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Federal government paid out $210 million in bonuses last year


It’s an absolute disgrace that while hardworking Canadian families desperately struggle to survive, Justin Trudeau’s government is handing out outrageous million-dollar bonuses to federal managers.

This Money could have eased real hardship for many Canadians. But Trudeau cares more about rewarding loyal Liberal cronies than helping suffering citizens. His priorities are clearly warped.

Hard workers are being left behind while Liberal elites congratulate each other with windfalls of taxpayer money.

Everyday Canadians didn’t cause this economic crisis, yet they’re the only ones suffering. Not Trudeau’s privileged executive pals. These millionaire Liberal elites are completely disconnected from the suffering of regular hard working Canadians.

Inflation ravages household budgets as Liberal managers enjoy million-dollar bonuses. How is this fair or just?

The PM needs to explain why struggling citizens deserve no relief while his bureaucrats live large.

It’s an all too familiar story these days – hard working Canadians struggling to make ends meet while Liberal government elites reward themselves with outrageous bonuses.

The recent revelation that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government paid out over $210 million in bonuses to federal managers and executives last year is just the latest example of this disturbing trend.

While everyday citizens wrestle with skyrocketing inflation and a cost-of-living crisis, the privileged bureaucrats in Ottawa seem oblivious, perfectly content to pat each other on the back as they cash their exorbitant bonus checks.

The data uncovered shows that the vast majority – over 90% – of executives and managers across most federal departments were given bonuses.

Outrageously, Trudeau’s own office, the Privy Council Office which is supposed to provide non-partisan advice, led the pack with a 97% executive bonus rate.

The Prime Minister who ran on a platform of “representing the middle class” seems to have forgotten about the very people who elected him. While he doles out millions to bureaucrats, Canadians have gained nothing but empty platitudes and lectures from his government. His priorities seem clear – take care of loyal Liberal cronies first, citizens second.

Adding insult to injury is the case of the CBC, the taxpayer-funded state broadcaster that is supposed to serve Canadians with quality programming.

Despite plummeting viewership, Laying off 800 people right before Christmas, and failing on every performance metric, CBC CEO Catherine Tait refused to rule out taking a massive performance bonus for herself.

Her salary already bloated at over half a million dollars, with 28% bonuses on top plus expenses. The CBC honchos begging for more taxpayer money on one hand while rewarding themselves on the other aptly demonstrates Liberal arrogance and elitism.

But the CBC is far from the only culprit. Veteran’s Affairs, which should have the well-being of Canada’s veterans as its top priority, joins the party with an executive bonus rate of 87.5%.

This is the same department that outrageously offered Medical Assistance in Dying to veterans who called seeking health assistance and support. Bonuses for executives overseeing what amounts to euthanizing people crying out for help? Despicable and unacceptable.

Other Liberal departments handing out bonuses like Halloween candy include the Public Health Agency, Health Canada, and Finance – all at over 90% executive bonus rates.

While Liberal government fat cats hand themselves atrocious bonuses, regular Canadians face unacceptable wait times and declining quality of care in the health care system those very bureaucrats oversee. Despite Health Canada and the Public Health Agency granting bonuses to over 90% of their executives, Canadians are stuck languishing on waitlists when they need medical attention.

Hardworking citizens who pay their taxes are being failed by the system. In Toronto, two scared parents rushed their infant son to the ER at SickKids hospital after he had an allergic reaction, only to be told the wait would be 11 hours. 11 hours of waiting with a sick baby instead of receiving prompt emergency care. Stories like this are increasingly common across Canada as the health care system buckles.

Canadians nationwide have lost trust in getting quality care when they need it. A shocking poll found 70% of people worry their family won’t get good care if they fall ill. Horror stories abound of patients waiting 20 hours in ERs overflowing with cases while short-staffed nurses and doctors run ragged trying to cope. This is the reality overseen by the Liberal government health bureaucrats enriching themselves.

While hospital ERs suffer and can’t provide emergency care properly, some Canadians have been forced to desperately flee abroad to get urgently needed surgery and treatment denied them here. Yet Health Canada and Public Health Agency executives reward themselves with huge bonuses as the system crumbles on their watch. It’s outrageous and wrong.

The ArriveCan app debacle is yet another outrageous example of Liberal mismanagement and elitists rewarding each other despite gross failures. The flawed ArriveCan app ended up costing taxpayers an astounding $54 million, despite an original budget of only $80,000. Yet managers responsible for this disastrous rollout still pocketed generous performance pay and bonuses.

It’s an insult to Canadians that ArriveCan contractors were paid huge sums even while 76% literally did no actual work on the project. $54 million wasted on an app one programmer could build in hours, yet Liberal cronies still cashed their bonus checks. This reeks of the Liberal culture of entitlement and lack of accountability.

The litany of failures overseen by these departments is astonishing – from the early COVID response to pandemic procurement scandals to the AppCan debacle and more. Yet Liberal ministers and bureaucrats faced no accountability or consequences. In fact they rewarded themselves handsomely, revealing their true priorities.

Canadians are right to be outraged at Justin Trudeau and the elitist Liberal Ottawa culture that puts insiders first no matter how badly they bungle their duties.

While everyday citizens make hard choices at the grocery store checkout and gas pump thanks to Liberal mismanagement, the PM and his bureaucrats drink champagne and split exorbitant performance rewards. It’s positively offensive.

Trudeau clearly believes there are two classes of people – the regular Canadians who struggle and pay the bills, and the Liberal Ottawa elite who profit and deserve special treatment. This slap in the face to taxpaying citizens struggling with inflation must be called out for what it is – elitist hypocrisy at its worst.

With Canadians having to tighten their belts, Liberals hand out outrageous bonuses to each other and refuse to reign in their own privileged excess. Their self-serving ways reveal where their priorities truly lie – not with the people, but with themselves and their friends.

The Liberal culture of entitlement is precisely why we need serious conservative principles brought back to government – respect for taxpayers, fiscal sanity, accountability over privilege and responsible spending priorities that serve citizens’ interests first.

The days of Liberal arrogance and elites congratulating each other with outrageous bonuses at the people’s expense must end. Trudeau has clearly lost sight of who his duty is to – not partisan bureaucrats but struggling everyday Canadians. When will the Prime Minister start putting citizens first? Likely never if his patterns continue.

The millions spent on Liberal bonuses could have been used to tangibly help veterans, seniors, families feeling the pinch and other vulnerable groups. Yet Trudeau circles the wagons around the Ottawa elite instead. This is unacceptable and an insult to citizens expecting their leaders to display integrity.

Conservatives understand it is wrong and immoral for executives to reward gross failure and incompetence in government institutions funded by taxpayers. Public service should mean serving the public, not yourself.

Justin Trudeau needs to take a long look in the mirror and ask himself if he still represents the middle class he claimed to fight for. The evidence suggests otherwise. His Liberal government has lost touch with everyday people.

Canada needs wholesale change to return accountability, integrity and responsible spending to our government. Enough is enough – no more outrageous six-figure bonuses for Liberal cronies and elites while citizens suffer. Trudeau has failed Canadians who work hard and play by the rules. It’s time for dramatic new leadership that respects citizens, values integrity and stops this Liberal culture of entitlement.

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