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Elon Musk And Fox News Pile On Trudeau


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done it again. Because he refuses to get off his moral high horse and drop his holier-than-thou attitude, Trudeau has embarrassed himself and Canada as a whole. This embarrassment is not just on the national level this time but on the international stage as well, as major news channels and celebrities are publicly emphasizing his ignorance and stubbornness. Not only did he anger countless parents in Canada with the woke agendas he is insisting to enforce, he even angered our American neighbors, and even attracted attention from Elon Musk himself who did not hold back and ridiculed him. How did Trudeau expose his own ignorance? How is everyone reacting to this? Stick around to find out all of this and more.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, once again, told those who opposed him, this time being the Canadian Muslims, that they are being fed “misinformation and disinformation” by the “American far right-wing”. The Muslims of Canada have expressed their concerns regarding the new gender ideology and the LGBTQ curriculum Trudeau wants to spoon-feed to our children, but of course, Trudeau dismissed all their valid concerns and implied that they cannot think for themselves by saying that they are a pawn in a much bigger game played by the American right-wing. Is the Prime Minister seriously being this petty just to shut down the concerns of parents? Perpetuating wild conspiracy theories instead of just listening to these people and addressing their concerns?

Since the dawn of time, the Muslim community has had strong beliefs and ideas about  LGBTQ, everyone knows that, and understandably they would want to raise their children, just like many other non-muslim parents, without these beliefs being enforced on their youth. Well, everyone except for Trudeau. Trudeau, who thinks he is a hero without a cape, came to the rescue. He had the audacity to claim that the Muslim community is just misguided by the far right-wing Americans. While the Liberal Party has been advocating for equality, social justice, and human rights, which made sense to many Canadian Muslims, the Liberal Party’s leader, Justin Trudeau seems to think that those rights should only be extended to the LGBTQ community, proving yet again that he only cares about implementing his woke agenda. If Trudeau had bothered to listen with half a brain to the concerns of the understandably upset Muslim parents, he would have been taught a thing or two to compensate for his immense ignorance.

Another incident that has angered the Muslim community in Canada is the incident involving the New Brunswick teacher that took place last month. The teacher reprimanded a Muslim student for missing the Pride Month parades and activities that were held in the school. This is not just unethical, it is borderline abusive as she kept telling him that he is not Canadian and he does not deserve to be, all for not wanting to do something against his beliefs. Isn’t that what they believe in after all? That everyone is different and we need to respect that. Or does this hold true only when it suits Trudeau? This is what the Liberal government is all about; if you are not on our team, then you are automatically against us. Trudeau did nothing about this incident, acting as if it is beneath him to comment on it. This incident, which is a clear violation of a child’s right to think on his own and believe in what he wants, shows what lengths Trudeau is willing to go to just to further his own agenda. He does not mind that a child was attacked like that, but minds that parents are rejecting his systemic brainwashing.

While Trudeau is living in his own little bubble, scared to face the world, Elon Musk has been fighting for the rights of all Canadians. After recent events, news outlets have been talking about how Trudeau basically gaslighted the Muslim community into thinking their religion is actually the American far-right’s doing. Elon Musk has called Trudeau a “clown” in a reply to a tweet about how Trudeau called the Canadian Muslim community misguided. Elon Musk is no stranger when it comes to standing up for the disenfranchised in Canada, and this time it was the Muslim parents of Canada. Believing that Trudeau should let parents raise their kids however they see fit, Musk has once again proved he would stand against Trudeau whenever he is in the wrong.

Elon Musk is not the only one who stood up to the idiocy of Trudeau, though. FOX News has recently talked about Trudeau’s foolish new attempt to manipulate the Muslim community into thinking they are being brainwashed. It seems like vilifying Canada’s right was not enough for him so he decided to expand and bombard their American counterparts with serious accusations as well. So, to put it in simpler words, he has made a fool out of himself on an international level. Even in the US, they realized that he is a laughable puppet driven by his broken woke, and globalist agendas that he wants to impose on everyone, especially those who refuse it.

That is not even half of it. Trudeau is on a pathetic quest to further expand LGBTQ rights, despite them basically retaining every right if not more. He went from legalizing same-sex marriage to now teaching kids, MINORS, about same-gender sex and the bizarre gender ideology, what is next? Is he going to legalize pedophilia? Is he going to say it is okay and that love has no age? He should not get to decide what we teach our kids. He doesn’t just want to teach our kids gender ideology, he also wants to call anyone who opposes him brainwashed by Conservatives. He is a blind tyrant who is out to destroy this country’s reputation.

What if someone does not want to teach their kids about the LGBTQ community or anything sexual yet? What if someone thinks their kids are too young for that? Those kids are not able to make informed decisions about their gender or about anything else yet, so why is he telling them that they can? Without their parents’ consent? He should not get to make a decision about kids that are not his own. If he wants to teach his own kids about the LGBTQ community and allow them to pick their genders then he should go ahead, but he needs to respect that some parents do not want to do that unless they are at a point where they have to. Of course, Trudeau has no respect for anyone’s beliefs other than his own.

This desperate quest Trudeau is going on has only proven that he wants to push this ideology on our kids, which is completely unacceptable. People of all faiths and backgrounds have been telling Trudeau that it is inappropriate to teach children that in schools. It is far too much for minors of that age to learn about such lewd things. He could teach sex-ed to older kids in a non-graphic nature, but that is not what is happening. Trudeau’s actual intention was never to teach children sex-ed or the acceptance of others. It was always to force gender ideology on our kids, ultimately taking away their innocence. It started out small so we would not suspect it, teaching them sex-ed in general. Then, he thought it should be “more inclusive” and include same-gender sex in the curriculum, then it escalated to the tragic state it’s in right now. What is the point of forcing an ideology people are obviously refusing on innocent children? What does he gain from this?

Not only is Trudeau ignorant, but he is also evil. Due to his ignorance, he has completely dismissed and brushed off the Canadian Muslim parents and their refusal for their kids to be taught that. However, due to his maliciousness, he has been striving to manipulate those concerned parents that their ideas are actually not theirs and that they are just pawns of another group. It just shows his ignorance and how it is pushing us backward. Had he bothered to research why the parents refuse this, why it directly conflicts with their religion, he would have understood that this is non-negotiable. Trudeau’s capability to ignore what he does not like will never fail to astonish me.

Trudeau has been trying to force the LGBTQ community’s radical beliefs on our children for so long, but enough is enough. He needs to respect parents’ and give them the space to properly raise their own children. He also needs to recognize that gender ideology is a broken concept that needs to be revised before preaching it left and right. As long as no one is harming anyone, he does not get to force his beliefs down anyone’s throat. If he will not realize that soon, he is going to lose the Muslim community forever and all their votes. The Liberal Party has been long enjoying the Muslim community’s support, but could they be losing that support soon due to Trudeau’s stupidity? Most likely.

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