Robert Asselin stated, “This government has a fiscal credibility problem. They over-promise and they under-deliver.”

It’s obvious Freeland plans to fund her spending spree with a crapload of tax increases rather than cutting back spending. As usual, the Trudeau government is taking the easy way out while ignoring how it’ll trash the economy long-term.

This was shown in another poll, which found half of Canadians are now dissatisfied with their provincial healthcare because of the lack of funding and growing wait times. 78% think the rate of health spending growth is unsustainable. Only 25% believe spending increases over the past decade have improved healthcare at all.

Clearly, Canadians have zero faith that throwing more dough at bloated bureaucracies will fix anything. But Freeland seems set on doubling down on the same failed plans anyway. Her scheme will only drive up inflation, deficits and taxes on Canadians.

Instead of addressing the real problems with major structural changes, Freeland’s solution is always more taxes and more spending. She’s pushing Canada towards a money cliff with no regard for who’ll pay the price down the road.

To make things even sketchier, Freeland’s got questionable ties to the World Economic Forum – an elitist group pushing a radical vision for globalist central planning.

As a member of the WEF Board of Trustees, Freeland adheres to an ideology of top-down technocratic rule completely out of step with the values of ordinary Canadians. 

Her loyalties appear divided between furthering the WEF’s great reset agenda and responsibly serving Canadians as finance minister. 

This disregard for the public interest was on full display when Freeland arrogantly refused to even answer whether her WEF position constitutes a conflict of interest. 

The minister’s shadiness about the globalist group pulls back the curtain on who she’s really taking orders from. For Freeland, the out-of-touch bureaucrats at the WEF seem more important than the everyday citizens she was elected to serve.

Freeland embarrassments never ends as she says that because living costs in Canada are so high thanks to years of reckless Liberal spending, Canadians can now open a “First Time Home Buyer” account.

This is where you can deposit your meager carbon tax rebate checks for the next 47 years to save up for a mortgage down payment. 

Or if that timeline doesn’t work for you, Freeland generously says you can take out a 30-year mortgage instead of 25-years. Nothing like giving the banks even more of your hard-earned money in interest payments.

This perfectly illustrates how out-of-touch Freeland is with the real struggles of Canadian families. She seems to think a few accounting gimmicks will make up for the housing unaffordability caused by her own government’s policies.

Freeland and Trudeau have consistently chosen globalist interests over the needs of Canadians. Their loyalty is not to their own people, but to advancing the World Economic Forum’s vision.

No wonder the finance minister is excited about Canadians endlessly renting instead of owning homes. Permanent renters dependent on government handouts are much easier to control.

Her budget priorities make it clear – the middle class dream of home ownership must be sacrificed to feed the Liberals’ addiction to power.

So Canadians know so well that after a decade of tax hikes, their lives haven’t improved. Their paychecks have stayed flat, costs keep going up, and government services are still broken. But Freeland wants to grab billions more from their wallets, doubling down on the same failed plans.

This government has lost all money credibility with Canadians. Trudeau keeps breaking his promises not to jack up taxes on the middle class. Meanwhile, Freeland’s engaged in shameless pre-election vote-buying with budget handouts aimed at key groups.

Canadians can see through this shady manipulation. They know Freeland’s budget will be heavy on politically-motivated spending with no accountability for actual results. It represents the worst of politics – empty promises and money gimmicks aimed at clinging to power.

The day of reckoning for Freeland’s reckless policies is coming. But she continues to mortgage Canada’s future to fuel her tax-and-spend agenda. 

The finance minister is steering Canada towards economic disaster in order to fund the Liberals’ endless hunger for power. Her ideological agenda will leave this country drowning in debt and taxes.

Chrystia Freeland has failed Canadians as finance minister. She has repeatedly betrayed her promises of fiscal restraint. Her tenure has been marked by uncontrolled spending leading to endless deficits financed by crippling tax hikes. This cannot continue if Canada hopes to avoid economic catastrophe.

The time has come for Freeland to be removed as finance minister before her negligence does permanent damage. 

Canada needs a common sense government that will exercise real spending discipline rather than taking the easy way out. Canadians deserve accountable leadership that addresses problems at their root rather than throwing endless amounts of borrowed money at them.

The upcoming budget will be Freeland’s reckoning. Her fiscal mismanagement can no longer be concealed behind polished speeches and spending announcements. 

The real cost of her policies will soon become clear. And Canadians will be the ones forced to foot the bill through higher taxes and rising inflation. 

The Trudeau government has sent Canada’s finances – and its economic future – over a cliff. And Freeland’s budget will be the final nail in the coffin.

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