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Freeland is Publicly Called A Liar by Poilievre


Introduction to the Lies

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has directly called Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland a liar over her bungled response to questions about the Liberal carbon tax cash grab.

The footage is a damning exposé of either an incompetent or dishonest finance minister – perhaps both.

When asked a simple question about carbon tax revenues, Freeland evades the question just like she evades giving Candians the money they are owed, trying to distract from her government’s insatiable greed.

But she can’t evade the truth: the Liberals are hoarding billions from hardworking taxpayers instead of providing the rebates they promised.

Her feeble lies are torn apart by plain facts that come directly from her office.

Dodging, deception and dishonesty have become the norm under Trudeau’s failed leadership.

But Conservatives like Poilievre are sounding the alarm about this corrosion of accountability.

Facts matter. And the truth spells the doom of Freeland’s tax scam.

Freeland Gets What’s Coming For Her

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre took to twitter to comment on an exchange as MP Marty Morant was questioning deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland on the liberal government’s corrupt carbon tax.

Poilievre simply displayed the embarrassing Freeland video on his timeline and made fun of Freeland’s antics and slimy policies as he questioned whether Freeland was perhaps an incompetent individual, or just lying just like all liberals do to save face, or maybe she is a very non-unique unicorn being both incompetent and a liar.

It is good to see Freeland take after her hero and leader, Justin Trudeau’s qualities that he lately has taken to display more and more openly to the public.

What is not good and should be addressed in a non sarcastic tone is the fact that this level of corruption and evading has become a norm in the Canadian political scene with the liberals governing under the leadership of Trudeau the moron.

Officials think they can just go and publicly spew whatever they want and mindless drones will just gobble it all up with no questions asked. And that is exactly what the Canadian deputy prime minister, Freeland, did when she was put on the spot during a FINA standing committee on finance.

Freeland Can’t Answer a Simple Question

The not so esteemed deputy prime minister was just asked a simple question by MP Marty Morant.

She was asked whether she can give an accurate number pertaining to how much the liberal government made from the carbon taxes that they collected from hard working Canadians by force since the very beginning of this corrupt and insulting policy’s establishment.

You would think since the liberals, including Freeland and Trudeau, are so adamant and confident about the carbon tax’s effectiveness including its very generous rebates that definitely all Canadians see and take advantage of, that they would be more than happy to give a satisfying answer and estimation that will put Canadians at ease, right?

Well, instead of even trying to muddle the water – because the situation is so bad there is no sugar coating it in the parliament – the deputy prime minister instead evaded the very clear and direct question to talk about the benefits of the carbon tax and how Canadian families will see all the advantages in the years to come.

In a completely smug and quite insulting statement, she brushed off the very direct question that put her on the spot regarding the utilisation of the carbon tax money and she posed the fakest smile anyone will ever lay their eyes upon as she lied about how much rebates manitoba families will make in a year. How can an individual so crooked be in charge of Canada’s finances? The answer is always going to be the half-wit prime minister that appointed her in the first place.

Freeland was then asked several more times about how much money the government makes off the carbon tax, only for her to think for a brief moment, and then use all her remaining brain cells – all two of them – to come up with a brilliant and never seen before plan – if you never bothered to listen to Trudeau speak – where she diverts everyone’s attention as she virtue signals about the mean conservatives and their facts that are harming her and Trudeau’s liberal and woke climate agenda.

Facts that are taken from her own liberal government’s financial documents. The facts that the liberals are disputing, are Freeland’s own estimates just flipped against her, and she does not even have a retort for such an occasion? Going back to Poilievre’s own comments, things are starting to lean heavily towards the incompetent side.

MP Marty Morant put a mirror in front of Freeland and questioned her on the government holding on to over $2 billion from the carbon tax that they have not given back to hard working Canadians, only for Freeland to try spinning it into her favour, fail miserably and then ultimately cowering and delivering a hollow promise that somehow the government is keeping the money for small businesses.

Sure, like Canadainas would ever believe the verifiably dishonest and corrupt liberal government will not spend the remaining money on meaningless initiatives or tax funded
vacations for MPs that don’t show up to work let alone do a good job at it when they do.

And the deputy prime minister of Canada is a stark example of that herself with her incompetence being extra harmful as it not only affects her and her corrupt career, but it affects every tax paying Canadian across the country.

Freeland Driving Canada to Freefall

The latest financial update from the Department of Finance shows that government spending continues to accelerate at an alarming pace under Freeland’s watch.

This rapid growth reflects increases across all areas of government spending at a time when economic growth is slowing and deficits continue to mount.

Meanwhile, interest payments on the ballooning national debt have skyrocketed 36% over the past 10 months to a massive $39.2 billion.

This represents an incredible waste of taxpayer dollars that could have been used for tax relief or important services rather than simply paying interest on money the government has borrowed and spent irresponsibly.

Freeland seems to have no solid plan to control expenditures or balance the books. Instead, she continues to let spending spiral out of control, leading to more debt and higher interest payments.

She continues to encourage spending on meaningless programs and increased taxes, with the carbon tax that we just discussed being a clear example of her folly as a finance minister.

In virtually every spending category, Freeland has failed to exercise prudent restraint. Hard-working Canadian taxpayers are left footing the bill for her fiscal negligence.

A dangerous path that threatens Canada’s economic future further than it already is.

A path that Freeland is not a stranger to as she has always been consistent with her unexplainable policies that are a little more than the government outright stealing from every Canadian.

Canadians would never forget how Freeland brazenly talked about “unlocking” and taking pensions and savings away from hard working Canadians to “simulate” the Canadian economy that her, Trudeau and the remaining gaggle of liberal thiefs ruined.

Her comments sparked outrage and debate over something that Canadians are owed.

There should never have been a debate to begin with but liberals are such mindless drones that they were willing to die on a hill defending corrupt politicians trying to take away retirement savings funds from innocent Canadians because they agree with them on other principles.

This collective groupthink with no distinctiveness in opinions is exactly what is holding Canada and Canadians back from their true potential.

Instead of administering some honesty, Freeland and her elk will jump through hoops and obstacles just to obfuscate and continue to steal from every Canadian’s pockets.

Canadians only need to administer some common sense back to these corrupt snakes and vote them out of office so that Canada may look forward towards a better future.

A future free of liberals like Freeland.

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