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Federal Court lambastes Liberals for failing to fill judicial vacancies


A new Federal Court ruling says that Trudeau has betrayed Canadians and deliberately undermined our justice system by letting the number of judicial vacancies reach a state of crisis.

Trudeau stands condemned for deliberately neglecting judicial appointments and bringing Canada’s courts to the breaking point. This prime minister’s sheer incompetence and misplaced priorities have denied justice to countless victims while accused violent criminals walk free.

With a legacy of scandal and failed progressive crusades, Trudeau has definitively proven himself unfit to govern. This court ruling cements his Shameful reputation as the prime minister who compromised Canadians’ trust in the heart of our democracy – the justice system itself.

After years of vacancies swelling under his watch, Trudeau has shown no ability or urgency in carrying out his solemn duty to appoint qualified judges. The Federal Court’s scathing rebuke leaves no doubt – this prime minister has abdicated his responsibilities and failed Canadians fundamentally.

One thing is clear – Canada can no longer afford the negligent and arrogant leadership of Justin Trudeau. This court ruling may as well be an indictment of his entire tenure as prime minister. The time has come for Trudeau to resign, or for Canadians to remove him.

A recent scathing ruling by the Federal Court condemned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Justice Minister David Lametti for their failure to address the crisis of unfilled judicial vacancies plaguing Canada’s court system.

Justice Henry Brown declared that the Liberal government’s inaction on appointments has let down Canadians seeking timely access to justice. This ruling spotlights the Trudeau government’s sheer incompetence in managing one of its core constitutional duties.

After nearly eight years in power, the Liberals have no excuse for allowing judicial vacancies to fester. Their lack of urgency reveals deep flaws in both the government’s priorities and its basic administrative capacities.

The well-documented harms resulting from judicial shortages make it unacceptable for the PMO to continue dragging its feet on appointments. The Liberals’ failure is denying justice to victims and accused alike.

Canadians remember that back in 2016, the number of vacancies stood at a manageable 46. Yet today, despite repeated warnings from concerned stakeholders, the Trudeau government has taken a laissez-faire approach, allowing vacancies to balloon to over 75.

Their inaction flies in the face of urgent pleas from Chief Justice Richard Wagner. He rightly called the shortage ‘untenable’ and warned it was precipitating a ‘crisis’ in Canada’s court system.

Evidence shows those warnings were not hyperbole. Courts across the country are throwing out cases due to excessive delays. Trials for serious crimes like murder routinely take over two years to conclude. Civil litigants wait up to three years for resolutions, often settling early due to endless postponements. The understaffed judicial system is failing Canadians.

And how have Trudeau and Lametti responded to this judicial emergency? With apathy, finger-pointing, and hollow talking points. Lametti has flaunted meaningless statistics about the raw number of appointments per year, as if he expects accolades for basic competence. Meanwhile, the real metric that matters – vacancies – remains dangerously high.

Minister Lametti’s pathetic attempt to shift blame onto the previous Conservative government is an insult to Canadians’ intelligence.

After nearly a decade of disastrous Liberal governance, harping on about the Harper era is a feeble and desperate ploy. Lametti must think Canadians are fools if he expects us to accept excuses that expired years ago.

The buck stops with Trudeau and his feckless government. They alone bear responsibility for the current judicial crisis. The PMO controls the appointments process and federal resources, yet judicial vacancies have skyrocketed under their watch.

Most outrageously, court documents reveal the Liberals could not even be bothered to take the Federal Court challenge over vacancies seriously. They repeatedly tried to have the case thrown out on technicalities, rather than substantively defending their record. They did not even attempt to provide reasonable explanations for the delay. This arrogance and indifference is unacceptable for a government being taken to court over neglecting such a critical responsibility.

What is behind this failure of leadership? Firstly, it seems the Liberals simply lack competent leadership when it comes to judicial appointments and other matters of law. Don’t forget Trudeau previously appointed his unqualified buddy as Attorney General based on name recognition rather than legal expertise.

The PMO prioritizes identity over ability when making legal appointments. Is it any wonder they can’t competently manage something as crucial as keeping courts staffed?

Secondly, the Liberals seem distracted by a range of fashionable progressive causes. Rather than focus on good governance, they pursue activist agendas like climate change, reconciliation, and diversity.

Canadians would be forgiven for thinking the Liberals care more about radical social engineering than practical administration. They talk eagerly about revolutionizing Canada but can’t perform basic tasks like staffing courts.

The Liberals’ diversity agenda reveals where their true priorities lie – and it’s not with competent judicial appointments.

While diversity may be worthwhile in the abstract, the Liberals’ radical fixation on identity politics is undermining the judicial system. They would rather score woke points than fill vacancies with qualified candidates.

Appointing judges based on race and gender instead of legal excellence is blatant discrimination. Trudeau cares more about optics and ideology than building an effective court system. He is denying Canadians justice to appease the vocal leftist fringe.

This misplaced priority exemplifies the Liberals’ detached governing style. They ignore the unglamorous work of good governance in favor of vanity projects that bolster their ideological credentials. Canadians’ needs come last.

Let’s call out Trudeau’s dangerous judicial agenda for what it really is – an attempt to corruptly stack the courts with Liberal partisans.

Trudeau apparently sees our esteemed judges as nothing more than ideological pawns to empower his progressive agenda. He wants to fill vacancies with partisan hacks who will rubber-stamp the Liberals’ policies, no matter how damaging to Canada.

By delaying appointments and letting vacancies pile up, Trudeau hopes to shape a judiciary that is politically aligned with the Liberal Party, not with Canadians. He wants courts that will never dare strike down Liberal laws, no matter how unconstitutional.

This is an ominous assault on judicial independence and the rule of law. Our justice system was not created to serve the whims of power-hungry prime ministers. Judges must uphold Canada’s laws, not Trudeau’s political goals.

Stacking the courts with Liberal judges would pervert justice and make a mockery of the judiciary’s role holding the government accountable. Trudeau wants puppet judges who serve his interests, not impartial arbiters who serve all Canadians.

This brazen judicial activism cannot be tolerated. Trudeau is gambling with Canadians’ rights and freedoms in pursuit of unfettered power. We must demand he abandon this ploy and appoint qualified, non-partisan judges immediately.

This sorry saga reveals problems at the core of the Liberal government. They lack focus on the unglamorous grunt work needed to run the country. They get distracted by progressive crusades that don’t reflect the priorities of mainstream Canadians. And they act with an arrogant sense of entitlement that breeds complacency. Canadians deserve better than a government that leaves judicial vacancies open while judges and stakeholders sound the alarm.

The Federal Court was right to call out these failings. While the ruling did not impose specific timelines, its message was clear – the vacancies must be filled in a reasonable timeframe.

Trudeau and Lametti cannot continue to sit idle in the face of a judicial crisis. If they fail to take swift and bold action, the Federal Court may have no choice but to intervene again and order concrete remedies.

Unlike the bumbling Liberals, the Conservatives have shown themselves ready and able to take decisive action on judicial vacancies. Opposition justice critic Erin O’Toole has rightly condemned the Trudeau government’s negligence and pledged that a Conservative government would promptly fill vacancies.

O’Toole’s solemn vow highlights his party’s commitment to practical good governance, in contrast to the Liberals’ distracted progressive crusading. Conservatives recognize that judicial appointments are a core function of government, not an ideological vanity project.

The Conservative emphasis on common sense Canadian values, not trendy progressive ideology, demonstrates their readiness to govern competently. O’Toole understands that citizens care more about functioning public services than radical experiments in social engineering.

At stake is nothing less than Canadians’ faith in the justice system itself. A judicial system missing a third of its judges will inevitably fail to provide adequate and timely justice. Backlogs and stays-of-proceedings make a mockery of the idea of justice. Victims lose faith in a system unable to prosecute violent crimes.

Canadians put their trust in Trudeau and the Liberals to govern with competence and responsibility. That trust has been shattered by this utter failure on judicial appointments.

The PMO has proven itself wholly unworthy of Canadians’ confidence. Trudeau has betrayed the public good by allowing judicial vacancies to fester. This incompetence and negligence is an unacceptable breach of trust.

The Liberal government’s gross failures have destroyed Canadians’ faith in the justice system. Trudeau’s vain progressive crusades have undermined the judicial branch’s efficacy. He has selfishly put his image above Canadians’ needs.

The time has run out for Trudeau’s incompetent leadership. This judicial crisis proves beyond doubt that Trudeau and the Liberals are not fit to govern. If Trudeau cannot deliver results, he must step aside for the good of the country. Canadians demand and deserve better from their leaders. The PMO’s betrayal of trust is absolutely unacceptable.

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