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Freeland Plots Reckless Pre-Election Spending Spree



An alarming new PBO report revealing federal deficits skyrocketing to $46.8 billion makes it obvious that failure Trudeau must know his days as PM are numbered. So that’s why he and spendaholic sidekick Freeland are deliberately plotting to bankrupt Canadians and leave the country in ruins as a parting shot before they get kicked to the curb in the next election.

The crooked Trudeau cabal is intentionally driving Canada off a financial cliff before they get booted from office. Ruining our economy with insane debt is their vindictive plan to punish Canadians for daring to turn against them.

This lame duck Liberal government is so filled with spite towards voters who have tired of their incompetence that they want to sabotage Canada’s future as revenge. Trudeau and his out-of-control spender Freeland are on a mission to wipe out prosperity before they go down in disgrace.

So Trudeau has charged ruthless Finance Minister Freeland with driving up the federal debt to catastrophic levels to hurt generations to come. This is the spiteful endgame for an entitled trust fund PM who views Canada as his personal playground.

Canadians are rightly alarmed that vindictive Trudeau and his partner-in-debt Freeland seem determined to deliberately bankrupt the nation out of pure vengefulness.

The Liberals’ Plot

Panic is growing across Canada as new data shows Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is plotting an outrageous, reckless budgetary spending spree that threatens to drive Canada over the debt cliff into economic ruin.

The latest alarming projections from the Parliamentary Budget Officer paint a bleak picture of where the spendaholic Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s fiscal mismanagement is leading us. Deficits are ballooning out of control, economic growth is sputtering, and debt charges are set to consume ever more taxpayer dollars.

Yet even in the face of this slow-motion debt disaster, all signs indicate Freeland plans to double down on the tax-and-spend ideology that put Canada on this dangerous path in the first place. With the Liberals sagging in the polls, the finance minister has made clear she intends to turn on the spending taps in a desperate bid to buy back voter support.

The PBO’s report makes clear just how reckless this course of action would be. Canada is already struggling under the crushing debt accumulated by the Trudeau government’s unbridled spending appetites.

After blowing through $612 billion in new debt since 2015, Ottawa appears incapable of balancing the budget. Each new wave of Liberal borrowing steals prosperity from future generations.


And still, Minister Freeland shows no restraint or responsibility as she prepares to recklessly shovel billions more out the door in the upcoming budget. Her shameless pre-election vote-buying spree will include greatly expanding the national childcare program, rolling out universal dental care and pharmacare, and funding a new Canada Disability Benefit.

On the surface, the Liberal plan to provide free dental care to uninsured Canadians making under $90,000 sounds pretty good. Who wouldn’t want free dental treatment? But the troubling thing is the Liberals have no way to pay for this lavish giveaway.

They’ve set aside only $13 billion over five years for this new program, even though experts say the real cost will be way higher. So how can Canadians trust the Liberals will actually follow through, instead of breaking their promise like usual?

Same goes for their pharmacare vote scam. Sure, national prescription drug coverage sounds nice. But this is really just the Liberals desperately trying to satisfy their big-spending NDP pals to stay in power.

The Liberals keep announcing big dream programs, but don’t deliver in the end. So you have to wonder, if they’re not spending the money on what they promised, where is it going instead?

All in all, just these signature Liberal spending pledges could easily exceed the $46.8 billion deficit this year. And more goodies will surely be packed into the budget as the spendthrift Freeland tries to buy her way out of unpopularity.

That’s on top of the NDP’s demands for even costlier programs in exchange for supporting the minority Liberal government. The Liberals and NDP together are leading Canada into a massive debt hole we may not recover from.

Trudeau cares only about pacifying the NDP to consolidate power, not about the fiscal bloodbath his pharmacare folly will inflict on taxpayers. He’s more than happy to sell out the country’s financial future if it benefits the Liberal Party.

The pharmacare disaster is proof the Liberals will gladly bankrupt Canada to indulge their socialist NDP partners. Canadians are just collateral damage in Trudeau’s ruthless political calculations. He will pile limitless debt on our backs to satisfy the NDP’s demands – the cost to our economy means nothing to him.

The root of this problem is the Liberals’ unwavering faith in big government as the solution to everything. Rather than empower citizens and businesses, they try to make Canadians dependent on government handouts. Their response to every issue is just to spend more of your money on it.

The PBO predicts a $46.8 billion deficit for 2024, far above the $40.1 billion forecast by Freeland. Deficits are expected to remain dangerously high for years to come.

Yet the spend-happy finance minister is gearing up to add pharmacare, dental care, disability payments, and other vote-buying goodies in the budget, despite the neon fiscal warning signs flashing before her eyes.

The fiscal negligence does not end there. While Minister Freeland continues her vote-buying spending binge, she is also unleashing unhinged attacks against Rental Providers to Distract from her Housing Failures

Freeland’s Attack on Landlords

In an outrageous low, Minister Freeland and her reckless Liberal pals have launched crazy attacks blaming Canada’s rental housing providers to distract from their own terrible housing policies.

Freeland’s shameless finger-pointing at corporate landlords is totally deceitful. Instead of taking any responsibility for out-of-control housing costs, this delusional government attacks private businesses.

But informed citizens know it’s Freeland’s interference in the market and misguided tax breaks that have fueled this dangerous housing crisis.

The unethical Minister knows full well her government’s special tax giveaways to real estate trusts have artificially inflated rental prices to insane new heights.

Yet two-faced Freeland refuses to propose removing those economy-hurting tax breaks. She instead chooses to viciously smear rental providers in a desperate attempt to cover up her disastrous track record on housing affordability.

Freeland outrageously said: “Corporate investors own a significant share of Canada’s rental units.”

This power-hungry Minister is quick to dishonestly brag about the need for affordable rentals, but her shady actions reveal the truth.

Freeland and her crew of big-spending Liberals have badly damaged, not helped, the growth of Canada’s rental housing supply. They’ve done it through too much red tape, reckless taxes pushing condo speculation, and now these unhinged attacks on businesses.

Journalist Sues Freeland

But some accountability is coming for all the damage Freeland has done. Freeland and her uncontrolled RCMP guards are finally facing consequences after their violent attack on journalist David Menzies. The courageous reporter is fighting back against Freeland’s intimidation of the free press with a major new lawsuit.

The court papers show the Deputy PM’s extreme dislike of dissenting voices. Her aggressive guards engaged in a sustained campaign to crush civil rights. Freeland’s obsessed grudge against Rebel News led her RCMP detail to forcibly restrain and falsely arrest the reporter just for asking questions.

This Minister is drunk on authority, unleashing her iron-fisted RCMP followers to viciously trample democratic values and silence anyone daring to challenge her extreme agenda. Not even the free media is safe from Freeland’s raging opposition to accountability.

With this bold lawsuit, Mr. Menzies is bravely confronting Freeland’s bullying and sharply criticizing her attack on liberty. Canadians will no longer accept the RCMP being used as the Deputy PM’s private mob to carry out political payback.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer’s prediction of slower economic growth this year, along with a huge $46.8 billion federal deficit that is $7 billion more than Minister Freeland said, paints a worrying picture of Canada’s economy.

This worsening situation of weak growth and rapidly increasing deficits makes it very clear this is the worst time for the tax-and-spend Liberals to recklessly increase spending. Doing so will only load taxpayers with higher interest costs down the road.

Every dollar wasted on interest is a dollar not invested in Canada’s future. But short-term political gain is all that matters to the Trudeau Liberals and their big-spending NDP partners. They are not concerned about the long-term harm to Canada’s fiscal health.

Canadians should be wary of lavish Liberal spending promises that seem too good to be true. They always come with a massive price tag, paid for through higher taxes, deficits or both.

This debt will eventually have to be paid back through tax hikes on Canadian families and businesses. It is wrong to fund current spending through borrowing that burdens future generations. Ottawa’s poor money management threatens to slowly choke off economic growth and opportunity.

Canada can no longer afford the out-of-control spending and ballooning debt that have become the trademark of the Trudeau Liberal government. Canadians need a government that respects taxpayers, encourages self-reliance, and spends responsibly within its budget. Canadians deserve a finance minister who prioritizes the fiscal well-being of the nation over their own political survival.

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