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Fani Willis Throws Shade At Donald Trump During Speech


Fanning The Flames of Corruption

Fani Willis continues fanning the flames of democratic corruption. And her latest victory speech was the ultimate example of just that.

Willis held a celebratory speech after she undeservedly won her district’s local elections to resume duties as a corrupt district attorney working for Biden.

During her speech she took the liberty to throw shots at everyone and everything. From indirectly taking aim at Donald Trump, to direct insults hurled at her republican opponent. Willis took her sweet time to lavish in her sleaziness.

But if she forgot how the Democrats were heavily backing her, and how she was exposed for all her misdeed in the Trump case, then the people won’t forget.

This may be a sad day for patriotic Americans seeking justice, but the hardest days are what should drive us to seek a better America.

It is time for justice; It is time for no more Fani Willis; It is time to make America Great Again.

Fani Willis Attacks Trump

Sometimes life is just so good. We wake up day to day and we can feel justice across the land; We can feel prosperity being shared with everyone: We feel that the world is right. But other times, the world can be unjust and unfair; Sometimes, things just don’t go our way because of countless corrupt actors.

What am I talking about and why am I highlighting this fact? It is simply because today was one of those very unfair days for every patriotic American. Today was the day it was announced that district attorney and Biden’s top crooked democrat attacking Trump, Fani Willis, has won the elections in her Fulton county.

And the first thing that she prepared to talk about and discuss in her celebration speech, was – yup, you guessed it – Donald Trump.

Although Fani WIllis was too much of a pathetic coward to mention Trump’s name directly. She took a couple of sneak shots at him and his supporters while celebrating in the most condescending and smug way possible.

She started her delusional speech all smiles and cheers as she congratulated herself and her team on the very biassed election win in Fulton county. And then she declared that her election win somehow proves that no single individual is ever above the law or underneath.

Which is just blatant lies and a claim that can absolutely be debunked with three months old news that enrages every republican and patriotic American hoping for justice to be served only to be met with swift corruption and favouritism.

I am – of course – talking about Fani Willis being allowed to stay working on Trump’s case even after her infidelity and conflict of interest have been exposed and laid bare for everyone to see by Trump and his team, on the condition that she just changes her special prosecutor that she was deeply in love with.

So tell me, how can someone that was clearly implicated and found guilty – with hard evidence pertaining to their conflict of interest in Trump’s case -, face none of the blowback and face no punishment, and at the same time be the exact same person that preaches law and order and how everyone is equal in the pursuit of justice? If you ask me, it is pretty clear that she is not just merely lying at this point; She reached a point where she actually might believe her own bullshit.

And if you don’t believe me, then let Fani herself prove me to be absolutely correct in her unhinged speech, as she describes how her republican opponent received immense amount of support form the republican party with donations and campaign advertisements everywhere, compared to how she had to fight herself and within her people to kickstart democracy once again in Fulton county.

Which is once again another delusional lie that Fani seems to try to fan the flames off without a second thought. She is trying her hardest to flip the script about Democrats supporting and propping up each other to outnumber and counter any republican nominee anywhere.

We already know that this is not even the slightest bit a true reflection of objective reality. And in the case of Fani Willis, she has not only been proven to be a delusional liar but also a complete and utter hypocrite. Why? Because, she has been caught red handed facilitating the inclusion of a crony Biden admin in Trump’s case, specifically to target Trump and put him behind bars quicker.

Fani Willis Attacks Republicans

What a bastion of law and order Fani has proven to be. Look at how she received absolutely no support or backing from the Biden administration in comparison to her republican opponent getting all the love. It is a pathetic and broken narrative that she is somehow finding to be appropriate to throw in there conspicuously within her speech and hoping that nobody questions or corners her later.

This is her style – and honestly the democratic style as well – where she throws in jabs and blatant lies mixed in with her valiant speech about working for the people and understanding the community better than anyone that came before her and will come after her.

To see this in full action look no further than just a bit later in this very same speech where she tries to hammer home the idea that she and her team are doing their jobs perfectly with the crime rates going down, but then she can’t help herself without throwing some more indirect potshots at Donald Trump, talking about how the rich and powerful criminals are not safe when she goes after them. Which is rich coming from the same woman that couldn’t go after Trump without exposing her own misdeeds

A Self Serving Cycle

The speech then moves into a seemingly never ending cycle of virtue-signalling and self congratulating while still somehow throwing more snides shots at the republicans and her republican opponent, and then ending it all with some cheeky and unfunny comment about her celebrating her victory with a “grey goose” vodka when she gets back home before preparing to do more work.

And more work she definitely has, when her biggest supporter – Joe Biden – is already outpacing Donald Trump’s work with the appointment of over 200 judges throughout the United States.

That’s 200 more judges in the pocket of the government and she is in the centre of all of that as a leading case of blatant corruption and usage of the law against a former president.

Fani Willis’ victory is not just a sad day because justice missed her; it is a sad day because her win acts more as a confirmation for the judges to come that you can support a clear and blatant crony like Biden and you will get supported and rewarded for your hard work.

The criminal justice system has been a joke for some time in the United States, but Fani Willis’s case just made things much more clearer and exposed so many wrongs that need to be right.

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