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Chinese Infiltration of Canadian Lab Exposes Trudeau’s Failure


The latest betrayal by Justin Trudeau has exposed his treasonous dealings with the Chinese government. In a move that jeopardizes Canada’s national security and public health, Trudeau enabled Chinese spies to steal classified research from Canada’s top bio-lab.

This included deadly viruses and bioweapons secrets that the rogue regime can now exploit to strengthen their biowarfare capabilities. Trudeau sold out our country for what appear to be Chinese bribes and kickbacks.

His corruption has reached unthinkable levels while he continues to pretend that he puts Canadian interests first. Canadians always knew Trudeau was reckless with Canada’s future, but sacrificing our vital assets and advantages to prop up a hostile foreign power is a national disgrace.

Trudeau’s outrageous misconduct has endangered Canadian lives and left us vulnerable to bio-attacks. He is clearly unfit to govern and must resign immediately, if he has a shred of integrity left.

Canadians must unite against this traitor and vote him out before he can inflict more damage as China’s lapdog. The time has come to put Canada first again by removing this corrupt, dangerous Prime Minister from office at all costs.

The Trudeau government seems to have a troubling closeness with China. This has put Canada’s safety at risk once more. Justin Trudeau won’t give out details about why scientists from China were fired from Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Lab. It seems like he’s covering something up to protect his government from having to explain what happened.

In July 2019, scientists Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Keding Cheng lost their security clearances at Canada’s top infectious disease lab after collaborating with Chinese military researchers and improperly sending dangerous pathogens to China.

An RCMP investigation uncovered evidence the pair transferred Canadian intellectual property to China, including material that could potentially be used to recreate bioweapons.

It seems like the Trudeau government may have tried to keep some important information under wraps when it comes to those scientists who were let go from the Winnipeg lab a while back.

Even though there are signs that this scientist and her husband could have been up to some shady spy stuff and violated security rules on Trudeau’s watch, his government hasn’t exactly been eager to share all the details with the public.

They’ve pushed back a lot against parliamentary requests to hand over documents related to why Qiu and Cheng got dismissed, claiming it’s for “national security” reasons.

But a special parliamentary investigation into the firing of two Chinese scientists at Canada’s top infectious disease laboratory has learned the feds withheld information to shield themselves from national scrutiny, according to MPs.

The committee penned a February 19 letter to all House of Commons parties urging they declassify all information from Public Health Agency of Canada or PHAC documents with the intent of making them available to the public.

“The information appears to be mostly about protecting the organization from embarrassment for failures in policy and implementation, not legitimate national security concerns, and its release is essential to hold the government to account,” it said.

Trudeau’s refusal to come clean reeks of someone with something sinister to hide. What is he so afraid will come to light if the truth about these scientists emerges? Did he know about Chinese infiltration of Canada’s top virology lab and fail to act? Does the evidence show staggering incompetence by his government in allowing foreign agents to steal valuable intellectual property? Canadians deserve answers before irreparable damage is done.

Trudeau has an extensive track record of appeasing China at Canada’s expense. He expressed admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship” years before becoming Prime Minister. His government failed to publicize CSIS warnings about CCP interference in our elections. He has stubbornly pursued trade talks with Beijing even after Canada arrested Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou on a U.S. extradition request, leading China to detain two Canadians on bogus charges.

It kinda seems like Trudeau has a soft spot for China that maybe makes him not want to get too tough with them, even if it means putting Canadian interests on the backburner.

The way he’s handled this Winnipeg lab scandal where those scientists got fired for sharing secrets with China is a little fishy. It sort of looks like he’s willing to risk Canada’s national security just to avoid upsetting China.

Makes you wonder what else he might be sweeping under the rug to keep China happy and cover his own behind politically. Trudeau’s kid-gloves approach with China does seem a bit shady and questionable when Canada’s security could be at stake.

Christian Leuprecht, a leading national security authority with the Royal Military College, said that thanks to Justin Trudeau’s deliberate sabotaging of the RCMP, the force lacks the capability to carry out sophisticated national security investigations into Chinese meddling in Canada.

“I’d say there is no political will to have a serious investigation here,” Leuprecht stated. “I don’t have confidence that when it comes to sensitive investigations involving China that could possibly drag in the political elite in this country, the government really has an interest in getting these types of investigations over the line.”

He added, “The RCMP doesn’t have the capability, capacity, skill sets or resources to run this complex an investigation. This is not an organization that can be counted on to perform for Canadians when Canadians need it.”

Leuprecht also noted, “The dysfunctions within the RCMP seem to work to the benefit of a government that would probably rather not have certain stones turned over.”

The inability of the RCMP to properly investigate this case points to larger security issues around Chinese access to Canada’s most sensitive research facilities.

The case of these fired scientists has raised major questions about security protocols and Chinese access at Canada’s National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg. Dr. Xiangguo Qiu brought in several students from China to work in the high-security facility, but it remains unclear how they obtained the necessary security clearances to handle hazardous viral agents.

Qiu also made multiple trips to the Wuhan Institute of Virology from 2017-2018, helped train scientists at China’s first Level 4 lab, and collaborated extensively with China’s military researchers – all while heading up Canada’s special pathogens program. This massive web of Chinese ties warranted serious scrutiny.

Even more alarming are reports that Qiu and her husband Cheng had links to China’s biological warfare program. Cheng reportedly conducted Ebola research with Major-General Chen Wei, the top bioweapons expert of the People’s Liberation Army. The nature of this collaboration raises the specter of biowarfare espionage right under the nose of Canadian authorities.

Equally concerning was Qiu’s role in shipping lethal Ebola and Henipah strains to the Wuhan lab in 2019 without the proper intellectual property protections. PHAC described that as an effort by Canada to “foster global collaboration.”

The following year, China’s military designated the Wuhan institute as a base for improving defenses against biological threats.

Given China’s designation of the Wuhan lab as a biodefense base, were Qiu’s alarming pathogen transfers directly enabling China’s dangerous bioweapons development? The timing and nature of her unauthorized shipments of lethal viruses to a Chinese military facility raises the terrifying specter of abetting Beijing’s biowarfare program.

Canadians should be deeply troubled by implications that foreign agents infiltrated and pilfered data from Canada’s Level 4 virology lab under Trudeau’s watch. This alarming security breach warrants full transparency, not coverups and excuses.

If Trudeau truly cared about accountability, he would release all documents on Qiu and Cheng’s dismissal without hesitation. The fact he is fighting tooth and nail to keep the files buried suggests a leader more concerned with political optics than taking China to task for espionage against Canada.

Trudeau’s ongoing coverup of what happened at the Winnipeg lab is a big problem for Canada. His refusal to reveal the truth shows a man committed to deception who doesn’t care about this country’s well being.

Every day the truth stays buried allows Chinese infiltration to spread further. But Trudeau keeps hiding information, more devoted to concealing his incompetence than exposing a threat to national security.

Canadians now need to ask – is Trudeau merely an ignorant puppet controlled by Beijing? Or an active traitor made rich by Chinese money, selling out Canada for personal gain?

By allowing foreign spying on our people, Trudeau proves himself disloyal and unpatriotic. His loyalty to Canadian citizens is limited to photo ops and self-promoting speeches full of empty words.

Behind the smile is a morally corrupt liar. Trudeau’s closeness with Chinese tyrants shows a man lacking integrity or values. His avoidance of the Winnipeg lab scandal exposes a coward unwilling to take responsibility and willing to deceive.

Under Trudeau’s weak leadership, Canada sinks deeper into dangerous territory, our security and prosperity betrayed daily by his spineless compromises. But the captain ignores each threat, assuring drowning passengers all is well.

Canadians must now choose – allow this failing government to sabotage Canada’s future through incompetence or wrongdoing? Or remove the incapable captain steering us into disaster?

The time has come to free Canada from Trudeau’s twisted priorities and feeble appeasement of Beijing. His continued presence jeopardizes this nation’s survival. Our children’s future hangs in the balance.

The Winnipeg lab coverup has exposed a Prime Minister whose loyalty to Canada is just an empty campaign slogan. Trudeau’s actions reveal a self-interested liar obsessed with power no matter the cost. This infection of Chinese complicity in Ottawa must be eliminated. Canada’s destiny requires nothing less.

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