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China Laughs as Trudeau Pleads and Begs for Favors


A New Low for Canada

Yet another Trudeau government scandal is being exposed right before our eyes, and this one utterly humiliates us on the world stage and especially in front of China.

Turns out, with global trade competitiveness swirling down the drain, Liberal incompetence has sunk so low that Canada is now pathetically begging China for economic mercy.

Yeah, you heard it right the first time. Canada is left pleading and begging China for a favour or two in terms of trade and business investments.

This is what happens when cowardly appeasement replaces courageous advocacy for Canadian workers and enterprises.

This is what happens when a limp Liberal government is left emboldening a foreign superpower that aims to meddle in our national affairs.

China Favors Anyone But Canada

If you think you got your fill of scandals and shocking revelations coming out from the Trudeau establishment, then prepare to over eat, because the latest revelations will most likely paint Trudeau and the incompetent liberal government in the worst of lights. But I guess we are not saying something new with this one here, now are we?

We already have an image and an idea when it comes to Justin Trudeau and his gang of crooked liberals. We can picture him as the weakest and most incompetent leader there is; Leading a pack of corrupt fools who undeservedly hold a position of power over everyday Canadians. A leader that can’t keep his promises while attempting to pull a tough guy act that doesn’t fit his nature and the objective reality right in front of us.

But did you ever think that Trudeau would be pathetic and miserable enough to literally beg China for easier trade restrictions and tariffs on Canadian businesses? Seems pretty specific, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately it is specific because it is absolutely true.

Guy Saint Jacques, an ex-ambassador for Canada in China – and someone we talked about and mentioned briefly before, has come out swinging after reviewing internal government documents detailing deputy trade minister Rob Stewart’s 2023 meeting with Chinese counterparts.

The meeting was about discussing the rather unfair and egregious bans, mixed in with obstructive regulations on several imported Canadian products and businesses operating in China. Not to mention the crystal clear favouritism for anything domestic rather than foreign and especially Canadian.

China Receives a Plea

Guy Saint Jacques went ahead and wrote a briefing note about the whole ordeal, including the interaction between the deputy trade minister Rob Stewart and his Chinese counterparts.

In those briefing notes Saint Jacques condemned Canada’s deferential tone, stating how Canadian authorities on the matter sounded like beggars pleading with China for a favour or two.

Imagine that. Imagine the humiliation of knowing your home country is pleading and bowing down like a pathetic fool in front of another global super power. Can’t imagine this humiliating scenario without cringing a little bit inside. And that is also exactly how Guy Saint Jacques felt after going over all the details.

Guy Saint Jacques has stated that the list of grievances that the Canadian trade authorities had with China sounds eerily similar to when he was an ambassador in China from 2012 till 2016. It is obviously quite shocking that a decade or so have gone by and the grievances are still the same without anyone doing anything remotely useful or consequential about it. Where is Trudeau exactly? What can possibly be more important than our global trade standing?

In Fact, it should be noted as well how the Trudeau government’s response is asinine given how this is what they thought would be an appropriate way to end this hassle and fix the issue once and for all. The first thing that Trudeau thought about was bending the knee to his Chinese overlords. Are we really surprised about that?
We are already aware of how a few liberal MPs are working for foreign governments – including China, to further their own personal interests and stump the interests of hardworking everyday Canadians.

The Result of a Weak Government

Maybe this is actually the result of their incessant pleading and whining to their Chinese overlords, huh? Facilitate foreign governments meddling in our national affairs, while your business and investments thrive overseas. But at the end of the day we are just asking questions here aren’t we?

Questions that are still without a solid answer to this day. Questions that are on the mind of every Canadian and the liberals are choosing to cover up and hide away the clear answers to.

Canada is rapidly losing its footing on the global stage. Countries everywhere see trading with Canada as an afterthought or a complete waste.

All the statements and tax policies that are being sprung on everyday Canadians and entrepreneurs alike are not helping our business case either.

Our deputy prime minister and minister of finance Chrystia Freeland is living in a delusional mindstate where international companies and countries from all across the world are scrambling in a race to invest in Canada and Canadian business because they love all the “fair” taxes here.

And if Freeland is ever challenged on her position; prepare yourself for the most unhinged meltdown you will ever see in your life, as she preaches a straight up apocalyptic Canada if her business acumen is not celebrated and commended.

But this same liberal hogwash is what got us here in the first place. No one wants to trade and invest in Canada, while Canada has to beg the big boy countries for some acknowledgment and favouritism. Because our tanking productivity and government’s non-existent resolve is doing jack shit for us and our distant future.

As ex-ambassador Saint-Jacques scathingly notes, years of the Trudeau government’s weak-kneed tactics have only emboldened China’s economic coercion and barriers against Canadian companies.

With our global reputation sinking along with competitiveness, it’s clear Canada urgently needs conservative leadership ready to stand up for our interests.

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