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Farmers Protests Are Closer Than Ever In Canada


Grab your pitchforks people, because the winds of revolt are howling across Canada’s countryside. As European cities burn, the contagion of uprising has reached our farmers. Trudeau’s days are numbered as outrage boils over.

While Trudeau and his liberals are doing everything to please their WEF masters, rural families are struggling to get by. Rising taxes and bills are squeezing farmers who work hard to feed us all.

And Trudeau doesn’t seem to understand the real impacts of his policies. He needs to come down from his political high tower and walk a mile in our boots. Only then will he understand why we feel left behind.

Most Canadians just want to be heard, not cause a ruckus. But if pushed too far, folks will get desperate. We’ve seen some trucker protests already, but those could get bigger.

The fuse is lit and Canada will soon erupt. From coast to coast, farm to city, anger boils over. Citizens are mad as hell and won’t take more. Trudeau’s days as dictator over the Canadian people are numbered. Judgment day is coming for him and his whole Liberal elites.

The winds of revolution are brewing in Canada. As angry farmer protests rock Europe, the seeds of a similar uprising have been sown in Canada by Justin Trudeau’s out-of-touch Liberals. Driven to desperation by soaring costs and hostile government policies, Canada’s producers could soon take to the streets.

“I’m a small farmer, I’m 18 years old, and I don’t know how life will turn out for me later on,” said Mattia Buzzone, a Sicilian farmer, at a protest in Rome. His worries echo those of Canadian farmers uncertain about their future livelihoods under Trudeau’s policies.

For too long, farmers have endured escalating burdens imposed by an aloof political class in their high towers. Carbon taxes, fuel charges, environmental regulations—the pressures mount endlessly. Rural Canadians toil thanklessly to feed our urbanites, yet face only disdain from Liberal elites obsessed with “progressive” abstractions. Justin Trudeau epitomizes this detached ruling cabal—all posh slogans and climate virtue-signaling, but oblivious to the kitchen-table impacts on real, working families.

Even worse, this Liberal government actively impedes the Canadian agriculture sector with ill-conceived policies. The looming carbon tax hike to $80 per tonne will slam farmers already reeling from higher input costs. Even basic fertilizers and diesel fuel will be pricier. Absurd environmental rules force farmers to take land out of production. And Liberals impose escalator taxes on things like beer without even a parliamentary vote. Rural Canadians suffer death by a thousand cuts.

As Tristan Skolrud, an agriculture professor at the University of Saskatchewan, noted about European protests: “There’s this overarching sense that the EU farmers are at a competitive disadvantage because they have to deal with so many regulations.”

The same dynamic afflicts Canadian farmers facing escalating burdens under Trudeau’s government. His environmental regulations, carbon taxes, and uncontrolled spending undermine the competitiveness of Canada’s producers.

Katja Hoyer, a researcher at King’s College London, observed of the EU protests: “There really isn’t an authentic voice for farming.”

This rings true in Canada as well under the Liberal government. Trudeau’s Liberals show little genuine understanding of rural needs, forcing excessive regulations onto farmers from afar.

As Stephen Vandervalk of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association commented: “The Liberal Government doesn’t really have any representation in rural Canada, right across the country.”

Vandervalk identifies why Trudeau governs with such hostility and indifference towards the agriculture sector. His Liberal cabal lacks any authentic connection to rural regions.

As organic farmer Will Robbins laments: “I came home to farm right at the wrong climate time.”

Robbins’ worry encapsulates the precarious future facing many Canadian farms under successive Liberal governments hostile to the needs of producers. Trudeau seems concerned only with lofty abstractions, oblivious to kitchen-table impacts on real farm families.

It’s no surprise some farmers feel compelled to take a page from their European brothers who’ve shut down cities with convoys of tractors. Canadian producers are one step closer to starting their own protests, including truck convoys slowing traffic. But knowing Justin Trudeau’s hostility to dissent, such actions may only steel his resolve. This government has shown repeatedly its willingness to demonize any negative voices revealing the cracks in their fragile leadership. Just look at the disgraceful vilification of truckers during the Freedom Convoy.

Nonetheless, Ottawa seems oblivious to the legitimate grievances behind rural angst. The ivory tower mentality blinds Trudeau’s cabal to those struggling under their rule. Yet desperation is growing. Rightly or wrongly, more farmers may resort to European-style disruptions if squeezed further. As costs escalate and incomes dwindle, producers teeter on the brink. This policy-driven misery breeds resentment.

To defuse tensions, Conservatives have wisely amplified the concerns of rural Canadians feeling left behind under Liberal mismanagement. MP Dan Albas called out the escalator tax hike impacting producers. Conservative leader Poilievre decries the carbon tax burden on families. Contrast their advocacy with Liberal elitists attacking hard-working rural folk as unsophisticated rubes clinging to their gas guzzlers and resisting progress.

Poilievre pledges to be an ally of rural regions abandoned by Trudeau’s band of Laurentian snobs. His vision aligns with the values of farmers and producers who lovingly nurture Canada’s rich land—not greedy politicians enslaved to UN bureaucrats and Davos elites. A Poilievre government would rein in the excessive regulations and taxes choking the agriculture sector.

Sadly, Justin Trudeau seems incapable of similar empathy for rural citizens battered by his policies. The PM is blinded by his own self-righteousness. While farmers live his consequences, Trudeau remains secure in his high tower lecturing about lofty abstractions. His detached government imposes hardships remotely, then they act shocked when we push back. But the policies designed by these Liberal elites carry real impacts on real people.

Rural regions are Canada’s heartland, yet Trudeau neglects their needs. Citizens in small-towns and farms work hard to feed our sprawling cities, but face only disrespect in return. Demonized as unsophisticated rubes for resisting trendy agendas imposed by political and media elites. This scorn breeds justified outrage.

Canada’s farmers don’t seek to copy Europe’s upheaval, but Trudeau’s team ignores their pleas at our collective peril. This government rules by virtue-signaling to raise its own sanctimonious profiles, while average people suffer. Canadians may accept cost increases in the broader public interest, but not when working families alone shoulder the load so Liberals can preen at Davos.

Justin Trudeau remains blithely oblivious in his privileged bubble. But Canada’s producers are reaching their limit. The carbon tax was the last straw loaded onto backs already breaking from unbearable burdens. Trudeau’s cabal won’t restrain its own excesses, so pressure from below grows.

Though most just want to run their farms in peace, some may soon emulate Europe’s revolution if squeezed further. The Liberals court this scenario with policies divorced from economic and social realities. Canadians respect law-abiding protest, but Ottawa’s hostility risks escalation by marginalizing dissenters from its groupthink.

As a brewing storm gathers, Canada urgently needs mature leadership to bridge divides between aggrieved farmers and detached politicians. Level-headed voices must clarify how noble intentions in Ottawa become misery in small towns when policies ignore real impacts on real people. Hardship breeds resentment, and undue force elicits defiance, so grievances require good-faith efforts to find common ground.

Canada cannot endure this cold hostility between rural and urban, labor and legacy. Insularity only risks a house divided. Justin Trudeau personifies entitled elitists wielding power without responsibility. His toxic brand seeds rancor by showing no responsibility for the discontent sowed. This imperiousness, not farmers, threatens Canada’s stability.

Our politics grows dangerously adversarial, defined by disparagement not discourse. Yet we remain one people sharing one land and one destiny. Canada’s loyal producers deserve far better than Liberal disdain. The path ahead requires a leader to unite, not divide, this great country. One who honors the salt-of-the-earth citizens sustaining our nation, not bent on teaching but learning from each voice.

Justin Trudeau behaves as though his self-serving abstractions carry no consequences. But his policies damage real people. The prime minister must descend from his high tower and walk authentic miles in the boots of struggling working families. Or risk the unforeseen turmoil bred when an unyielding ruling class squeezes citizens already at their limits.

Canada stands now at a crossroads for our future. Justin Trudeau’s arrogance divides us with disdain. His reckless policies engender turmoil at our collective peril. But another path still remains if Canadians choose wisdom over rancor, empathy over ideology. Let us unite as one people on a journey forward guided not by contempt, but conscience. The moment we stop listening and learning is the moment we forfeit greatness.

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