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Federal Court Deems Trudeau’s Use of Emergencies Act Unconstitutional


In a massive blow to Justin Trudeau‘s authoritarian regime, the Federal Court has finally called out the Prime Minister’s blatant abuse of power. 

Trudeau’s draconian invocation of the Emergencies Act to crush the Freedom Convoy was ruled unconstitutional and a violation of Canadians’ basic rights and freedoms. This damning judgment exposes Trudeau’s true colors as a wannabe dictator who will stop at nothing to silence dissent.

The court confirmed what freedom-loving Canadians knew all along – Trudeau’s heavy-handed crackdown on protesters was an indefensible attack on our democracy. 

Now Trudeau stands disgraced, his credibility in tatters. Will he respect the court’s decision or continue his leftist assault on civil liberties and decide to appeal the court’s ruling? 

One thing is for sure – this ruling is a win for all Canadians yearning to break free from Trudeau’s restraint.

In a stunning blow to Justin Trudeau’s autocratic leadership, the Federal Court has firmly rejected the Prime Minister’s unconstitutional use of the Emergencies Act to crush the Freedom Convoy protesters. This landmark ruling represents a massive win for civil liberties and a sharp rebuke of Trudeau’s heavy-handed attempt to silence dissent.

In his ruling, Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley said that the Liberal government failed to meet the legal requirements for enacting the Emergencies Act. He stated that the government infringed on the protesters’ constitutional rights by doing so.

The implications of this decision cannot be overstated. Trudeau clearly overstepped his authority by invoking the Emergencies Act, which granted him sweeping powers to freeze bank accounts, compel tow truck companies, and outlaw protests. This extraordinary law was meant to be a tool of last resort in genuine national emergencies, not a convenient weapon for an authoritarian leader to wield against peaceful protestors.

Yet Trudeau saw fit to unleash the full force of the federal government against the Freedom Convoy, which was exercising its democratic right to oppose vaccine mandates.

He bypassed provincial authorities and imposed measures that violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

With this ruling, the court sent an unmistakable message – Trudeau’s actions were indefensible and unconstitutional.

The court order specifically highlighted that the government’s regulations infringed upon the fundamental freedoms of thought, opinion, and expression.

Trudeau essentially criminalized dissent by using the Emergencies Act to ban protests and freeze the accounts of those involved. This is the behavior of a petty dictator, not the leader of a free democracy.

Even more alarming, the court found that the Emergencies Act order violated the right to security against unreasonable search and seizure.

Trudeau’s government clearly overreached by freezing bank accounts with no due process.

The implications are deeply disturbing – if left unchecked, could Trudeau freeze the accounts of any critic or political opponent? This sets a dangerous precedent of government overreach we expect from authoritarian regimes, not Canada.

The court sent a clear warning – the Emergencies Act cannot be exploited for political gain or used as a weapon to silence opposition.

Trudeau treated the law like a “tool of convenience” but the court reaffirmed that it is only justified in genuine national emergencies when all other options have failed.

The evidence showed most provinces had the capacity to handle the protests under existing laws. Yet Trudeau ignored calls for restraint from premiers and unilaterally imposed the Emergencies Act. This arrogant, unilateral move demonstrated his autocratic tendencies.

Even Trudeau’s political allies warned the Emergencies Act would be akin to “a sledgehammer.”

Yet he refused to back down, intent on using state power to crush the truckers. With this ruling, Trudeau now stands discredited, his judgment and credibility shattered. He will forever be branded as the Prime Minister who abused emergency powers to violate Canadians’ rights.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre rightly slammed Trudeau for showing utter disregard for “the highest law of the land.”

In a post on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter Poilievere declared that if elected Prime Minister, he’ll never be like Trudeau.

“Judge rules Trudeau broke the highest law in the land with the Emergencies Act,” he wrote. “As PM, I will unite our country for freedom.”

Trudeau’s Liberal government has shown repeatedly that it believes rules don’t apply to them.

Whether ethics scandals or now constitutional violations, the Liberals act as if they are above the law. And that needs to end now.

This judicial rebuke was initiated by the Canadian Constitution Foundation and Canadian Civil Liberties Association. These organizations recognized immediately that Trudeau’s actions posed a direct threat to the civil liberties all Canadians hold dear. Trudeau’s crackdown represented a chilling degradation of our democratic norms and rights.

The CCF called it the “most severe example of overreach and violations of civil liberties” during the pandemic.

With this landmark ruling, the court reined in Trudeau’s disturbing authoritarian tendencies and upheld the rule of law.

Christine Van Geyn, Litigation Director at The Canadian Constitution Foundation, posted the court’s ruling on X, which declared Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act as ultra vires, a Latin term used by courts which essentially means out of the scope of the law.

As Prime Minister, Trudeau has a solemn duty to respect the rights of all Canadians, not just those who share his views. Yet he opted for a sledgehammer rather than engaging with the protesters.

Rather than bringing the country together, he exploited divisions over COVID policies to portray the protestors as dangerous extremists. This aided his political narrative but further damaged national unity. True leadership requires rising above partisanship and listening to opposing views, not silencing them.

He divided our nation, and now he must be rebuked for it.

However, both Trudeau and his government seem to show no signs of regret or remorse at all, even after the court’s decision.

Chrystia Freeland was asked whether she agrees with the court’s ruling, and her response was interesting to say the least.

Shocker. A criminal doesn’t agree with a court ruling – nothing new about that.

Freeland also revealed the Liberal government’s plans to appeal the ruling.

This is a stunning display of arrogance and entitlement by the Finance Minister and the Liberal government. They are essentially signaling they remain unrepentant, despite the court confirming they trampled Charter rights. The government believes they can get away with crushing civil liberties as long as they deem it politically expedient.

Freeland could have acknowledged the court’s concerns and committed to respecting the order. But instead she doubled down, insisting the government was in the right and did what was “necessary.” Her self-righteous attitude epitomizes the Liberals’ ends-justify-the-means mentality.

While Freeland may seem serious and level-headed now, never forget that she was giggling as the Trudeau Liberal government announced that they’re breaking the law.

And it’s not just that, but NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is now backpedaling on his previous stance, claiming that the invocation of the Emergencies Act was something he “reluctantly supported.”

How can you “reluctantly” support something? You’re either with Canadians or you’re not. And it’s clear where Singh and his party stand on this.

In fact, Singh was not “reluctant” at all. Back in 2021, Singh wrote a letter to Justin Trudeau asking him to consider using the Federal Emergencies Act.

You really cannot make this up. When will the people in power in this country finally tell the truth for once?

Canadians’ faith in our institutions has already been battered by Trudeau’s heavy-handed pandemic response.

This ruling was a necessary course correction to restore trust in the rule of law and constitution.

And whatever happens with the government’s decision to appeal the ruling, never again can we allow fear, political expediency and authoritarian temptation to override our constitutional rights.

Trudeau and his cronies can ignore criticism all they want. They can appeal the decision and give as many speeches as they deem necessary.

But their actions speak louder than words. Invoking emergency powers to violate Canadians’ Charter rights reinforces concerns that Trudeau admires China’s dictatorial governance.

The court ruling upholds the principle that even unpopular speech merits protection. Dissenters must not be harassed and have livelihoods destroyed over political differences.

Yet Trudeau vindictively targeted his critics like a vengeful tyrant. He abused his authority to punish opponents.

Thankfully, the court reasserted that neither the Prime Minister nor the government is above the law. And only time will tell what they do next to get away with it.

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