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Democrats in D.C. Face Backlash for Non-Citizen Voting Law


Backlash for Illegal Voting Law

Democrats ram through a voting law that defies the Constitution and betrays generations of patriotic and legal immigrants.

Outraged Republicans are fighting back against this brazen scheme to let non-citizens vote in D.C. local elections.

With D.C. officials actively encouraging mass illegal voting, the very fabric of our republic is now at stake.

Donald Trump warned us about the woke mob unravelling America’s foundations, but even he never predicted such an outrageous assault on citizen voting rights.

Make no mistake, this is a deliberate ploy to overwhelm elections with foreign votes.

That’s why patriotic Republicans are pushing back hard with legislation in Congress that would mandate proof of citizenship for D.C. municipal elections.

D.C. officials may not value American citizenship. But Republicans are standing strong to defend it from being diluted beyond recognition.

Democrats Enact a Non-Citizen Voting Law

Trump tried to warn us time and time again about the conniving and malicious democrats that hold immense and undeserved amounts of power over hardworking patriotic Americans.

And now we are seeing the results of the so-called “woke” agenda tearing the United States’ nation apart just so that the democrats can garner more support against the republican party and against a man like Donald Trump. What could I possibly be talking about? I am talking about Washington D.C.’s bill that allows non citizens to vote in the local elections.

Yeah you are not dreaming or hallucinating while awake, you heard it absolutely right the first time.

Washington D.C.’s officials trampled over themselves to appease their “woke” masters and allowed non-citizens to vote in the election without any consequences or challenge.

Nevermind the fact that this is a slap in the face to every hard working American across the state, but did city officials just not predict the slippery slope that this bill would lead to? Or are they more so ignorant and unapologetic to the American people?

Because of course illegal immigrants will not utilise this loophole to vote in the local elections for the party that favours them and eases their entry and stay, overpowering any opposing ideology no matter how righteous.

Of course the democrats are not only doing this just to garner mass illegal votes and support, because they realise that the gig is up as everyday Americans flock to support the former president Donald Trump, even when he is facing heaps of legal trouble and has recently been threatened with jail.

Of course the democrats are scared and anxious and that’s why they are resorting to their last tricks up their sleeves as they display their utter disdain and disrespect for the red blooded American citizens to the wide public. Because this blatant illegal invasion sponsoring is nothing but a challenge for the republicans to act in defence.

Democrats Face Republican Wrath

So, the republicans acted and are taking the necessary action needed to defend the constitution and the franchise for American citizens.

As House Administration Committee Chairman Bryan Steil rightly stated, “American elections are for American citizens only.”

And as such, the GOP has moved forward to question Washington D.C.’s democratic officials about the purpose of their non-citizen vote bill and how it will hamper the confidence the legal citizens have in their vote moving forward.

Steil raised urgent concerns about officials actively encouraging unlawful non-citizen voting.

This includes – but obviously not limited to – a Board-sponsored virtual town hall advising non-citizens on illegally participating in the local elections in a more efficient way. And now they are teaching illegal immigrants how to play and utilise our democratic system for their personal benefit. Does it get more shameless than that?

Well, the democrats will not let you even attempt to answer this rhetorical question when they go ahead and answer for you with a resounding “yes” as they mail actual postcards to residents promoting their silly little non-citizen voter scheme.

You would think all this shamelessness would come after they have secured another term in the office with Joe Biden but they are either trying to get all their corruption out of the way before they are booted; Or for some god forsaken reason the democrats are hit with the most unfounded form of confidence in a year where the odds seem to favour the republicans with each passing day.

But this much confidence would ultimately come right back to bite them sooner rather than later.

Legal Immigrants are Against the Law

Because when even legal immigrants – people who left their home countries to pursue a better life just like everyone else – are mad and enraged at your “woke” decision, you know you have messed up big time.

Who could have faulted them though? These are people that traversed all the same challenges illegal immigrants go through but increased tenfold just to secure the right to call themselves a U.S. citizen rightfully and justifiably. But now? Now they are a witness to a devaluation of the process and a lot of cut corners to ease access into the democratic process that they fought to be governed by.

These people did not take a one in a million chance to leave their old behinds and build anew at the land of freedom and opportunities, just for them to see the system they desired and longed for be stripped of all its power in favour of a “woke” agenda.

Someone like Ohene-Opare, who became a proud U.S. citizen after nearly 20 years playing by the rules, exposed the injustice of this law.

He astutely asked what now differentiates citizens from non-citizens when foreign nationals are handed voting privileges without any waiting period or naturalisation. Obviously a question that D.C. officials could not and will not answer earnestly.

Fellow legal immigrant Mike Diaz also expressed anger at the left’s ongoing efforts to erode election integrity, having seen the damage firsthand as an elected community official in California.

Diaz appreciates the immense value of voting rights gained by immigrants who put in the time and effort to formally join America’s national family.

So tell me, how could you possibly fault these hardworking people after all that they have been through to get called Americans the only legal way.

How could you possibly fault them for being paranoid and angry about the democrats blatantly and openly making it easy to steal the election.

You can’t fault these righteous people and that’s why everyone should be thankful for the republican senators for stepping up and demanding answers from the Deomcrat regime in D.C.

Republicans Continue the Fight

Democrats in D.C. may not care about transparent, lawful elections. But Republicans will always defend the franchise for American citizens against being diluted by illegal votes.

The sacred principle of “one person, one vote” means one vote for each citizen, not hundreds of thousands of ballots cast by foreign nationals with no stake in our exceptional republic.

We already have senators like Roger Marshall introducing vital legislation requiring proof of citizenship for municipal elections in D.C.

Marshall rightfully linked this issue to the migrant crisis that the Biden administration created and now aims to exploit for partisan advantage.

The mounting pressure is here and now D.C. officials and election bureaucrats should immediately work on repealing this unconstitutional law for the sake of every patriotic American citizen.

Democrats may benefit politically from election chaos today, but the erosion of public trust and disenfranchisement of actual citizens will haunt them tomorrow.

Before things get considerably worse for America, Republicans will make sure to make it great once again.

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