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Elon Musk Calls For Trudeau’s Government To STEP DOWN


During a Twitter Spaces program last Monday, Elon Musk along with Democratic Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. were discussing government control and free speech when Musk dropped an unexpected bombshell. He stated that Canada does not have free speech, and regime change might be the only way to properly implement it. Many misinformed individuals angrily rejected Musk’s statement, but let us tell you why you should believe him. Stick around to find out.

Elon Musk, Tech Multi-Billionaire, and Canadian citizen is arguably one of the most significant advocates of free speech and democracy around the world. Musk went out of his way to purchase and acquire the social media platform Twitter through a long and very expensive process, only to protect free speech and fortify Twitter against the leftist cancel cult. He restored the account of former President Donald Trump, the most prominent victim of the cancel cult which unfairly suppressed him just for saying the truth. Musk also reinstated the accounts of many others who were victims of prejudiced censorship. His latest proof of commitment to freedom of speech is evident on Twitter as he opens up the platform for debates with presidential nominees for the 2024 US. elections, even rivals such as Kennedy and DeSantis. A true champion of American and global democracy. So, to address the elephant in the room, What is Musk’s reason for saying this? Let us show you.

Justin Trudeau is a mascot of the Cancel cult. His liberal values that supposedly value freedom of speech mean nothing to him. Trudeau and his Liberal government will do everything within their power to strip Canadians of their individual rights, taking away their freedom of speech and therefore their freedom to oppose. The skewed reality, false narratives, willful ignorance, and straight-up lies are the defining feature of Trudeau’s 8 years in power. The only thing left keeping him in check is opposition, without it, Trudeau would rule unchallenged. A new law could soon allow him to crush said opposition. 

Last year, the government surreptitiously pushed forward bill C-11, “The Online Streaming Act”, on the grounds that it will be used to promote content relevant to Canadians. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Bill C-11 is the Liberal’s first major step to erode freedom of speech on the internet. The bill is a thinly veiled censorship law that will be used to shove all those who oppose the government into irrelevancy. The law would see bureaucrats loyal to the government gaining substantial powers, tinkering with the online algorithm to promote content they think is “Canadian” enough. A vague law that allows the government unprecedented levels of surveillance and regulation of the Internet, is a major blow to Canadian democracy.

If you still believe Trudeau’s weak excuse for passing his censorship laws, there’s a very good reason you shouldn’t. The government revealed its true face and intentions when a multipartisan group of senators attempted to push forward an amendment that would exclude social media content, only to be rejected by the government. It came as a shock to many, but what else could you expect? The government claims that the bill is mainly in place to regulate “professional” content yet this doesn’t match its wide scope. User-generated social media content is also facing the same amount of regulations. Facebook posts, TikToks, Twitter posts, or anything else will all be under the watchful eyes of the government. Even when it comes to so-called “professional” content, what do you think the Liberal government will do? The leftist “woke” agenda will be pushed further, our culture will continually be replaced by Trudeau’s broken fantasies, and healthy opposition will become demonized. 

You’d be mistaken if you think Elon Musk is the only one who thinks Canada lacks free speech. Trudeau’s actions didn’t go unnoticed and many realize what’s at stake. The outspoken Doctor Jordan Peterson has warned us of the dangers of bill c11, referencing similar censorship laws passed in Ireland. Pierre Poilievre is also firmly against the bill, labeling it a censorship law as it actually is. He promised to repeal the bill immediately if elected Prime Minister, recognizing how dangerous the law is. The entire conservative party is of course on board, running repeated campaigns against the bill and informing citizens of its hazards. Even thousands of everyday Canadians voiced their staunch opposition to Bill C11, knowing better than to trust the government that has been screwing them over for the past 8 years. Even tech giants, Youtube in particular, are against the laws and went as far as taking out ads in the Toronto subway warning people that the government is taking away the power from viewers and creators, to give it to bureaucrats instead. Truly using their platform for good. No one is gullible enough to believe that Liberal lies.

The painful reality, however, is that Bill C11 has already passed. It received royal assent and became law back in April. The government has ignored all opposition, has refused to offer a middle ground and unilaterally imposed its will on all in the most undemocratic fashion ever. Just as Elon Musk suggested, a change of government is the only surefire way to regain our freedoms. Bill C11 might not be in full swing yet, but its effects are already being felt. Critics of the government are being shadowbanned, news of arson causing the latest forest fires are being buried, and much more. Until we can vote out Trudeau and his Liberals, we can still say no to more censorship, we can help spread the information that should be out there and we can do our best to prevent Trudeau from achieving his communist dreams.

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