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Freeland Covertly Plots Trudeau’s Ouster As Leader Flails


Trudeau’s Leadership Doomed By Freeland’s Ambition

In a stunning coup attempt, deputy PM Chrystia Freeland has set her sights on Justin Trudeau’s job. With multiple liberal insiders now backing her brazen play for power, Trudeau faces being unceremoniously ousted and replaced by his own deputy.

But make no mistake, Freeland’s ambition is fueled by WEF puppet masters determined to tighten their grip on Canada.

Installing their obedient servant Freeland is, without question, a desperate ploy to obscure the WEF’s influence as it imposes its will. Blindsided by her betrayal, Trudeau scrambles to keep power while momentum builds behind Freeland’s palace coup.

The oblivious liberals think swapping one tarnished WEF puppet for another will appease the public. But handing the reins to Freeland, an equally loyal foot soldier of the globalist agenda, will only amplify outrage.

This audacious move toward changing the liberal globalist guard orchestrated by the WEF confirms their takeover of Canada is accelerating. But citizens are fed up with arrogant governance by elite puppet masters. Freeland’s brazen coup attempt may hasten the liberal order’s collapse.

Freeland Stealthy Plot To Take Trudeau’s Throne

Deputy Prime Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland has been playing it smart and cautious at the same time, while attending and obeying failed programs and plans by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It seems like even Freeland is fed up with all the hassle.

The revelation that Freeland intends to run again in the next federal election has set off alarm bells, sending shockwaves through the Liberal Party and concerning Canadians. 

She has been eyeing Trudeau’s seat for months now. However, it has ignited now more than ever, let’s break it down – with all the backlash and opposition toward the federal government’s plans and programs, it seems that Freeland finally noticed what she will be facing under Trudeau’s regime.

Freeland’s decision to run again is already raising concerns about whether she is a fit candidate, given the Liberals’ struggles under Trudeau’s faltering leadership. With Trudeau losing control of his party and reputation, the news of Freeland’s renewed candidacy has sparked worries within Liberal ranks about their prospects in the federal election.

In an interview in December with Freeland, she was directly asked if she would consider leading the party if Trudeau steps down. 

Despite her vague answer, her grin and fake confusion tell another story. It seems she had known all along that she would become one of the Liberals’ top candidates, her plan to stab Trudeau in the back is definitely working.

Moreover, her precise and careful statements in the interview can be seen as a political maneuver.

Freeland played it smart by claiming that she wants to help the Canadians as much as she can – this shows a remaining loyalty to Trudeau – while at the same time keeping her options open.

Freeland’s top spot on the list of recommended candidates raises questions. Is her renewed candidacy a desperate move by the flailing Liberals to regain control ahead of the federal election? Given the government’s tenuous grip under Trudeau, are they counting on Freeland being easy to manage and appease voters?

Trudeau Remains Blind To Freeland’s Betrayal

In my opinion, the push for Freeland likely stems from the WEF and Liberals wanting a leader they can control more easily than the increasingly unpopular Trudeau. While Trudeau was initially their obedient front man, his scandals and failures have made him a liability.

So the WEF is aiming to install the more pliable Freeland to further their plans for Canada. They believe she will be compliant and help them tighten their grip, unlike Trudeau who faces growing opposition nationwide.

Freeland has proven herself aligned with the WEF’s Great Reset agenda, from proposing a social credit system to parroting its talking points. She is seen as someone who will advance globalist objectives without resistance.

Whereas Trudeau’s ego and scandals have distracted from the WEF’s aims, Freeland is considered a loyal foot soldier who will march in lockstep. Her selection represents the WEF and Liberals doubling down on controlling Canada by removing the resistant Trudeau for the more manageable Freeland.

With Trudeau faltering, the WEF knows it needs a fresh face to obscure its influence as it imposes its will on Canada. Freeland, with her connections and willingness to serve elite interests, is now deemed the ideal Trojan Horse.

Despite disastrous polls showing the Conservatives surging while the Liberals fall behind, Freeland is displaying overconfidence and arrogance. Her sense of entitlement echoes the ongoing arrogance within the Liberal Party that led them to choose Trudeau before. Freeland’s presumption now reveals why the flailing Liberals may see her as their next savior, despite the bad omens for their prospects. 

While openly coveting the top Liberal job, Freeland has carefully crafted her rhetoric to feign loyalty to Trudeau, undoubtedly awaiting her impending palace coup. But her thinly-veiled leadership ambitions are transparently obvious to worried Liberal insiders. 

Carney’s Stellar Record Exposes Trudeau’s Utter Failure

I have to admit though, spreading Mark Carney’s name as a potential replacement was a calculated ploy on the Liberals’ part, not a genuine promotion of him. Floating Carney was simply meant to pave the way for a Liberal successor, opening the door for Freeland herself.

To shield her brazen plotting, Freeland has played up Mark Carney as Trudeau’s heir apparent, letting him absorb the succession speculation. This deflects attention from her behind-the-scenes maneuvering to unseat Trudeau. 

DH2BRP Cardiff, Wales, UK. October 29. Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney at St. David’s Hotel on October 29 in Cardiff, Wales, UK. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Alamy Live News)

Meanwhile, the fact that even someone like Mark Carney having an impressive track record that towers over the struggling Trudeau shows just how much of a failure Trudeau is. 

Many former liberal ministers who were in Trudeau’s cabinet have also vowed in favor of Carney, on top of the list comes Former Liberal cabinet minister Catherine McKenna, who has become fed up with Trudeau’s reckless actions and stated that it’s time for change in Canada and for Trudeau to step aside.

Additionally, giving credits to Carney and to claiming his stance is similar to Poilievre is a stab in Trudeau’s back. Considering that Poilievre is Trudeau’s number one enemy.

The Liberals’ brazen Freeland gambit reeks of desperation to cling to power. Installing their globalist foot soldier shows how deaf they are to Canadians’ rejection of arrogant misrule. Rather than undoing damage from Trudeau’s scandals and failures, elevating his partner-in-crime Freeland will inflame the public’s anger. 

Common sense voters see this as confirmation of a partisan WEF plot to tighten control over Canada. The tired Liberal old guard is so oblivious they think swapping one elite puppetmaster’s pawn for another will restore their prospects. But Freeland is even more despised for doing Trudeau’s dirty work. 

This palace coup foolishly misjudges Canadians’ intelligence. We won’t be manipulated by the WEF and Liberals scheming to force their agenda upon us by propping up new globalist fronts like Freeland.

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