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Donald Trump is the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee


Trump official delegation

Donald Trump has officially clinched the delegates needed to become the GOP’s presumptive nominee for the third election in a row. This seals his unprecedented achievement of winning the Republican nomination three times straight, cementing his dominance over the party.

Against all odds and a constant barrage of attacks, Trump has prevailed yet again. He now heads into a momentous presidential rematch against Joe Biden with polls increasingly in his favor.

No candidate in decades has been able to capture the party’s nomination three times consecutively. But Trump has proven once more he is no ordinary politician.

By securing the nomination, Trump deals a crushing blow to Democrats who were desperately hoping voters would finally reject him. Instead, Republicans have unified around Trump in a way never seen before in modern politics.

The red wave is gathering full force. With Trump at the top of the ticket, the GOP heads into the midterms primed for victory.

Now, Trump prepares for an epic showdown with Biden after his historic feat of winning the nomination three times in a row. 

Trump’s third nomination in a row

Donald has officially secured the Republican Party’s nomination for president. By crossing the delegate threshold on Tuesday night, Trump showed that even with all the critics and obstacles, he still has a stronghold on the GOP.


This is Trump’s third nomination in a row, something no one has done since Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. It demonstrates Trump’s unique popularity and devotion from his wide base of supporters. Even with multiple criminal investigations against him, Republican voters have chosen Trump again to represent them.

Trump’s victory was never really up in the air. Since he entered the race, he was the frontrunner. Despite a ton of rivals like Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and Mike Pence, none could break Trump’s tight grip on the party. His name recognition, fundraising success, and high approval with Republicans made his nomination a done deal.

While the former president faced more opposition this time than in 2016 and 2020, he still dominated the early primaries. Haley’s protest campaign fizzled out after weak showings in Vermont and Washington DC. DeSantis didn’t live up to the hype, flaming out quickly after getting crushed in Iowa. One by one, Trump defeated his challengers until only he was left.

Now, the stage is set for an epic rematch against Joe Biden, who also won the Democratic nomination this week. Americans will have a clear choice between Trump’s bold vision for the country and Biden’s tired failures. Polls show Trump competitive nationally and in key swing states, while Republican voters are much more enthusiastic.

As he looks ahead to November, Trump has already started unifying the party behind him. In his Super Tuesday speech, he even reached out to anti-Trump Republicans. Trump called for unity, saying the GOP must join together to defeat Biden and overturn his disastrous policies. There are promising signs rank-and-file Republicans are listening to his call.

Trump also has the full support of the party organization and donors, who see him as the GOP’s best shot at taking back the White House. The RNC is fully aligned with Trump after he installed his chosen chairperson, while big donors are opening their wallets. Things are falling into place for a united Republican front.

For Biden and Democrats, Trump’s nomination spells big trouble ahead. They were clearly hoping Trump would somehow stumble or that voters would finally reject him. Instead, Republicans lined up behind him as enthusiastically as ever. There will be no stopping the the former president train now. Nor will criminal witch hunts derail his momentum.

Biden has many weaknesses for Trump to exploit, from runaway inflation to his mishandling of the border crisis. By nominating a failed president in Biden to go up against a political juggernaut in Donald, Democrats have put themselves in an unenviable position. Get ready for a bruising general election brawl. 

Tough for Biden to defeat Trump

All signs point to Trump being in a far stronger position to win than the flailing Biden. Polling consistently shows the former president edging ahead of the unpopular incumbent, while Trump enjoys enthusiastic grassroots support versus an apathetic Democratic base.

Biden has proven to be an incompetent leader who has presided over economic crises, historic inflation, unchecked illegal immigration, and other disasters. Americans are hungry for the prosperity and security they enjoyed under Trump’s first term before the Democrats took power.

Survey after survey reveals voters now favor Trump over Biden, a stunning reversal from 2020 when Trump trailed the entire race. The latest polls from respected outlets like Fox News and The Wall Street Journal show Trump leading nationally and in battleground states that decide the election.

As Biden’s approval rating sinks below 40%, Trump is solidifying backing from Republicans and independents. Trump’s big energetic rallies highlight how much more eager his supporters are compared to the low-energy crowds at Biden events. This voter passion will power Trump to take back the White House.

Biden’s old age also remains a problem, with most Americans saying he lacks the mental sharpness to serve effectively as President. His frequent confusion and gaffes in public reinforce this view. Trump seems energetic and quick-witted at 77, contrasting with Biden’s frailty.

While Democrats pretend everything’s fine, regular Americans deal with skyrocketing prices, stagnant pay, and recession worries in the real world. At this point under Trump, the economy was going strong and optimism was high. Biden inherited Trump’s recovery then messed it up with bad policies. Voters know who they trust more to fix things.

With Biden’s approval under water, Democrats hope attacking Trump’s personality can save them. But Americans already decided what they think of such smears when they elected Trump in 2016. Voters care more about results and policies that improve their lives, which Donald clearly delivered before.

Trump remains very popular with the Republican base, getting their full support in the primaries. Biden, on the other hand, struggled to control a revolt from progressives due to his uninspiring centrist record. Biden’s caving to the far left has also hurt him with independents.

Trump’s TikTok flip-flop

Trump has also recently stunned many in Washington by speaking out against proposed legislation to ban TikTok, arguing it would unfairly help Facebook and punish the millions of Americans who use and enjoy the short-form video app. 


This reversal from his previous hardline stance against TikTok’s Chinese ownership has some scratching their heads. But those familiar with the former President’s thinking say there are several strategic factors driving his new position.

First and foremost, Trump realizes TikTok’s immense popularity with younger voters, a group he needs to win over for 2024. Banning TikTok would remove a platform used daily by over a hundred million Americans. 

Many of them are Gen Z’ers and Millenials who get news, political commentary, and entertainment from the app. Trump understands a TikTok ban risks alienating these voters when their support could be crucial in two years. 

A Trump operative working on the re-election effort says: “He realizes that a lot of people would be upset if it were banned. Now Trump and Biden are on opposite sides of an issue where younger voters are clearly in favor of not banning TikTok.”

This shift shows Trump’s political savvy and ability to adapt on issues. While TikTok’s China ties remain concerning, the former President recognizes the situation today is far different than in 2020. 

Back then, TikTok had only about 50 million U.S. users versus over 170 million now. It’s become ingrained in American society and culture, especially for youth. A ban would create major disruptions.

Trump also believes firmly that TikTok provides an open platform for his supporters to create viral content, unlike Facebook which he accuses of suppression. 

His campaign operatives have shown him pro-Trump videos with millions of views on TikTok. This grassroots digital activism is critical for GOP victories. Shutting down TikTok would clamp down on this organic user engagement that greatly benefits Republicans.

At the same time, Trump has struck a rapprochement with the conservative anti-tax group Club for Growth, which opposes a TikTok ban. After some tense moments during the primary, Trump and CFG are now on the same page. This is important for coalition-building headed into 2024. Donald understands keeping CFG in the fold is politically wise.

CFG hiring longtime Donald advisor Kellyanne Conway to lobby against a TikTok ban on Capitol Hill was a good faith effort by the group to align with Trump’s position. Conway has reminded the former President many of his own supporters are on TikTok and benefit from its openness. She’s presented polling data showing a ban is deeply unpopular with voters across parties.

As Trump clinches the Republican nomination yet again, all indicators point to a highly competitive race ahead between him and Biden. 

The stage is set for an intense final stretch as both candidates make their case to the American people. With his nomination secured, Trump heads into the general election primed to win.

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