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Canada a “Safe Haven” for Transnational Crime Under Trudeau


Justin Trudeau stands accused of single-handedly destroying the moral fabric of this country through stunning leadership negligence. An alarming new U.S. report rips away Canada facade of decency, exposing the disturbing extent of government-enabled organized crime flourishing within its borders.

No longer the land of democracy, diversity and human rights. Now a haven for merciless criminal empires exerting their will through bribery, coercion and murder.

Trudeau’s stunning failure to protect Canada’s security threatens to change the character of this nation. No longer the citizens in control, but the criminals. It’s the kind of heartbreaking leadership negligence that allows evil to take root right under our noses.

The U.S. exposé has laid bare the alarming extent of corruption permeating the highest levels of the Liberal government.

But beyond the usual liberal failure, could there be an even more sinister explanation to this negligence? Does Trudeau’s stunning leadership failure conceal a hidden agenda – a conspiracy to deliberately allow the criminal capture of Canada? What could possibly be in it for Trudeau?

According to a damning new report by the International Coalition Against Illicit Economies, Canada has become a “safe haven” for transnational criminal networks and a hub for their illegal activities under Justin Trudeau’s government.

This development presents a serious danger to both Canada’s domestic security as well as global security interests.

The country’s attractiveness to global crime syndicates under the Liberal government jeopardizes national sovereignty while enabling the groups to use Canadian soil as a base of operations.

The report lays blame directly on the Trudeau government’s policies and negligence for allowing Canada to become a refuge for organized crime.

Justin Trudeau loves to portray himself as a progressive leader on the world stage. He never hesitates to lecture other countries about diversity, climate change, and human rights. But while he’s been so focused on his image abroad, his leadership at home has been an unmitigated disaster.

Nowhere is this more evident than in how Canada has become a magnet for the world’s most dangerous criminal organizations under Trudeau’s watch.

A scathing new report from the International Coalition Against Illicit Economies or the ICAIE rips away the facade of Trudeau’s feel-good liberalism to expose the ugly truth.

Under this government’s historic negligence and indifference, Canada has become a “safe haven” and hub for notorious crime groups dealing in drugs, human trafficking, arms smuggling, and money laundering.

According to the report, Canada is no longer just a consumer of illegal goods, but a major producer, exporter, and laundering center for dirty money from around the globe.

Organized crime launders illicit proceeds through many sectors of the legitimate Canadian economy. Money from drug sales, counterfeits, and other contraband is invested into real estate, casinos, agriculture, mining, and more.

The tens of billions of dollars laundered through Canadian real estate and other sectors each year enables and enhances the power of “kingpins, kleptocrats, oligarchs, and corrupt officials.”

Sophisticated criminal networks are exploiting weaknesses in Canada’s legal systems, security protocols, and financial regulations to establish operations in the country.

Among the most dangerous groups setting up operations in Canada are Mexican drug cartels like El Chapo’s Sinaloa cartel, Chinese fentanyl traffickers, and Hezbollah financiers. These ruthless syndicates are partnering with local biker gangs and other criminal networks to flood Canadian streets with deadly narcotics like cocaine, meth, fentanyl, and heroin.

Large sums of illicit money are said to be flowing through Canada’s financial system annually. These funds are linked to illegal trafficking and trade used to finance criminal and terrorist organizations abroad. Domestically, foreign crime groups are corrupting law enforcement and compromising political processes through bribery and underhanded influence.

And what has Trudeau done in response to this growing crisis? Virtually nothing. His government has utterly failed to develop any coherent national strategy to combat the rapid expansion of organized crime.

Key law enforcement and intelligence agencies like the RCMP, CSIS, and CBSA have been left disjointed and ill-equipped. Crucial reforms to laws and policies to enable authorities to keep up with modern threats have languished.

Canadians are paying the price. Overdose deaths continue to skyrocket, fuelled by fentanyl and other lethal synthetic opioids smuggled in by Chinese crime groups partnering with local gangs.

Shootings and violence are terrorizing communities as Mexican cartels battle for control of the multi-billion dollar drug trade. Ordinary citizens are being exploited by human traffickers, while money launderers make a mockery of our financial system.

Chinese networks in particular have mastered complex money laundering techniques to wash Mexican cartel drug money.

Operatives from the Chinese government are also said to collaborate with Asian organized crime groups in Canada. Chinese intelligence, security, and United Front figures reportedly liaise with criminal syndicates out of official facilities in the country. These links raise major security concerns about Chinese state interests being advanced through transnational crime.

Trudeau’s “sunny ways” approach has been dangerously naive in confronting the dark underworld of organized crime. He seems to believe that as long as Canada signals its virtue and good intentions to the world, dangerous people will be deterred from abusing our open society. But as the ICIAE report makes clear, crime syndicates see that weakness and take full advantage.

Unlike Trudeau’s government, the criminal organizations understand it’s a dog-eat-dog world where you either eat or get eaten. They will ruthlessly exploit any vulnerability to further their profits and power. Their networks do not respect the national borders and laws that Canadians take for granted.

That’s why a progressive fantasist like Trudeau is so fundamentally unsuited to protecting Canada’s national security. His ideological affinity for open borders and distrust of security agencies has left gaping holes in our defenses against sophisticated transnational criminals.

They operate in the shadows beyond the understanding of someone so completely focused on his public image in the spotlight.

Canada’s attractiveness to bad actors is based on gaps in governance, outdated laws, porous borders and systemic corruption.

Major urban centers like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are claimed to be especially vulnerable. Ports and financial hubs in these cities are targeted as gateways used by criminals to diversify interests and penetrate legitimate institutions.

Under Trudeau, vital agencies like the RCMP and CBSA have become overloaded, under-resourced, and demoralized. Their morale has been further battered by the government’s wokeness, as they are called racist and told to confront “unconscious bias.” Ironically, organized crime loves Trudeau’s defunding and distraction of police. What better environment for business to flourish?

The Trudeau government is turning a blind eye to transnational organized crime and money laundering due to political self-interest. The Liberal Party and its supporters benefit from the influx of foreign cash entering Canada, as it helps prop up the economy and provides funds that are channeled into political coffers. Dirty money has heavily inflated real estate values in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, which benefits current property owners with ties to Trudeau’s government.

The Liberals are beholden to pro-China business interests who rely on Chinese capital of questionable origin. The cozy relationship provides access to cash and ethnic voting blocs that help keep Liberals in power. Additionally, supposed links between Chinese officials, intelligence agencies and Asian organized crime groups make the Trudeau government reluctant to crack down, as it could jeopardize economic ties or spur espionage.

The Liberals have a lax moral attitude to white collar crime that blurs lines between legitimate business and the criminal underworld. Their heavy reliance on fundraising and donations leaves them compromised when illicit funds find their way into party coffers. The Trudeau government is unwilling to bite the hand that feeds it, even if that hand may be connected to drug cartels.

Also, the report coming from a U.S. think tank could be seen as a rebuke from Canada’s closest ally and trading partner. Allowing organized crime and money laundering to flourish damages bilateral cooperation in areas like counter-terrorism and border security. The American authors could be signaling that Canada’s weak defenses are a liability that also impact U.S. interests. It suggests a need for Ottawa to strengthen anti-crime policies and enforcement to reassure its top international partner.

Canadians face a stark choice. We can continue down Trudeau’s failed path of sunshine platitudes, emboldening the ruthless criminal networks penetrating deeper into our nation. Or we can empower our law enforcement agencies to root out this scourge, protect our borders, and restore the rule of law.

If Canada is becoming a haven for drug cartels, mobsters, and money launderers, it’s because Trudeau allows it. His globalist posturing and lax policies have surrendered our security to dangerous cartels and made us an international hub of crime. It’s time for Canadians to stand up and demand leadership that puts our sovereignty, safety, and security first.

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