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Canada’s Military Readiness in Question After Trudeau’s Recent Interview


Just how safe are Canadians under Justin Trudeau’s leadership? That’s the alarming question sparked by his recent year-end interview with Global News

When asked about reports that Canada’s military now has just three days worth of weapons in the event of war, Trudeau dodged responsibility. Instead, he blamed the previous Conservative government despite opposing increased defense spending himself while in opposition. 

So which is it Mr. Prime Minister? If the lack of adequate ammunition is the Conservatives’ fault, why did you speak out against fixing it? And if you recognized the need to bolster our military by implementing those same plans when you took power, why are we now more vulnerable than ever?

Instead of answering for this dangerous failure, Trudeau claimed Canada is “stepping up” internationally, but it’s easy for anyone to see that that simply isn’t true. 

The truth is, by neglecting national defense, Trudeau has left Canadians insecure both at home and abroad.

As 2023 drew to a close, Trudeau made sure to honor his tradition of doing year-end interviews. But in all honesty, many of us wish he’d honor his father and take a walk in the snow instead.

In the latest interview with Global News, Trudeau showcased his most disturbing slip-up to date, revealing deeply troubling gaps in Canada’s national defense capabilities as he sat down with ‘The West Block’ host Mercedes Stephenson.

When pressed about reports that our military has just three days’ worth of weapons in case of some sort of military invasion, Trudeau dodged accountability and offered empty proclamations instead of solutions. 

This response encapsulates the aimless leadership that has left Canada increasingly exposed both at home and abroad. Trudeau doesn’t even blink when Stephenson says we only have 3 days worth of ammunition to defend our country.

And while Trudeau claims to be “stepping up” with investing in the F-35 fighter jets, he fails to realize that when in opposition, he was completely against the Conservative plan to purchase new ones to replace Canada’s aging supply.

Back in 2015, then-Leader of the Opposition Justin Trudeau vowed to never purchase the F-35s, and promised to scrap the Conservatives’ plan to buy them.

Stephen Harper called it “incomprehensible” that Trudeau would move to harm an industry that is vital to Canada’s economy.

At the time, Trudeau slammed Harper’s plans, claiming that Harper’s “dream” aircraft would be a “nightmare” for the Canadian taxpayer.

And in true Liberal fashion, Trudeau decided to flip-flop on his previous promises.

Seven years after vowing never to replace Canada’s aging fighter jets with new and improved F-35s, the Trudeau Liberals announced their plans to purchase 88 of them.

Yet in this interview, Trudeau seems to have forgotten that as he blamed the previous Conservative government under Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the decline of Canada’s military.

While interviewing the Prime Minister, Stephenson made sure to quick-wittedly pressure him on his flip-flopping tendencies.

Rather than own up to his government’s failure to adequately equip our armed forces, Trudeau reflexively blamed the previous Conservative government.

This finger-pointing rings hollow, however, given that Trudeau actively campaigned against defense spending initiatives while in opposition – initiatives he quietly reversed course once in power. 

The fact that Trudeau ended up implementing the decision anyway when he took office is very telling. Why not just admit that the Conservatives were right about something?

Trudeau can’t have it both ways. If the shortfalls rest with Conservative mismanagement, why did he oppose their attempts to rectify the situation?

And more importantly, why shift the focus to Ukraine, when that wasn’t even the question? What about Canadian soldiers who feel that their government isn’t equipping them to protect their country.

The underlying conclusion here is that Trudeau has given away most of our defense systems to Ukraine, when spending should be used on more pressing issues at home instead of abroad.

When it comes to defense spending, or the lack thereof, he seems more concerned about supplying and protecting Ukraine than having tanks and ammunition to protect Canada. 

Canada promised Ukraine unlimited aid against Russia’s invasion, but support is slowing as the war drags on. Trudeau reiterated Canada’s commitment in a New Year’s call with Zelenskyy, offering condolences for Russia’s attacks on civilians. 

Trudeau insists Canada is meeting Ukraine’s needs, like providing military aid. But his rhetoric seems disconnected from reality. The Biden administration admits it is running out of funds to assist Ukraine. And critics note Trudeau opportunistically criticizes Russia’s actions, while failing to back up his tough talk with sufficient material support from Canada.

Meanwhile, Zelenskyy thanks Canada for some anti-aircraft systems, but implies much more aid is needed to defend against Russian missiles and drones.

And he just might get it, since Trudeau seems focused on scoring political points by posturing as Ukraine’s ally.

Trudeau’s hypocrisy on defense spending is part of a broader pattern with the Liberals. They campaign from the left but govern from the right. 

They make sweeping promises to progressives but rarely deliver substantive change. 

On issues from pharmacare to electoral reform to Indigenous reconciliation, Trudeau’s lofty rhetoric far exceeds what he actually ends up doing.

Time and again, Trudeau puts political games over principle. He could tell various constituencies what they want to hear, even if those promises contradict each other. But smooth talking is no substitute for leadership. 

And when difficult trade-offs must be made, Trudeau too often freezes in the headlights.

His handling of Canada’s weapons stockpile offers a case in point. 

Trudeau likely knows that dangerously low ammunition reserves are the result of his government’s choices. From inflationary spending, to full-on corruption and misconduct. 

But admitting as much would mean confronting demands to increase military spending from Conservatives – demands he once criticized himself. 

So Trudeau sidesteps the uncomfortable truth rather than having an adult conversation about the competing interests at play.

This lack of maturity comes from Trudeau again and again. He frames nearly every policy debate as a simplistic binary between good and evil. Us versus them. Yet he thinks the Conservatives are the divisive ones.

This rhetoric throws away the possibility of finding common ground. And it pushes people toward the fringes rather than bringing them into the fold.

Trudeau claims Canada is “stepping up” internationally, as if assertive language alone is action.

But the absence of actual policy reveals Trudeau’s words as empty deflections.

He hopes to mask government inaction on defense behind virtue signaling on Ukraine. But no speech can substitute the need for a real military plan. The gap between Trudeau’s words and delivery has never been more dangerous.

This failure of leadership has left average Canadians paying the price. With the military cupboard bare, we are profoundly vulnerable in the face of any foreign aggression. 

Canadians are also paying in a more literal sense for Trudeau’s mismanagement. His flip-flopping on purchasing F-35 fighter jets means taxpayers may be on the hook for hundreds of millions more due to production delays. 

Once again, Trudeau’s inconsistency carries real costs.

But perhaps no group pays more than Canada’s soldiers, sailors, aircrews and special forces. These brave men and women have signed up to put their lives on the line for our freedom. But Trudeau has failed to provide them with the resources they need to accomplish their mission and return home safely.

Trudeau must own the consequences of his government’s neglect and forge a path forward.

Half-measures and toothless slogans only jeopardize our troops and citizens further.

Canadians deserve straight talk on defense even if the truth is ugly. The future of our nation hangs in the balance. This is no time to waste. It’s time to really “step up” this time.

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