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Clinton blames fellow women for costing her 2016 election


Bitter Clinton Demeans Female Voters After Defeat

You won’t believe Hillary Clinton ‘s latest pathetic excuse for losing to Donald Trump. She’s now blaming American women for not choosing her over Trump.

That’s right – Hillary is shamelessly faulting women for voting Trump instead of her “imperfect” self. 

Hillary just can’t accept that voters rejected her corrupt record and chose Trump’s bold vision for America. So now she’s trashing the women who dared to think for themselves.

This pathetic tantrum shows Hillary still can’t handle losing to Trump. She’d rather play the blame game than take responsibility for running the worst campaign in history.

Trump earned votes by addressing working-class concerns while Hillary ignored them. He promised real change while she offered the same old failed policies. 

Face it Hillary – women didn’t owe you their support. You lost because voters saw through your phony personality and lousy character.

But instead of humility, Hillary continues her bitter crusade against Trump. Her endless excuses are almost as bad as her entitlement and victimhood mentality.

Hillary feels entitled to power and still can’t grasp why voters handed her a humiliating defeat. Will she ever take responsibility instead of blaming American women and everyone else?

Clinton Faults Women for Trump Vote

Hillary Clinton is at it again with her endless blame game for losing the 2016 election. Her latest excuse? Believe it or not, she’s now blaming women for not supporting her because she “wasn’t perfect.” 

This pathetic claim exposes just how desperate Clinton is to avoid taking responsibility for her defeat. 

In a recent interview, Clinton asserted that female voters abandoned her in 2016 after then-FBI director James Comey briefly reopened an investigation into her emails. Apparently women were so disturbed by this that they jumped ship, costing Clinton the election. 

As Clinton lamented, “The voters who left me were women, because I wasn’t perfect. As a woman, I’m supposed to be perfect.” 

She contrasted this with Trump, claiming female voters tolerated his flaws because he was a man who could be envisioned as president.

She laughably said: “They were willing to take a risk on [Trump] — who had a long list of, let’s call them flaws, to illustrate his imperfection — because he was a man, and they could envision a man as president and commander-in-chief.”

This excuse is absurd even by Clinton’s standards. The idea that women didn’t vote for her because she failed to meet some mythical standard of perfection would be laughable if it wasn’t so demeaning to female voters.

Women supported Trump for the same reason many Americans did – because they rejected Clinton’s corrupt record and believed Trump offered a better vision for the country. To suggest women couldn’t handle Clinton’s imperfections is patronizing nonsense.

But playing the victim is nothing new for Clinton. She has spent years blaming her defeat on everything under the sun except her own glaring flaws as a candidate. 

Clinton’s laughable excuses pinball from Russia to sexism to any scapegoat that lets her avoid looking in the mirror. She claims phantom forces conspired to defeat her instead of taking responsibility for running an incompetent campaign.

Clinton blames Russia’s supposed interference, though evidence shows their impact was minimal at best. Any leaked emails only confirmed what voters already knew – that Clinton was duplicitous and out-of-touch. 

She blames rampant sexism, though Trump ran against several capable women who didn’t collapse like Clinton. Being female didn’t doom her – being an unlikable, untrustworthy candidate did.

Clinton blames Comey’s investigation, though she created the email mess herself and never gave voters a convincing explanation. Only a candidate already distrusted on ethics would be sunk by such a minor controversy.

She blames Bernie Sanders and Biden for challenging her in the primary, though she expected to glide through as the chosen nominee. This sense of entitlement is a big reason why voters found her so off-putting.

Clinton blames the electoral college and media coverage despite knowing the rules in advance. The worst candidates whine about the refs rather than admitting they played a terrible game.  

At every turn, Clinton finds a scapegoat to spare herself any shred of accountability. But voters saw a shifting narrative of finger-pointing that never adds up because the fault lies with Clinton herself.

Clinton was a terrible candidate propped up by a rigged Democratic primary. Voters saw through her unlikable persona and dishonest character. Her baggage from countless scandals repelled Americans of all backgrounds who hoped for new leadership.

Clinton believes she’s entitled to power and still can’t grasp why voters handed her a stunning rebuke. So she continues to Externalize blame to avoid confronting her own shortcomings.

However, true to form, Clinton is still unleashing laughable attacks on Trump that reveal her lack of self-awareness.

In her typical fashion, Clinton unleashed some laughable barbs against Trump while absolving herself of any blame. She warned that if Trump wins in November, America may never have another election. Yes, she’s still shamelessly fear-mongering about nonexistent threats to democracy.

She laughably said: “This election is existential. I mean, if we don’t make the right decision in this election in our country, we may never have another actual election. I will put that out there because I believe it.” 

And added: “And if we no longer have another actual election, we will be governed by a small minority of right-wing forces that are well organized and well funded and are getting exactly what they want in terms of turning the clock back on women.”

Clinton audaciously painted Trump and the conservative justices as dangers to civil rights and women’s health, as if her own party hasn’t also failed on those issues when in power. She acts oblivious to liberal governance worsening the problems she claims to care about.

Clinton attacked Trump for aligning himself with pro-life voters, yet ignores that most Americans oppose the extreme pro-abortion views she espouses. Trump gave voice to the majority on issues like abortion while Clinton represents the far fringe.

She slammed Trump’s past comments on women, but most voters rightly felt her husband’s misconduct and her complicity were far more egregious. Her phony feminism rings hollow given how she treated Bill’s victims.

Clinton warns about authoritarians targeting women, yet she’s the one who tried to silence husband’s victims and smear female accusers. Her hypocrisy is astounding.

She claims Trump threatens core tenets of democracy, but it was Clinton who rigged the 2016 primaries, proved she believes herself above the law, and still won’t accept election results. 

As always, Clinton’s attacks on Trump reveal more about her own massive flaws than any supposed deficiencies in her opponents. Her irony-free lack of self-awareness remains impressive after all these years.

That said, there were legitimate reasons many voters were drawn to Trump’s message in 2016. Trump spoke to economic anxieties and promised to shake up Washington at a time when many Americans had lost faith in the political establishment.

Voters responded to Trump’s message because he addressed their economic anxieties and promised to shake up Washington.

Clinton came off as an establishment career politician beholden to special interests, not the people. When things got tough, she hid from voters and press rather than addressing their concerns.

She ran a clumsy campaign that ignored working class unrest while Trump connected with these disaffected voters. Clinton’s ties to failed trade deals that devastated US manufacturing were toxic in key Midwest states.

Trump promised a new direction that rejected open borders and lead-from-behind foreign policy. Clinton represented more of the same – no wonder she lost votes he attracted.

But instead of learning anything from her defeat, Clinton just whines and plays the blame game. Now she has the audacity to fault American women for her collapse, rather than take responsibility herself.

Playing Victim Highlights Clinton’s Damaged Psyche

This pathetic attempt to save face exposes why Clinton lost and will never hold high office again. She’s hopelessly out of touch and still doesn’t get why voters rejected her.

Rather than showing humility and introspection, Clinton demeans female voters’ agency because it’s easier than admitting her unlikeable persona doomed her.

Clinton blatantly takes women’s votes for granted and feels entitled to the presidency. But women didn’t owe her their support – she had to earn it. And she completely failed to make the sale.

Now she expects pity and claims she lost because she’s held to some higher standard as a woman. This ironic attempt to play the gender card reveals just how cynical Clinton is.

She never hesitates to leverage any advantage, including her identity. But when she faces accountability for her own shortcomings, she hides behind sexism rather than owning her defeat.

In reality, Clinton’s gender had nothing to do with her loss. Widely respected female leaders succeed when they demonstrate strong character. Clinton simply came up short regardless of her identity.

Rather than perpetual excuses, Clinton needs humility and introspection. A little public contrition rather than playing the victim would do wonders for her damaged reputation.

But that seems unlikely for someone unable to take responsibility for her own failed campaign. Blaming women is just the latest embarrassing attempt to rewrite history after voters saw through Clinton’s charade. 

Her inability to own her defeat without Externalizing blame exemplifies why she lost and shouldn’t be anywhere near the levers of power. 

Any other politician would have retired in disgrace after such an epic failure. But Clinton trudges on, determined to keep fighting phantom struggles rather than admit she lost this war decisively in 2016. 

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