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China is Stumped by America’s Support of Taiwan


China is up to its usual tricks, making bogus claims and pointing fingers after its boats got busted trespassing near Taiwan, leading to two fishermen to lose their lives.

This outrageous charade is textbook Chinese intimidation to deny inconvenient truths.

But America isn’t putting up with Beijing’s rhetoric this time, as it affirms its case in standing with and arming Taiwan if conflict ever came knocking.

This really rankles Beijing, which keeps arrogantly insisting that conquering Taiwan is an “inevitable” manner, even if it takes “force”.

The world sees through Beijing’s deceitful spin and the regime’s dreams will flounder against Taiwan’s determination to chart its own course, no matter how many times China trespasses on territorial seas and no matter how much China likes to inject disinformation into the wide web.

The recent tragic drowning of two Chinese fishermen being pursued by the Taiwan coast guard for illegally entering Taiwanese waters reveals the consequences of the Chinese communist party’s aggressive propaganda.

The CCP refuses to accept Taiwan’s sovereignty and this leads to encouraging mainland ships to violate its territorial boundaries, and in turn leading to dangerous confrontations like this one.

But no matter how much propaganda Beijing tries to spin, and it does its fair share of spinning, the facts show the CCP is at fault.

Caught red-handed trespassing just a mile off Taiwan’s Kinmen and clearly in violation of international law, the vessel was approached by the coast guard.

The boat tried to flee, capsizing during the chase. While the deaths are regrettable, the fault lies solely with the reckless captain who illegally entered Taiwanese waters then attempted to flee authorities.

The coast guard was simply enforcing Taiwan’s borders against the intrusion.Yet the CCP dares to falsely accuse Taiwan of murdering these fishermen in some vicious attack.

The CCP’s outrage is a laughable matter when viewed from an outsider’s perspective. Their continuous harmful rhetoric aims to bully Taiwan and deny reality. Their actions follow a pattern of Chinese ships trespassing on other territorial seas.

One stark example of these violations comes at a time when China was accused by Japan of trespassing on their territory, which was about the 11th time they did so in that same year.

There is also the horrifying time several dozen Chinese vessels chased after Philipinne vessels over a shoal dispute in contested waters.

Examples like this show the pattern at hand. Chinese vessels enter other countries’ territorial seas and then either force the opposition to bite down and indulge in their requests, or they back down and claim foul play and conspiracy.

This belligerence stems from the CCP’s jingoistic worldview that only Chinese interests matter. They denounce anyone defending their rights as “provocations” and demand subservience. Whether claiming ownership of entire seas or sending warplanes to intimidate neighbours, China pursues regional dominance at all costs.

In truth, the Chinese were in the wrong by poaching in prohibited waters then recklessly fleeing. And the world recognizes such simple facts.

The recent visit to Taiwan by a bipartisan Congressional delegation affirms such facts.

The American representatives stated unequivocally that US support for Taiwan remains unwavering regardless of who controls the White House after 2024. This stalwart backing heartens the Taiwanese people while putting Beijing on notice that its aggression will be met with resolve.

The delegation, led by Rep. Mike Gallagher, could not have come at a more crucial time as tensions boil between Taiwan and China. The lawmakers emphasised that America’s policy is fundamentally united across party lines in protecting Taiwan’s security and self-determination.

Gallagher rightly drew the link between arming Ukraine and deterring a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Projecting strength against authoritarian regimes is vital for global freedom.

The bipartisan delegation went on to pledge their ongoing commitment to bolstering Taiwan with advanced weaponry and meaningful exchanges across all levels, which further displays America’s resolve to uphold Taiwan as an independent state despite China’s intimidation.

This righteous act sends a powerful signal to Taipei’s citizens that they are not alone. It also warns Beijing that any act of military aggression against Taiwan would face devastating consequences.

Consequences that China chooses to ignore when only earlier this year they tried to warn America to cease its so-called “dangerous provocations” in the region – threatening rhetoric that inverts reality.

The provocation in question? A routine Taiwan Strait transit.

China dangerously provokes conflict through its illegal claims over international waters and relentless military intimidation. Yet, The US Navy’s fully lawful transit challenged Beijing’s absurd assertions of sovereignty far beyond its shores.

To maliciously use these “provocations” to fuel its intimidation campaign against Taiwan and continue to escalate the tension, lay bare a fragile nation with a fragile ego.

So when they blame Taiwan for defending its territory against Chinese violations, it is preposterous, yet very much in tune with what the CCP is known for.

What is truly preposterous is Chinese officials possessing the sheer arrogance to demand Taiwan “punish” its own coast guard. This entitlement encapsulates the CCP’s bullying attitude that it makes the rules and all must submit to its authority.

And when it comes to bullying, China comes second to none. In late last year the Chinese dictator Xi Jinping once again revealed his imperialist ambitions for Taiwan in an arrogant speech.

Declaring that annexing the democratic island is “inevitable.” was the least of his aggressions as Xi menacingly vowed that “the motherland must and will be reunified” mimicking the aggressive rhetoric of past totalitarian expansionists.

He vowed to make the reunification as peaceful as he can, but won’t entirely rule out any force that can and probably will be utilised. This speech confirms the folly of wishful thinking – the CCP will never accept Taiwan’s sovereignty.

Interesting that Xi pays lip service to “peaceful reunification” yet his provocative remarks came just before Taiwan’s presidential election.

This hollow attempt was to perhaps intimidate Taiwan’s voters but it did the opposite as it, once again, exposed the CCP’s true colours as a coercive bully seeking domination over a successfully independent nation.

Xi follows a long line of Chinese emperors and modern dictators who tried conquering Taiwan, but all failed before the island’s resolve for freedom and self-rule.

The CCP cynically claims its 70-year rule over mainland China gives it ownership over Taiwan’s 23 million inhabitants. But Taiwan has never been governed by the CCP or modern China.

So, what can China do besides its aggressive political posturing? Invest nearly $10 billion annually on global disinformation through military, intelligence services and propaganda departments.

Social media enables China to aggressively spread disinformation cheaply on a vast scale. And as such, the CCP plants covert narratives that manufacture outrage to sway perceptions and pressure adversaries.

China intensifies its psychological operations during Taiwan’s elections to undermine candidates opposed to “reunification.” But the recent landslide victory of President Tsai, detested by Beijing, demonstrates the abject failure of China’s election meddling, and the long way it has to be effective with the right targets and actors.

This cognitive warfare against Taiwan seeks to corrode morale, sow division and subvert self-rule. Which means the usual for a Chinese operation.

Though China poisons the information space, Taiwan’s resistance shows democracies can develop effective antibodies. The Taiwanese see through China’s deception thanks to reforms promoting transparency, digital literacy, and independent journalism.

If liberty is allowed to blossom in Taiwan, the roots of freedom could spread cracks in the CCP’s foundation.

This prospect terrifies Beijing and drives its crusade to smother Taiwan’s vibrant democracy.

We cannot indulge communist China’s willful destruction of Taiwan’s hard-won liberties to satiate imperialist ambitions left in the Cold War’s dustbin.

With robust international support, Taiwan’s future looks bright, not forced into the shadows by communist oppression. Its pluralistic and progressive values reflect the boundless potential of Chinese civilization freed from totalitarianism. Taiwan advances liberty’s promise for its people, Asia and freedom-seekers trapped behind China’s Great Firewall.

Its inspiring resilience gives hope that no matter how long the night, the sun also rises. America can only be privileged to champion Taiwan’s brave journey toward securing its rightful place in the world.

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