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Do As I Say, Not As I Do’, Trudeau’s SLOGAN.


Justin Trudeau’s pathetic Ukraine PR stunt completely backfired, leaving him red-faced on the world stage. Our drama teacher PM was probably expecting tons of compliments for making the journey to Kyiv. But all it really did was make his hypocrisy impossible to ignore. 

There was Trudeau, wagging his finger at Putin and going on about democracy and freedom. Meanwhile back home, his government’s fighting in court to defend trampling all over Canadians’ rights and freedoms. Not exactly the best look.

His attempt to seem bold by calling Putin names also fell flat. I mean, this is the guy who literally turned tail and ran from the Freedom Convoy instead of listening to what Canadians really want. Even the Ukrainians probably had to stifle some giggles at Trudeau trying to look tough.

Trudeau’s credibility is pretty much toast after this Ukraine trip from hell. 

So here’s the question: How much longer can Trudeau’s hollow posturing on the world stage cover for his abuses of power back home before Canadians demand real leadership?

Justin Trudeau likes to pretend he’s an advocate of democracy, an easy going leader who’s down to earth and does not care one bit about opposition, he calls leaders like Putin names and criticizes their oppressive ways, but when you really look at it, Trudeau and Putin are two sides of the same coin when it comes to suppressing opposition.

Trudeau had the audacity during his visit to Ukraine to call Putin a “weakling” for supposedly executing critics like Alexei Navalny. But isn’t that exactly what Trudeau himself did by unleashing the Emergencies Act on the Freedom Convoy protesters in Ottawa?

He crushed dissent and opposition to his COVID mandates by having the police arrest and freeze the bank accounts of protesters. And now his government is pathetically appealing the court ruling that found his use of the Emergencies Act unjustified and a violation of civil liberties.

It’s the height of hypocrisy for Trudeau to criticize authoritarian moves in Russia when he is busy making his own authoritarian moves in Canada. I guess it’s fine when he tramples over opposition and dissent, but not when Putin does it?

This is next level deceit from Trudeau. He’s frantically trying to score political points in Ukraine and present himself as a champion of freedom, when his actions against the Freedom Convoy show he’s more than willing to oppress opposition when it becomes inconvenient to him.

Just like Putin, Trudeau called protesters “unacceptable” threats in order to justify his crackdown. He is now calling out Putin’s supposed cowardice, when Trudeau himself showed cowardice by running away from the convoy instead of engaging.

Trudeau criticizes Putin’s sham elections, yet he ignored polls showing a majority of Canadians opposed his Emergencies Act. His time in power is running out, and his desperate attempts to silence critics prove it.

Canadians see through Trudeau’s lies and hypocrisy. His true colours as an oppressor of dissent have been revealed. People won’t stand for his disgraceful double standards anymore.

All of this was part of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s surprise visit of support for Ukraine this past weekend, traveling to the war-torn country to announce billions in additional financial aid. With cheering crowds and photo-ops with President Zelenskyy, Trudeau appeared every bit the noble statesman defending democracy abroad.

But back home, his high-profile visit renewed criticism of the PM’s leadership. Detractors claim his public “grandstanding” in Ukraine was just an attempt to distract from his abysmal approval ratings and multiple scandals back in Canada.

The centerpiece of Trudeau’s trip was a new $3.02 billion security assistance package for Ukraine in 2023. He announced the aid package alongside other world leaders in Kyiv, saying Canada will provide Ukraine “unflinching” support.

But much of this aid was already committed, and Trudeau provided few details on Canada’s long-term contributions. Instead he is tossing around billions in taxpayer money for his own political gain.

This comes as Trudeau faces dismal polls at home, with two-thirds of Canadians saying he should resign. His heavy-handed response to the Freedom Convoy protests also continues to draw condemnation.

Further complicating Trudeau’s position is the uncomfortable fact that Canadian-made parts have been found in Russian military gear on the Ukrainian battlefield. The same Ukrainian forces he claims to staunchly support are being attacked with Canadian technology.

With these inconsistencies coming to light, Trudeau’s grandstanding in Ukraine appears to many Canadians as a shallow publicity stunt to rehabilitate his image. But Trudeau has lost the benefit of the doubt, and Canadians are increasingly skeptical of where his loyalties truly lie.

Trudeau seems desperate to paint himself as a champion of freedom abroad, while evidence of his authoritarianism at home continues to mount. But the façade is crumbling, and Canadians are waking up to his hypocrisy. Ukraine photo-ops won’t save his legacy or renew trust in his leadership.

Trudeau’s hypocrisy is on full display as he grandstands in Ukraine while losing an appeal defending his own authoritarian actions back home.

At the same time Trudeau is launching attacks on Putin for undermining freedom, calling him names like “monster” and “weakling”, Trudeau also faces a legal setback in justifying his own crackdown on protesters. His government is now appealing a court ruling that found the Emergencies Act unjustified in ending the Freedom Convoy.

The irony is thick. As Trudeau posed for photos decrying the oppression of dissent in Russia, he continues battling in court to defend his oppression of dissent in Canada.

Trudeau had the audacity to call Putin a “weakling” for crushing opposition, when he himself violated civil liberties to crush opposition to his mandates. His attempt to look like a heroic defender of democracy abroad is undermined by his all-too-undemocratic actions at home.

And in typical fashion, rather than accept accountability for his heavy-handedness, Trudeau is attacking the court itself. He claims the court was “biased” in rejecting his Emergencies Act appeal, merely for having a different opinion than him. This is a dangerous allegation from a leader who brooks no dissent.

Trudeau wants to play the democratic statesman abroad while being the authoritarian ruler at home. He preaches freedom for Ukraine while practicing suppression in Canada. But this political charade is transparent, and Canadians see through his hypocrisy. Trudeau’s legacy will be defined by his abuses of power, not by hollow photo-ops.

To the casual observer, Justin Trudeau and Vladimir Putin may seem worlds apart.One presents himself as the charming, progressive darling of Canadian politics. The other is the brutal, iron-fisted Russian autocrat.

But in their attitudes toward dissent and hunger for power, our Prime Minister has more in common with the Kremlin than he’d like Canadians to believe.

While Trudeau loves playing the part of noble defender of democracy on the world stage, back home he’s far less eager to practice what he preaches. Putin ruthlessly crushes opposition and free speech in Russia, while Trudeau casually cracks down on inconvenient protests like a mildly annoyed parent with unruly children.

But strip away the slick social media branding and charming platitudes, and our Prime Minister’s authoritarian instincts become clear. He pays lip service to ideals like “transparency” while burying scandals and dodging accountability. He passionately calls for “freedom” abroad while trampling over civil liberties at home with emergency powers. He’s progressive to his admirers, and dangerously anti-democratic to his critics.

So while Putin brazenly consolidates power through transparent oppression, Trudeau quietly chips away at Canadian freedoms using legislative and bureaucratic means. Putin may be more overt in his tyranny, but our Prime Minister will happily mimic his tactics when needed to cement control.

The next time Trudeau sermonizes about standing up for democracy, remember his actions speak louder than his scripted words. He adores mingling with the global elite, while showing indifference to average Canadians worried about inflation or housing costs. He’ll gleefully cross the globe to lecture others on morality, but refuses to get his hands dirty solving problems in his own backyard.

In short, Trudeau is a leader drunk on the allure of celebrity, not the sobering duties of governing. He thrives on choreographed photo ops and lofty rhetoric. But his record is now clear: our Prime Minister is woke in words, and authoritarian in deeds.

Now Trudeau’s hypocrisy and authoritarianism laid bare. When will Canadians wake up and see through his fragile facade? How long will we tolerate his oppressive abuses of power? And when will his die-hard supporters finally face the inconvenient truth?

This Prime Minister tramples over the very rights and freedoms he pontificates about on the world stage. His legacy is defined by control, not liberty. His words are progressive, but his deeds are increasingly dictatorial.

Trudeau may enjoy playing the media-darling statesman abroad. But here at home, his approval plummets as people grow weary of his hollow rhetoric. The sun may be setting on his political career.

But the story isn’t over yet. What will this mean for Canada in the coming years? Will we double down on Trudeau’s authoritarianism? Or course-correct towards a more ethical and democratic system? The choice is ours to make.

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