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Freeland Flaunts Desginer Shoes while talking about Affordability


The Elites Lost Their Minds

Freeland flaunting her designer clothing choice has Canadians enraged and vowing to take her down.

As Canadians desperately choose between food and rent these days, Madame Deputy Minister struts out in full luxury attire. Her Marie Antoinette moment spotlights Liberal elitism at its worst.

The same minister who scolds citizens about financial responsibility saw no issue flaunting footwear worth a month’s rent for many hard-working Canadians. Her smug extravagance in the face of real economic anxiety is dumbfounding.

Come election day, citizens will demand a reckoning for such brazen Liberal arrogance, because the tired Trudeau government serves itself, not its citizens.

Canada deserves better – ethical, responsible leadership that respects the people who pay its bills. It’s time for real representation, not more Liberal elitism.

Freeland Designer Scandal

Everyday there is a liberal scandal with a different colour; and everyday the Trudeau establishment and any crooked individual working within it has to be exposed for the most horrendous and disgusting things ever. Today we find ourselves in the same scenario, with a returning liberal guest that holds the deputy prime minister and the finance minister position; I am of course talking about none other than Trudeau’s right hand woman, Chrystia Freeland.

Another day, another liberal exposed for saying one thing and then turning away and doing almost the exact complete opposite. Freeland is facing criticism for flaunting luxurious designer shoes when she is the same individual that preaches fiscal responsibility and increasing affordability for the average every day Canadians.

While canvassing a Toronto riding, Freeland sported a pair of Miu Miu sneakers that retail for over $700. Keep in mind once again that Canadians are dying in the streets, and being crushed under the soaring inflation of the dying economy, while Trudeau, Freeland, and their liberal friends live a lavish life, flaunting expensive clothes and possessions.

Ordinary citizens face difficult trade-offs just to put food on the table or keep a roof over their heads. But Minister Freeland enjoys designer shoes that are not even worth a month’s rent for most tenants in this day and age.

It is safe to say that the outrage was palpable across all social media and aimed directly at Freeland and her ilk.

Freeland has a History

And can you even blame the people attacking Freeland right now? Because if you do want to take a defensive stance for the finance minister wearing shoes that more than half of all Canadians can’t possibly hope to afford in a willy-nilly fashion, then let me remind you of who she truly is.

The criticism was never about the choice of the clothing, but about the image of the choice of said apparel. Because we all remember, when Freeland tabled her costly and corrupt liberal budget and then was immediately cornered about the resource of the excessive spending that will take place to fund the liberals’ silly plans.

And all that she can muster up the courage to talk about, was how the liberals are the government of fiscal responsibility, and how all their strategies only aim to make Canada fairer for every generation and help the middle class to stand up once again.

Freeland didn’t even attempt to answer the question here, just like when she dodged the questions about the capital gains tax and how it will negatively affect the Canadian economy and productivity.

Everytime she tries her best to fool all of us, she fumbles her way into being exposed. So I guess it is only a mystery how she judged her apparel to be appropriate for the current political climate. It is like painting a red target on your back and then whining when you get shot at.

The Liberals have a History As Well

But Freeland is far from the only liberal in the establishment with a dodgy history and an even dodgier future.

The Bank of Canada takes the cake from Freeland, as within the same timeframe when Freeland got exposed for wearing designer clothes, reports came out about the bonuses being given to higher ups in the bank.

Yeah, you heard it right the first time. While ordinary Canadians suffer under runaway inflation, Bank of Canada staff pocketed $78 million in bonuses since last year.

The central bank doled out these lavish rewards despite utterly failing in its sole mandate – keeping inflation at a 2% target. So you get central bankers enjoying fatter paychecks while the rest of us have to continue to suffer under Trudeau’s awful leadership.

And if you think that is the limit of corruption and greed for today, then be prepared for more reports about sleazy liberals taking foreign deals for their own personal interest and nothing else.

According to intelligence agencies, certain parliamentarians actively assist China and India in meddling with Canadian democracy. Their unethical actions may even breach the law, though prosecutions seem unlikely due to secrecy constraints.

Some parliamentarians provide privileged information about colleagues to foreign diplomats seeking inappropriate influence. Still more respond to demands from foreign states to sway Parliamentary decisions to their advantage.

After nine years of scandals and broken promises, Canadians see the Liberals for the corrupt charlatans they are. Trudeau claimed his government would be open and ethical, but instead it rots from the top down.

Come election day, voters must render a verdict on this sordid record. Canada deserves better than elitist hypocrites who talk affordability while living extravagantly.

We need competent, ethical leadership that respects taxpayers and puts Canada first.

We need competent leadership that does not sell its soul and our rights for short term interest and personal gain alone. We need some common sense to be breathed into power.

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