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CBC will get an additional $90 million from feds next budget


The ethically-challenged PM is blatantly bribing the CBC with millions of Canadian taxpayers’ dollars to act as his personal propaganda machine.

With an election around the corner, Trudeau is shoveling even more cash to his lap dogs at the CBC. It’s his own private media mouthpiece to pump out pro-Liberal stories and attack the Conservatives.

But for Trudeau, keeping the CBC alive to trash his opponents is totally worth it. He knows he can’t win just based on his lousy track record. So he’s bought the CBC’s loyalty to fool Canadians into re-electing him.

Pierre Poilievre won’t keep quiet while Trudeau raids the public treasury to fund his state-run propaganda. Trudeau doesn’t care how much of our money he burns through to brainwash Canadians and stay in power.

Canadians see through Trudeau’s latest self-serving plan to turn the CBC into his very own Ministry of Propaganda. He can bribe them as much as he wants, but the CBC’s bias for Trudeau has become super obvious.

Come election day, Trudeau will realize you can’t purchase real democracy, no matter how big a check you write to the CBC. Canadians want honest leadership, not an out-of-touch PM who abuses public funds for propaganda to pull the wool over voters’ eyes.

Despite the CBC’s collapsing ratings, vanishing revenues and eroding public trust, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to provide even more funding to the flailing CBC in the next budget – an additional $90 million of taxpayer dollars on top of the $1.3 billion the broadcaster already receives annually.

This comes even as the CBC announced it would be laying off 800 employees and cutting $40 million from its production budget because of a projected $125 million shortfall. The public broadcaster claimed $11 million of this shortfall was due to an expected 3.3% budget cut directive from the government.

However, it turns out no such directive was actually given. The Treasury Board stated they simply asked departments and agencies, including the CBC, to report on how potential cuts could impact operations – not to implement those cuts.

Yet CBC executives told Parliament earlier this year that they were expressly ordered to budget for a 3.3% reduction. Now it seems they will not face cuts at all, but rather get an influx of new funding.

This out-of-touch decision shows how little Trudeau seems to care about regular hard-working Canadians who are facing higher costs of living and money worries. While Canadians struggle to get by, Trudeau happily hands over more cash to the failing CBC, which many see as just a mouthpiece for the Liberal government’s agenda.

The CBC claimed they need to make steep budget cuts, resulting in laying off 10% of their staff, or 800 employees. Yet miraculously, they have cash to spare for executive bonuses. CBC President Catherine Tait even gave herself a lavish bonus while frontline workers faced the axe.

The CBC’s own viewership stats clearly show that Canadians are tuning out in huge numbers. During primetime, the CBC’s audience has crashed by a massive 43% since 2018. And their claims about growing online viewership don’t tell the full story – a lot of it comes from the CBC sneakily auto-playing videos on their website to pad their numbers, not from Canadians actually choosing to watch CBC content.

This paints a picture of an organization deep in crisis as they hemorrhage viewers, money and public trust. So why does Trudeau keep funneling our tax dollars to prop up the failing CBC? It’s because the CBC aligns nicely with the Liberal government’s ideology and priorities.

The CBC has really become more of a propaganda machine for the Liberals rather than an impartial public broadcaster. You see CBC hosts attacking conservatives while lobbying softball questions to progressive guests.

Taxpayer-funded CBC documentaries seem conveniently timed for political impact. And CBC News has had to retract or correct over 100 stories in just the last 2 years for pushing inaccurate narratives against conservatives.

The increased funding to the CBC looks even more suspicious when considering their lack of coverage on major stories that would reflect poorly on the Trudeau government. For example, the public broadcaster barely mentioned the troubling security breach at the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg.

Chinese scientists Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Keding Cheng were fired from this high-security virus research lab for alleged national security violations and improperly sending dangerous pathogen samples to China.

Canadians were kept in the dark for years about why these scientists lost their jobs. Now we know from released documents that CSIS alleges the couple had “intentionally transferred scientific knowledge and materials to China in order to benefit the PRC government.”

The CBC’s failure to adequately cover this deeply concerning case of foreign interference clearly shows their pro-Trudeau bias.

The increased funding is intended to cover up other Chinese interference that the government wants kept quiet. The public broadcaster’s kid-glove treatment of the government reinforces the perception they are regime propagandists, not impartial journalists serving Canadians.

With scandals like the Winnipeg Lab security breach kept in the shadows, no wonder many view this extra funding not as supporting public broadcasting, but rather pro-Trudeau propaganda.

The CBC’s failure to properly inform Canadians about Chinese espionage and other issues unflattering to the government reveals their primary loyalty lies with the Liberals, not pursuing the truth.

It’s absolutely outrageous that Prime Minister Trudeau believes Canadians only need state-approved propaganda outlets like the CBC and CTV for their information. All other independent media are just crazy conspiracy theorists in his mind. Trudeau implies citizens are too ignorant to handle real journalistic diversity!

This arrogant and condescending attitude proves the PM wants to brainwash the masses into blindly accepting his views. He’ll funnel endless tax dollars to his regime propagandists at the CBC to mislead Canadians while attacking those who dare challenge his controlled narratives.

Trudeau and his liberal cronies seem to believe mainstream media exists purely to indoctrinate citizens, not inform them. Why else would they keep lavishing public funds on the flailing CBC other than to secure a loyal government mouthpiece?

This dystopian scenario of only consuming Trudeau-sanctioned media is an affront to democracy. Does the PM think we’re gullible fools, unable to handle weighted perspectives and critical thought? Thanks to him, the CBC is now little more than a re-education camp broadcasting state propaganda.

The scandals and embarrassments at the CBC seem never-ending. Their partisan bias was on full display in a recent hit piece attacking Italy’s new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Rather than balanced reporting, the CBC brought on a woke university professor to parrot anti-conservative talking points. This blatant attempt to delegitimize a democratically-elected female world leader reveals the broadcaster’s left-wing ideological agenda.

Let’s call this increased funding what it really is – 90 million bucks ripped from the pockets of hard-working, broke Canadians to fund Trudeau’s pathetic propaganda machine.

Every taxpaying citizen foots the bill so Trudeau can brainwash Canadians with his state-sponsored media lapdogs at the CBC. Canadians are all bankrolling their own indoctrination through this pathetic excuse for a “public” broadcaster.

The CBC is nothing more than a mouthpiece for Trudeau’s government – spewing biased talking points, hit pieces on conservatives, and burying stories that make the Liberals look bad. And Canadians are all forced to pay for it thanks to Trudeau!

This is Canadians hard earned money yet this government blows it on keeping Canadians misinformed and under their thumb. The CBC is full-on liberal state media at this point and Canadians are funding their own brainwashing.

When will taxpayers wake up and demand the CBC be defunded? Starve these propagandists of public money! Trudeau will bankrupt Canada to keep his media minions happy.

The CBC claims they serve Canadians but we know better – they serve Trudeau, plain and simple. He’s got them hooked on our tax money and they’ll keep dancing to his tune as loyal regime puppets.

It is time to defund the CBC and stop bankrolling Trudeau’s plan to deceive Canadians through partisan propaganda. That $90 million of our tax money should go back to hard-working citizens, not fund deceitful state media like the CBC. Trudeau’s cozy relationship with the CBC that spreads disinformation must end – the $90 million should be taken back and given to taxpayers.

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