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Canadian firms sue government for billions over PPE ‘lies’


Betrayal is the only word to describe Justin Trudeau’s treatment of the Canadian companies who patriotically stepped up to produce PPE during the pandemic. Now facing financial ruin, 15 manufacturers are taking the prime minister to court, suing for over $5 billion in damages.

This shocking lawsuit lifts the mask on Trudeau’s lofty rhetoric. While Canadian businesses struggle, his government cuts backroom deals with foreign megacorps.

The PPE debacle reveals the real Trudeau – an incompetent leader who values photo ops and spin over integrity. He offered hollow platitudes praising Canadian producers, then brushed them aside during our hour of need.

It’s a disturbing abuse of power. Companies that invested millions and hired Canadians were left twisting in the wind. But the globalist Trudeau peddles access and influence to his corporate pals. He speaks of standing up for the little guy – then stabs them in the back.

Will Trudeau man up and offer an unequivocal apology to these wronged companies, backed by immediate action to right these wrongs? Or will he just engage in the usual finger-pointing and blame games while avoiding any real accountability? The time for excuses is over, Mr. Prime Minister.

Canadian manufacturers of masks and other equipment for protecting against COVID-19 are taking Trudeau to court.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges and difficult decisions for governments around the world.

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government made assurances that they would support domestic companies to produce critical personal protective equipment or PPE for frontline healthcare workers.

However, those promises now seem empty as 15 Canadian companies sue Trudeau for over $5 billion in damages, because they were misled and betrayed.

When the coronavirus emerged in early 2020, shortages of masks, respirators and other PPE put enormous strain on Canada’s healthcare system.

With global supply chains disrupted, the Trudeau government identified a need for made-in-Canada PPE production capacity. The prime minister himself declared that his government would work hand-in-hand with Canadian companies to deliver this equipment.

Answering that call, 15 small and medium enterprises made enormous investments to retool and scale up manufacturing of PPE.

One industry group, the Canadian Association of PPE Manufacturers or CAPPEM, says its members invested over $88 million combined and hired Canadians to build production lines for state-of-the-art N95 respirators and surgical masks. These companies stepped up in good faith when the country needed them most.

Tragically though, it appears the Liberals’ promises were mere political rhetoric. CAPPEM’s lawsuit alleges that despite repeated assurances of long-term government contracts, barely any orders materialized.

Even with shortages persisting, procurement officials reportedly said Canadian-made PPE was unwanted for the National Emergency Stockpile.

Instead, the Trudeau government continued fulfilling massive orders with foreign multinationals like 3M.

In its lawsuit, CAPPEM and its members allege that the government is guilty of “negligent misrepresentation” that has cost 15 of its small and medium-sized enterprises billions in both foregone revenue and investment losses.

Further examination reveals something more sinister is at play. The $88 million invested by these PPE companies has essentially vanished, highlighting possible financial shell games by the Trudeau government.

Ottawa faces serious allegations that it deliberately sat on these funds to conceal the true scale of its massive pandemic deficit spending.

Rather than place orders with ready-to-produce Canadian firms as promised, the money was likely tucked away by the Liberals to improve their fiscal record on paper heading into the last election. If the funds were actually used as intended, Ottawa’s pandemic deficits would seem billions higher.

This reeks of deceitful political optics overriding responsible policy. The Trudeau Liberals habitually obscure the true costs of their promises behind budgetary tricks and manipulated financial reporting. Their focus is PR spin, not transparency for taxpayers.

Canadians deserve full transparency on where these vanished millions for domestic PPE were reallocated. Failing to place promised orders was an egregious waste of public funds during a crisis. And Ottawa’s deficit financing was already ballooning out of control before factoring in these missing funds, which raise red flags.

The PPE lawsuit suggests the Liberals apply the same evasiveness to financial oversight as they do to parliamentary questions. Stonewalling and misdirection is this government’s natural instinct when asked tough questions. Canadians won’t be deceived by these apparent financial games anymore.

This failure to support domestic producers, despite public pledges, reeks of incompetence at best. But there’s also signs of cronyism in Ottawa’s approach. Why were established Canadian companies kept in the dark while imports flowed freely? Something in this puzzle piece is missing.

The pandemic required difficult choices, but the Liberals must answer for this betrayal of Canadian innovators.

The PPE debacle has jeopardized our nation’s manufacturing capacity and self-sufficiency when future crises arise. Partnerships between government and industry can only thrive on trust – and that trust has been shattered.

While their lawsuit proceeds, the jilted companies face layoffs and financial ruin. Skilled workers who should be supporting made-in-Canada manufacturing sit unemployed.

If Trudeau’s promises were genuine, how could this have occurred? Public sector mismanagement may have caused permanent damage.

Let’s be honest – Trudeau cares far more about protecting his personal reputation and political image than taking responsibility and fixing the PPE debacle his government created. No substantive apology or course correction seems likely from the PM. He won’t swallow his pride and settle with CAPPEM, no matter how many Canadian factories and jobs it could save.

Trudeau won’t lift a finger to fix this PPE disaster he created through incompetence and mismanagement. He seems to view taxpayer dollars as a personal slush fund for bolstering his image, not delivering results. The PM should take a hard look in the mirror rather than smearing those who dare scrutinize his failed policies. But introspection requires humility he clearly lacks.

Prime Minister Trudeau positioned his government as the nation’s champion during the pandemic. But this legal conflict reveals a vast gap between his lofty rhetoric and reality. The PPE manufacturers stepped up for Canada in a time of crisis – they deserved much better in return. Their work and investments should have been welcomed, not brushed aside.

No excuses can justify what transpired. The interests of these Canadian companies should have received maximum consideration and uncommon flexibility from procurement officials. But Trudeau’s liberal government failed the innovation and potential emerging here at home.

Public servants lost sight of the ultimate objectives in this vital area: protecting healthcare users and workers, maintaining a stable domestic PPE supply, and ensuring Canada’s manufacturing capacity would be fortified by the pandemic response, not weakened. On all three counts, the system broke down.

Trudeau should beg for the Canadian people’s forgiveness and correct course immediately on the PPE fiasco. But genuine humility is foreign to our virtue-signaling PM. Don’t expect any sincere effort from him to rebuild bridges and restore faith with misled companies.

The only way to address massive losses is to vote out Trudeau and his globe-trotting cabal of corporate elitists masquerading as populists. They infiltrated the government and accelerated the decline of domestic manufacturing. Their allegiance is to power and globalism – not Canadians.

PPE is just the tip of the iceberg under Trudeau’s leadership. Canadian companies of all sizes have been burned and betrayed by his empty rhetoric and callous disregard. He loves pontificating about “building back better” but achieves nothing. Action speaks louder than words.

In the end, Trudeau cares nothing about the plight of these PPE firms or frontline workers. Photo ops and PR spin come first. He thought nothing of letting our domestic capability crumble during a national health emergency, risking Canadian lives. A sincere apology is beyond his capability.

Ottawa has become an obstacle under Trudeau, not a partner to innovation. His pandemic leadership has been an epic failure – a case study in empty promises and botched priorities. No company should ever trust Liberal rhetoric again. They gang up with globalist elites against the Canadian public.

Trudeau stands for nothing except his personal brand. He failed to reciprocate the ambition and patriotism shown by PPE manufacturers during COVID. His loyalty lies with the World Economic Forum cabal, not citizens. It’s time Canada rejects this charlatan.

Demand better for our country. Trudeau has only driven Canada backward and betrayed our potential. He is devoid of substance and we’re paying the price. Let’s forge a new path forward for Canada that puts our national interests first again. We deserve visionary leadership, not a celebrity sock puppet.

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