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CBC CEO Catherine Tait Calls for New Financial Model


Trudeau‘s lapdog at the CBC has let the cat out of the bag – CBC CEO Catherine Tait confessed that the Liberal government is the only thing keeping the CBC alive, and that they even need a new and improved financial plan.

This damning confession strips away any pretense of the CBC’s journalistic independence and integrity. The state media giant is clearly just a propaganda arm for the Liberal government, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and his gang of Liberals.

With Tait crying for more taxpayer dollars to promote the Liberal agenda, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives are slamming the hammer on the CBC.

And with the Trudeau Liberals plummeting in the polls and Polievre’s Conservatives surging – what does that mean for the CBC?

The head of Canada’s national public broadcaster has made a startling admission – CBC CEO Catherine Tait openly admitted the network’s survival hinges on the Liberal Party staying in power. 

Her stunning words confirm the worst suspicions of many Canadians; that our taxpayer-funded state broadcaster acts as little more than a mouthpiece for Trudeau’s Liberals.

Tait’s confession that the Liberal-funded broadcaster’s survival depends on keeping her beloved party in power just proves what many of us already knew all along.

Tait bleated that the CBC desperately needs the Liberals to remain in government in order to avoid being defunded. This strips away any illusion that it’s an independent, unbiased news organization serving all Canadians. It clearly operates as a propaganda arm for the Liberal Party, pandering to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cronies.

With Tait openly begging for more tax dollars to push the Liberal agenda, Canadians have had enough. 

It’s time we defunded and dismantled the bloated, biased CBC that refuses to hold the Liberals accountable. 

Tait’s admission that the CBC needs continued Liberal rule to survive proves the network is beyond reform or redemption. Our hard-earned money should not subsidize what amounts to the communications and PR branch of the Liberal Party.

The CBC’s massive bureaucracy and cushy patronage appointments must go. Tait’s plea for Liberal life support makes it clear the state broadcaster does not deserve public funding and cannot be trusted to report news objectively. 

The Trudeau-friendly corporation has eroded its credibility beyond repair. It’s time we pulled the plug on this Lib-loving, taxpayer-funded sham and got some real journalism in Canada.

Tait claims combating “disinformation” is a priority while her network actually spreads fake news for the Liberals. The hypocrisy is galling but not surprising. All that matters to Tait is keeping her $1.2 billion budget flush with taxpayer cash. 

If that means campaigning for Justin 24/7, so be it. Her confession leaves no doubt – the CBC is the broadcast wing of the Liberal Party of Canada.

On Friday to a room full of industry insiders at Prime Time, a conference for the broadcasting, film and media industry, Catherine Tait said: “Let’s be clear: the mandate of CBC/Radio-Canada actually does not need to be reviewed. What needs to be reviewed is the financial model and how we are governed.”

CBC President Catherine Tait is requesting a new financial model for the broadcaster. 

But the only appropriate model is one where the corporation operates without any taxpayer funding at all. The CBC should have to fend for itself in the free market without the crutch of public money. 

It’s time to cut off their endless subsidies and force the CBC to stand on its own two feet. 

If the CBC can’t survive without taking money by force from taxpayers, then it should be defunded entirely. The CBC must learn to adapt and compete fairly without special treatment.

Handouts have made the CBC bloated, biased and unaccountable for too long. Defunding is the only way to reform the CBC into a truly independent media organization.

Tait also suggested adopting a long-term charter or funding agreement for the CBC, similar to the BBC’s 6-year deal with the UK government. She noted other public broadcasters worldwide with 5-10 year funding deals to allow for planning.

However, the CBC pales in quality and relevance compared to BBC or Deutsche Welle. The CBC’s programming is subpar nonsense, and the organization is self-serving with clear bias.

I stopped paying attention to the CBC years ago when it became apparent they simply push their own agenda. Now only a small fraction of English Canadians even follow the CBC anymore.

The CBC does not deserve the same long-term funding guarantees as respected broadcasters like the BBC. The CBC has lost the public trust due to poor quality and bias.

And it’s not just that, but Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge has stated she wants to redefine and strengthen the CBC’s role before the next election, to ensure the public broadcaster is in the best position going forward.

St-Onge said she won’t do a broad public consultation on the CBC’s future, since that has been done many times already.

Instead, she has appointed an expert committee to advise her on ways the CBC can adapt to digital transformation and compete with big tech. This includes looking at best practices from public broadcasters around the world.

St-Onge did not directly respond to the possibility of legislating a new funding model for the CBC. 

She also acknowledged there is limited time to make changes to the CBC before the Conservatives could take power.

The most concerning part is that Minister St-Onge is trying to secure long-term funding for the CBC before the next election.

This seems highly unethical – she is essentially trying to lock in funding for the CBC regardless of who wins the election. 

It’s an underhanded move to shield the CBC from accountability. The Liberals looking out for their friends at the taxpayer-funded CBC shows their corruption and self-interest. 

This is just further evidence that the corporation is biased and needs to be defunded entirely. St-Onge’s maneuvering to guarantee them funding even with a change of government is shady and unacceptable. 

Canadians have had enough of the Liberals’ cronyism when it comes to the publicly-funded CBC.

With CBC President Catherine Tait openly admitting the network’s partisan bias, it’s clear the broadcaster is beyond reform. 

The sprawling Trudeau-friendly, taxpayer-funded entity must be completely defunded and dismantled. Tait’s plea for more Liberal rule confirms the CBC refuses to be neutral or objective.

Conservatives have rightly pledged to pull CBC’s funding if elected. 

Tait’s panicked admission proves the CBC will do anything to stop that and keep their Liberal gravy train running. Their desperation shows Canadians must act now to pull the plug on this bloated, biased Liberal propaganda machine.

Tait even had the audacity to demand long-term guaranteed funding for the CBC. This would shield the corporation from democratic accountability and allow it to continue propagandizing for Liberals without consequences.

It’s clear they want to secure a long-term deal, so that in the case that the Conservatives win the next election, they’ll still be bound to a 10-year deal signed when the Liberals were in power.

With Conservatives threatening to cut off the CBC’s funding, a panicked Tait insisted they need Liberals in government to survive.

The CBC’s brazen institutional bias is out in the open thanks to Tait.

Canadians are sick of seeing their money fund what is essentially the communications arm of the Liberal Party of Canada. 

While pretending to be neutral, it’s now confirmed the CBC operates as a propaganda mill for Justin Trudeau and his band of spendthrift socialists.

Tait has ripped away the façade to expose the biased broadcaster Canadians see daily with their own eyes.

Rather than pursue real journalism, the CBC invests in smearing and silencing Conservatives who threaten to end their gravy train. Tait confessed their survival depends on Liberal rule – so trashing the Conservatives  takes priority over truth.

Canadians fed up with paying for Liberal spin and disinformation have an ally in Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives. 

Poilievre has rightly pledged to defund the partisan corporation that pumps out propaganda under the guise of “news.” Tait’s admission vindicates Conservatives’ plan to pull funding for her useless Liberal broadcaster.

It’s time Canada got some real journalism instead of Tait’s tax-funded Liberal cheerleader network.

Defunding the CBC will be Poilievre’s first step in cleansing Canada’s media landscape of institutional left-wing bias.

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