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Freeland Goes on Unhinged Doomsday Speech


It is Doom and Gloom for Canada

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland is at it again with her usual mix of liberal propaganda and a shocking hint of apocalyptic visions of a dark future. And all of that just to sell the capital gains tax to Canadians.

In her latest attempt to sell the Trudeau government’s controversial capital gains tax hike, Freeland turned up the rhetoric to eleven.

Like an actor taking the stage, she painted a picture of impending catastrophe if middle class business owners and investors don’t dig deeper for the Liberals’ voracious spending habits.

Freeland rattled off made-up statistics and condescending explanations in her capital gains sales pitch, ignoring the tax hike’s clear detriment to modest investors and small businesses.

Canadians deserve straight facts and honest debate, not baseless fear-mongering. The question is whether Freeland can communicate without wildly exaggerating, condescending, and predicting outlandish disasters. But we already know the answer, right?

Freeland Sets the Stage

It can’t be a day that ends with “y” without sleazy liberal shenanigans. It can’t be a normal day in Canada without some Trudeau goon embarrassing themselves while trying to shove liberal propaganda and casual bullshit right down all of our throats.

And it can’t be a normal day in Canada without our deputy prime minister and minister of finance Chrystia Freeland selling us the lie that the Trudeau government is fiscally responsible and that the capital gains tax is fair for every generation.

Or if she is feeling especially unhinged for that day, then prepare for doomsday speeches about an apocalypse that will take place in Canada if the capital gains tax is not enacted in time.

Don’t believe me? Well, that is exactly what Freeland tried to do during a recent press conference, where she focused on unveiling the abhorrent and egregious capital gains tax to all Canadians by talking about it in explicit detail. So let us see how she approached the struggle to sell Canadians on something that they are very well aware of in terms of disadvantages that will affect them, shall we?

But oh wait, you are not going to get anything directly or clearly from Freeland just like that. She has to set up the metaphorical stage for what your “feeble” mind is to digest her liberal propaganda of course. As if we are all 12 year olds with no common sense or background on how these Trudeau goons usually operate.

Freeland plays the game like it is an actual political theatre in her backyard, and she starts talking about the dying Canadian economy and how this is all imaginary because the liberals are actually growing it faster than any first world nation among the G7. Which is another lie parroted endlessly by Freeland to cover up the hard facts exposing her incompetence and the incompetence of the Trudeau establishment at large that lead to Canada’s economy stagnating.

Speaking of endless parroting, Freeland continues her long winded preaching session that is supposedly preparing us for the capital gains tax discussion. And for some reason she finds it highly important to keep mentioning how her government is fiscally responsible like no other government that came before it.

Another lie that doesn’t even need evidence or data, because the liberals will just give you all the references that you need on a silver platter everyday with all their vain and “woke” programs.

Freeland Lies and Neglects

She then proceeds to finally move on to the actual meat of the matter; the capital gains tax. Freeland tries to explain the capital gains tax concept in the most condescending way that she could possibly muster up. And while explaining how the capital gains tax will work and who it will affect exactly, she states how the liberals have done the calculations to find out that only 0.13% of the working Canadian population will be highly affected by the capital gains tax, and the only way younger generations and everyday Canadians will ever be affected is through massive imaginary benefits trickling down to them.

Obviously, we Canadians will never properly see any of this data or even the methodology detailing how they came up with it. Because it is very likely that everything Freeland just talked about has been nothing but smoke and mirrors to fool the unassuming everyday Canadian.

It is easy to say random numbers and lie your heart out while trying to sell an ideology that will only benefit the elite liberals in the long run, while everyone else suffers the abysmal adverse effects.

And did you notice how she neglected to mention all the doctors that will get the adverse effects that we just mentioned. Notice how she neglected to ease their worry or claim some bullcrap about caring for them and their investments in the long run.

I guess Freeland absolutely fumbled that one – so just like her normal self. Way to give a speech easing the minds of Canadians when it comes to the capital gains tax, and forget to mention a core part of the groups that are anxious about it and outright against it.

An Apocalypse Without the Corrupt Tax

But neglecting the people is not the only horrible sin that Freeland committed during her capital gains tax speech, because Freeland thought it was absolutely necessary to warn Canadians of a dark future without the liberal capital gains tax.

Remember when we mentioned earlier how the speech turns into a doomsday one? Here we are. This is the part where Freeland assumes a strict and serious looking face while trying her hardest to make this a more dangerous deal than it should have ever been.

Don’t get me wrong though, the capital gains tax is absolutely dangerous for our already taking economy; it will kill productivity and corporate competition for starters. But Freeland wants you to believe that without the capital gains tax, Canada will turn into a warzone where the rich will build higher walls to surround themselves with, and the poor will have their wrath overwhelm them to hunt and hurt the elite class.

Imagine the audacity you have to have as a liberal for you to predict an apocalyptic Canada if your corrupt policies are not enacted indue time. Imagine having the audacity to paint all of this doom and gloom while pretending you are not the sole reason for every Canadian suffering right now. I could never possibly face myself with all the guilt and shame, but it seems that Freeland is more than happy with herself.

It is funny how they keep alluding to a darker future without their policies, when we are already living through dark times under their leadership.

They talk about the economy and how it is going great, but everything points towards otherwise.

The time for easy talk and harmful policies should be nearing its end soon; Because common sense Canadians can only suffer for so long before justifiably snapping into a frenzy. And there better be no liberal in their way.

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