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Chrystia Freeland Suddenly Set to Attend World Economic Forum


After not having previously disclosed their participation, the Trudeau government is now heading to the World Economic Forum, the biggest hub for the global elite. An uncovered itinerary reveals Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, will be attending the Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

With the media shut out, who is Freeland really serving – struggling Canadians back home or her globalist puppet master?

This news comes amid ongoing criticism of Trudeau’s loyalty to the WEF and its radical agenda. This year’s theme is “rebuilding trust,” which honestly proves everything you need to know about the conference. The world doesn’t trust them and they know it.

With Canada under the Trudeau Liberal government, why is Freeland wining and dining with billionaire bankers and CEOs instead of helping struggling Canadians? 

The Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, is now suddenly set to attend the World Economic Forum, in a move that was not previously disclosed to the public last year.

Freeland’s attendance at the exclusive global elite gathering was meant to fly under the radar, only disclosed through an internal itinerary for January 17th, day 3 of the summit.

Last year, however, this was not the case, as her name was publicly announced a week ahead to promote her participation, along with Minister of Science, Innovation and Industry, François-Philippe Champagne.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not set to attend, so Freeland is the main figure representing Canada in the conference in Davos.

The itinerary confirms Freeland’s plans to rub shoulders with billionaire business leaders and powerful politicians at the summit hosted by WEF Founder and Chairman Klaus Schwab. This is raising major red flags given Freeland’s position on the WEF’s Board of Trustees for the elite organization.

Critics have blasted Freeland’s past WEF participation and board membership, seeing it as a sign of divided loyalty between serving struggling Canadians versus promoting the interests of the globalist organization. 

The WEF has made no secret of its “Great Reset” agenda to reshape policies, economies and more worldwide.

Now with Freeland set to attend secretive WEF panels on trade and economics impacting Canada and the world, serious concerns are being raised over who she is really working for.

Does her priority lie with Canadians who face a staggering affordability crisis and more? Or is she a puppet of the global elite, putting the WEF’s agenda first? 

Her discreetly planned appearance at Davos 2024 is setting off alarm bells for many about where her allegiances truly stand, and the entire Trudeau Liberal government as a whole.

Freeland’s schedule reveals her participation in the World Economic Forum will be completely closed off from the public eye and press. She does, however, plan to have meetings with powerful CEOs, bankers and politicians throughout the day at the summit.

Ironically, this year’s WEF theme is “rebuilding trust” with a focus on transparency, consistency and accountability. Yet the global elites continue scheming behind closed doors, denying transparency to the public while claiming to champion it. The utter hypocrisy of the WEF pretending to rebuild trust while operating in secrecy is astounding.

It’s almost like this is an official public proclamation that they know that they’ve lost the people’s trust and are now scrambling to try and get it back.

The panel discussion Freeland is set to appear in is called: “No Recovery without Trade and Investment,” which cites trade tensions and economic fragility, asking how to rescue growth engines for the future. This implies the global elites see crises like wars, inflation and more as opportunities to push their agenda.

Last year, Freeland hypocritically spoke on “peace and security” while the Ukraine conflict raged on. Her grandfather famously was a Nazi collaborator – so the Liberals’ previous applauding a Ukrainian Nazi in Parliament was disturbingly fitting.

With Freeland’s participation, it seems Canada’s leaders are complicit in this charade. The globalist elite pretend to promote peace and prosperity, when in reality they leverage suffering to tighten their grip.

In fact, it gets even worse than that. I mean if that was even possible.

Rebel News have uncovered documents showing close links between Chrystia Freeland and the controversial Klaus Schwab. 

The documents disclosed how they collaborated for the Canadian delegation’s previous visits.

This exposes a dangerous foreign political agenda dictating policy to Canadian politicians at the highest levels. With the WEF promoting a “Great Reset” vision, their influence over Freeland and other leaders raises several red flags.

However, at last year’s forum, Freeland made sure to preach about democracy to the world, even after Trudeau and the Liberal government froze peaceful protesters’ bank accounts.

At least she got one thing right.

People are indeed smarter than their governments. And Canadians are definitely smarter than the Trudeau Liberals we have in power right now.

This year’s forum was no different. It’s all a bunch of powerful and elite world leaders and CEOs gathered together to pat themselves on the back for doing the bare minimum. Flying all the way to Switzerland on their private jets, funded by taxpayer dollars to lecture you about climate change and how you should do something about it. Every time they still manage to surprise us with how wildly out of touch they are.

One world leader, however, managed to step out of that shell and actually challenge the radical elites present at the forum. It’s none other than the president of Argentina, newly-elected libertarian Javier Milei, who openly praised free markets and slammed the concept of socialism in front of the world’s most powerful and influential socialists.

Unlike the Trudeau government, this guy actually knows what he believes in, and he’s actually upfront and completely transparent about it, something we have been missing in Canada for the past eight years.

While Canadian politicians like Justin Trudeau cower to the WEF agenda, Milei championed free markets and denounced socialism in front of the very people pushing it worldwide.

Milei’s boldness exposes the cowardice and complacency of leaders like Trudeau who refuse to stand up to the globalists’ Great Reset. Unlike Trudeau, who hides behind politically correct platitudes, Milei is transparent and steadfast in his libertarian principles.

Trudeau and the Liberals’ attendance at Davos over the years indicates their allegiance to the WEF over Canadians. Meanwhile, Milei’s defiance shows he prioritizes representing the interests of his own citizens versus serving the global elite.

Canada once had strong, principled leaders who stood up for Canadians on the world stage. But under Trudeau’s leadership, Canada has become subservient to globalist interests. 

I’d argue that Trudeau and the Liberals are full-on puppets of the World Economic Forum. Where do you think the carbon tax came from? Mandatory EV frameworks? And what about vaccine mandates? Trudeau’s habit of evading accountability and labeling criticisms of him a s “misinformation”? All of these ideas stem from the elite socialists at the very heart of the World Economic Forum. And they’re pulling all the strings while we are forced to carry the burden.

In fact, at this year’s conference, it was all more of the same lofty preaching we’ve all heard before.

It’s almost like each speech given at the conference had been taken directly out of the Trudeau Liberal playbook. Is this who we want Canada to be associated with? Are these the leaders we want running our country?

The glitzy facade of the WEF hides a Trojan horse. Behind closed doors, the world’s most powerful titans of industry and political leaders are deciding our future, while keeping citizens shut out.

This year, our Deputy Prime Minister is among them, her attendance discreetly concealed until the last minute. Her presence raises urgent questions. Will she stand for Canadians struggling with inflation and recession? Or serve her globalist puppet masters seeking to “reset” the world to their liking?

The whole thing is one big smokescreen. The private jets and lectures on fighting climate change. Promises to “rebuild trust” while scheming in secret. The WEF’s polished PR can’t mask their ambition to override democracy.

Canadians didn’t vote for the WEF to rule us. We must demand our leaders serve citizens first, not the global elite. The freedoms we hold dear hang in the balance.

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