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CNN Trump Discourse Called “Boring” by Bill Maher


Mainstream Media Bias On Display

Bill Maher publicly blasts the mainstream media’s partisan lies as he calls out CNN for talking too much about Trump.

The diehard liberal is fed up with fake news outlets masquerading progressive propaganda as facts.

Maher exposed the rotten bias infesting networks like CNN. He lamented these former beacons of impartial truth are now just activist lapdogs misleading the public.

Major media players have devolved into deceitful radical left mouthpieces. They churn out bumper sticker slogans while suppressing stories inconvenient to the narrative.

Maher called out their obsessive anti-Trump derangement, suggesting even he finds the ceaseless attacks boring now.

The same media corruption is poisoning Trump’s trials with bias, as potential jurors proudly flaunt unshakable hatred for Trump.

When the accused faces an automatic presumption of guilt, justice is already dead.

Now Maher is sounding the alarm – without an unbiased press, democracy dies in darkness and without a course correction, the media ship of state will continue sinking fast until no honest to god American will ever trust the process.

CNN is Boring

Bill Maher’s recent criticisms of CNN and other liberal media outlets reveal a growing frustration with partisan spin masquerading as unbiased news.

The outspoken liberal comedian called out CNN for its obsessive anti-Trump coverage, suggesting the constant bashing has gotten “boring” even for a longtime Trump critic like himself.

Maher lamented the loss of neutrality and objectivity at outlets like CNN and the New York Times that he previously considered reliable sources of factual information.

He acknowledged both networks have devolved into activists pushing biased narratives rather than simply reporting the news.

This scathing assessment from someone firmly on the left reinforces what conservatives have said for years – major media organizations have become progressive propaganda machines.

By abandoning straight and hard facts based news in favor of hyping imaginary threats from conservatives and Trump specifically, they’ve lost credibility with a large swath of the country that believes in Trump and his patriotic message.

Maher understands CNN’s Trump obsession and declaration of war against perceived election deniers has needlessly alienated tens of millions of Americans.

When networks focus solely on attacking conservatives rather than understanding their perspective or defending their own opposing case, it breeds resentment and tunes people out.

Maher urged media figures not to dismiss all Trump supporters as stupid or crazy. All of them are nothing but good and honest hard working patriots voting against what they see as a greater threat from the radical left. Yet media elites show nothing but disdain for these legitimate concerns.

Maher deserves credit for calling out his own side’s contribution to polarizing division.

He recognizes slamming conservatives as immoral rubes will not win them over or solve problems. It only cements the dangerous perception that media and cultural institutions are rigged against half the country.

Americans on the other hand are absolutely right to be skeptical of partisan news outlets pushing an agenda.

Trust in the mainstream media has cratered because minimal standards of fairness and neutral presentation of facts have been discarded.

Outlets are so consumed with attacking the opposing side, they fail to see how their bias confirms suspicions of dishonesty. And this dishonest and deceitful approach to handling Trump has affected the bias of many people in power that are looking to hurt this innocent man.

And the most recent example is with the countless trials against the former president headed by political assassins ready to take him out of the presidential race.

CNN is the Culprit for Bias

In a telling sign of just how partisan this case is, over half the potential jurors were immediately dismissed after admitting they could not be impartial toward Trump.

This mass disqualification reveals that New York DA Alvin Bragg stacked the jury pool with committed anti-Trumpers.

Bragg brought bogus charges related to alleged hush money payments in 2016, despite federal prosecutors already declining to prosecute back in 2019. The case was already reeking of political vengeance against Trump’s presidency but now it is downright rotten to the core.

Bragg’s witch hunt forced the judge to take the extraordinary step of directing jurors to set aside personal feelings and render an unbiased verdict based solely on facts presented in court. But for many diehard Trump haters, feigning impartiality proved impossible.

If over 50 jurors out of 96 are too partial against Trump to serve, how can Bragg claim to be dispensing fair, impartial justice? In reality, he is catering to the radical left’s bloodlust to criminalize political differences. His flimsy case serves one purpose – preventing Trump from running again by any means necessary.

The judge’s gag order on Trump also smacks of censorship to rig proceedings. Bragg wants to muzzle Trump while leaving allies free to smear him in public. So much for the presumption of innocence and right to a defense.

This trial sets a frightening precedent of weaponizing law enforcement against political rivals. If they can do it to a former president, imagine how they will torment ordinary citizens who challenge them.

Trump is rightly calling the trial a scam and witch hunt. Two separate federal inquiries previously found no wrongdoing over the decade-old payments. This case rises from the grave now only because Trump is poised to win the 2024 Republican nomination absent a conviction barring him from office.

The theatricality of the trial proves its sole intent – inflicting political humiliation. Summoning Trump to court days weekly makes for good political theater to damage his image and distract from his message.

And all of this due to decades of mainstream media misinformation painting a bloody picture of Trump and hailing every critic that has roamed the earth even if their bias negatively affects their so-called “expert” opinion.

The likes of Bragg and CNN reporters and political “experts” may fool a portion of the public into believing Trump is a mad man, but the wider public understands the sinister implications that come with weaponizing courts and character assassinations against dissidents.

The left projects its own authoritarianism onto opponents, then justifies curtailing liberties as defense against what they falsely allege.

The Future for Mainstream Media

That’s why Conservatives have rightfully and justifiably turned to alternative media precisely.

Instead of speaking truth to power and holding leaders accountable, corporate media now protects the powerful while demonizing ordinary Americans.

CNN’s viewership woes confirm few outside the progressive bubble take their reporting seriously anymore. But rather than rededicate themselves to honest journalism, they double down on divisive partisanship. This suicidal spiral erodes their position as leaders in news.

Other networks must learn from CNN’s failures. Partisan cheerleading, sloppy errors and overt manipulation of coverage to suit a political agenda, destroys and tears apart any and all journalistic integrity.

Media’s proper role is informing citizens with facts so they can draw their own conclusions, not dictating how they think. Especially if it leads to opposition edging on complete bloodlust against Donald Trump.

Americans urgently need restoration of a press devoted to pursuit of truth through fair, accurate reporting. This requires reaffirming timeless principles of keeping news and opinion strictly separated. Facts should be presented in proper context without slanted framing.

A renewed commitment to neutrality and balanced coverage does not mean accepting dangerous extremism. But the media is already dead set on labelling any and all trump supporters as racists, sexist, or sometimes outright terrorists.

Bill Maher understands that when the media abandons persuasion and debate for ideological imposition, it fails its true and one democratic purpose.

The old-school liberal in Maher still believes in changing hearts and minds through reason. But today’s woke progressives only seek to censor, silence and destroy all dissent.

Maher’s rebuke of knee-jerk anti-conservative groupthink is a vital first step towards the mainstream media rediscovering its role as an impartial public informant. Only by wining back trust as an unbiased entity focused on giving citizens the complete truth can credibility be restored.

The partisan press’s abdication created an opening for alternative outlets to flourish. But the mainstream media’s ultimate redemption lies in every organisation choosing truth over tribalism.

America needs a new wave of independent journalism fearlessly dedicated to honesty, not political warfare and image massacring, masking itself as genuine criticisms.

Bill Maher’s wakeup call highlights just how broken the system has become. It is time for bold voices to demand integrity and truth be elevated above partisanship once again.

But will the mainstream media ever bear witness to such a drastic and complete overhaul?

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