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Freeland Budget Ploy Exposes Liberal Desperation


Desperate Liberal Ploy

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland and he conspicuous omission of controversial capital gains tax hikes from the budget bill betray the Liberals’ panicked ploy to divert attention from their spendthrift ways.

With their flawed leader sinking in the polls, the Liberals have resorted to cynical manoeuvres to push through an irresponsible budget spree funded by soaring taxes, debts and inflationary money-printing.

Separating the capital gains changes is a transparent attempt to shield their disastrous policies from scrutiny. It allows the big-spending Liberals to feign fiscal restraint while gouging job creators and stifling growth.

In contrast, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre offers solutions focused on restoring competency and growth after Trudeau’s years of failure. His populist message aimed at Canada’s working class exposes the Liberals’ cynical identity politics and economic negligence.

Canadians deserve honest leadership focused on growth and opportunity, not desperate political theatre from an ideologically bankrupt regime.

Freeland Playing Political Games

The Trudeau government is playing political games by separating out the controversial capital gains tax changes from the overall budget implementation bill.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is tabling the budget bill in Parliament this week, but conspicuously left out the proposed capital gains changes.

A transparent move that is aimed at cornering the Conservatives into an uncomfortable and separate vote on the unpopular tax grab.

The Liberals claim the capital gains proposal will come later in a standalone bill. But make no mistake, this is a cynical ploy to divert attention from the rest of their reckless budget spending.

While Canadians suffer from raging inflation, the Liberals’ budget goes on an irresponsible $135 billion spending spree.

This is funded by gouging job creators with higher taxes, piling on record debt and stoking more inflation with printed money.

Separating the capital gains changes shields the rest of these disastrous policies from scrutiny. It gives political cover to spendthrift Liberals, allowing them to pretend fiscal responsibility while hiking taxes on the wealthy.

In reality, the capital gains tax hike represents only a tiny fraction of their massive costly and corrupt budget. It is mere window dressing so Liberals can virtue signal about making the rich “pay their fair share.”

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are put in a difficult position. Voting against the cynical ploy allows Liberals to claim they are defending the ultra-rich. But the capital gains changes themselves are terrible policies that will damage Canada’s economy.

They significantly raise taxes on investments, deterring business investment and punishing those who take risks to create jobs. With Canada’s productivity and competitiveness already dropping, these tax hikes are the opposite of what we need.

Even former Liberal finance minister Bill Morneau has warned against the capital gains tax increase. Along with many economists and business groups, he rightly sees it as an economically damaging sop to envy politics.

Freeland is Cornered on Capital Gains Tax Separation

During a press conference held on Tuesday, Freeland was asked about the changes regarding separating the capital gains tax from the proposed budget bill.

Freeland then proceeded to ramble about how the proposed liberal policies in the budget is aimed at making Canada fairer for every generation and especially young Canadians, with every facet of the budget working in favour of building a better and more prosperous future for all Canadians.

Freeland continues by stating that this is the exact reason the liberals are so committed to the budget and will move forward with all of their changes without a shadow of doubt.

Now tell me, was this a coherent and appropriate answer to the question that was asked? Freeland went on a ramble and a half about how committed the liberals are to this very fair and totally awesome budget, but couldn’t bother to waste a minute of her virtue signalling to properly give context and explain the separation of the capital gains tax from the overall bill.

That begs the question, what could she be afraid of that she chose to obfuscate and use classic liberal tactics to divert attention away and muddy the waters of discussion? Is it perhaps something bigger and far worse than simply diverting the conservatives’ focus?

Another reporter agreed that Freeland was not giving satisfactory answers to the capital gains question and proceeded to ask her one more time, hoping that maybe Freeland would get a clue.

But alas, Freeland pretended she heard another totally different question and recited the same exact speech about fairness, fiscal responsibility and all the silly little lies the liberals happily pretend were more real and truthful.

The answer was justifiably met with slight mockery from the reporter concerning Freeland not actually answering the question, only for Freeland to brush her aside anxiously.

And of course you can’t have a conference with a staunch Trudeau supporter such as Chrystia Freeland without having a completely unnecessary jab at the conservatives to pull the focus away from the terrible performance and array of non answers.

The liberals’s budget is a shift to class warfare and may provide short-term political dividends for the struggling Liberals. But over the long run, it will hamper growth, entrepreneurship and prosperity for all Canadians.

Justin Trudeau’s unfair tax grab claims to target the wealthy, but it will inevitably creep down to impact middle class small business owners and savers too. Hurting productivity and growth makes everyone poorer in the end.

This spendthrift budget worsens inflation, balloons the national debt and imposes long-term costs on future taxpayers. The Liberals are mortgaging our children’s future to fund their political pet projects and culture war obsessions.

Adding punishing taxes on capital gains, stock options and small businesses on top of these reckless deficits only compounds the damage. It will undermine Canada’s capacity to emerge strongly from the current economic troubles.

The Liberals have given up on competitiveness, growth and fiscal responsibility. They prefer virtue signalling class envy policies paid for with other people’s money. But Canadians cannot afford to indulge this ideological folly any longer.

Both the ploy of separating the capital gains tax and the damaging hike itself should be firmly rejected. We must demand a responsible fiscal plan that curbs wasteful spending, controls inflation and creates the conditions for economic opportunity. And that’s exactly what conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is aiming to achieve.

Poilievre’s Strong Message

Delivering a strong populist message during a recent speech to construction workers and tradespeople, Poilievre aimed to reach out to Canada’s working class.

Poilievre put the focus on Trudeau’s countless fiscally irresponsible policies and how they are going to bring about a rise in the already gargantuan level of inflation that Canada’s economy is suffering under.

“Justinflation” is what Poilievre chose to call all this endless increase as this spendthrift budget worsens inflation, balloons the national debt and imposes long-term costs on future taxpayers.

Hard-working Canadians are struggling under the strain of rising prices, ballooning debt and declining opportunity. This is no time for cynical political games, class warfare and economic self-sabotage.

With respect and effort, the Conservative tradition of self-reliance, free enterprise and equality of opportunity is absolutely able to resonate with a broad working-class coalition. Because they are able to see a clear and stark contrast between two faced speeches and promises like the ones Trudeau and Freeland delivers, and the honest down to earth approach that common sense conservatives like Poilievre speak.

It is time to reject both the Liberals’ partisan manoeuvring and their misguided leftist policies. Canada needs a sensible and common sense government focused on restoring stability, growth and fiscal sanity after years of damaging ideological indulgence under Justin Trudeau.

Poilievre has the solution, and he fights for every Canadian. So let us bring it back home.

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