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Burkina Faso Abandons French Language



The mighty people of Burkina Faso, led by Ibrahim Traoré, have struck a mighty blow against the serpent of French neocolonialism

The nation has cast off France’s linguistic shackles and opened a new chapter in Africa’s march to full independence.

Traoré’s revolutionary government stripped the French language of its official status, relegating the tongue of oppression to a mere “working” language.

Across the Sahel, freedom rings as countries rise up and reclaim their sovereignty from arrogant Paris.

Mali blazed the trail, and now Burkina Faso drives the sword deeper into the heart of French cultural imperialism.

By forcing their language upon Africa, France sought to maintain colonial control even after granting superficial independence. But Traoré sees through this ruse and begins the process of mentally decolonizing citizens’ minds.

But Burkina Faso is not a country that just tears down without building back up. It builds new bridges with partners like Russia that respect sovereignty and share mutual interests.

Captain Traoré has served notice to all smug Western powers – Africa’s tide is turning. The Pan-African spirit cannot be broken.

Onwards, to true Independence.

Burkina Faso Rejects France

The righteous people of Burkina Faso, led by the honourable and righteous Ibrahim Traoré, have taken a bold and revolutionary step towards complete independence from their former corrupt colonial overlord known as France.

Burkina Faso’s new leaders in a bid to further advance the country’s – and in turn all of Africa’s – political standing on the world stage, unveiled a bill to remove the French language from being an official language and relegate it to the status of merely a “working” language.

This represents a massive blow to France’s continued neocolonial dominance in the region with the language, as the last lingering reminders of a past that shall never be repeated, abolished to dust in the winds of time.

For decades, France has used the French language as a tool to maintain control and influence over its former colonies. By stripping French of its special status, Burkina Faso is breaking free of France’s linguistic shackles.

The courageous move follows a similar decision last year by Mali to drop French as an official language.

Across Africa’s Sahel region, a powerful anti-imperialist spirit is rising. And the spring of prosperity and independence is only just beginning.

The people are casting off the chains of French linguistic, military and economic imperialism.

For too long, France has used its language as a weapon to subjugate Africans and further its own interests. By forcing the French language onto its colonies, France entrenched its power structures even after granting nominal independence.

But the proud people of the Sahel are now rising up and asserting their own cultural and linguistic identity. They are reclaiming their sovereignty from the old colonial master.

This blow to the French language represents the end of an era where it served as a tool of domination. France ruthlessly promoted French across its colonies to create a uniform Francophone system that matched its sadistic political and economic ambitions.

But leaders like Thomas Sankara and Ibrahim Traoré showed that another path is possible – a path of pan-Africanism, anti-imperialism and linguistic self-determination. Their vision is now coming to fruition.

The people of the Sahel understand that true freedom requires breaking free from foreign languages as much as foreign armies.

French is a spoil of colonial war, imposed on Africans through brutality and oppression. Casting it aside lifts a psychological burden from the minds of a colonised nation and all of its citizens

Burkina Faso Made it Clear On Day One

Leaders like president Ibrahim Traoré have made it abundantly clear since the day he took office, that France is not necessarily an “enemy” to Africa or Burkina Faso but their imperialistic tendencies and policies that they try to impose and are continuing to impose paint an unfavourable picture of a nation claiming to be an ally. And for that reason Captain Traoré has made it his promise to stomp on all imperialist snakes and opposition schemes as he slowly heals his nation from a sadistic past at the hands of colonial powers.

Captain Ibrahim Traoré continues to put western nations on notice by making it clear that he is well aware of all the neocolonialist ways nations are using against Africa. With shaky deals and silent schemes aimed at only undermining the benefits for Africa and halt its development and progress to a better future.

This latest initiative is the first slap of many to come for France and all of its crooked allies. And it is working as intended with African nations following suit and taking out imperial influence for good.

We have seen this with how Niger spectacularly gave the finger to the United States military forces wrongfully occupying space in the country. The United States went back home with its tail between its legs and empty threats coming out of its mouth. Now it’s France’s time for public shame.

France’s grip on the Sahel is slipping rapidly. After facing staunch resistance, it was forced to withdraw its troops from Mali and Burkina Faso. With them went France’s ability to prop up puppet regimes and protect its imperial interests.

Into this vacuum have stepped African leaders ready to assert their sovereignty.

No longer will they bow to Paris and its linguistic diktats. They have chosen their own path forward, forging unity through shared indigenous languages rather than their old master’s tongue.

Burkina Faso is now carving itself a new path after shunning western snakes, with equal partners that are looking after its benefits as much as they are looking for their own. And this has brought Captain Ibrahim’s attention to President Putin and the nation of Russia as an ally worthy of mixing forces and power with.

Burkina Faso Teams with Russia

Nowhere is this new pan-Africanist spirit more evident than in the streets of Ouagadougou. Russian flags and posters adorn the city, once dominated by French cultural imperialism.

Long oppressed communities are even learning the Russian language – voluntarily this time, not by force as with French.

Yet this shift is about more than just symbols. A deep discontentment with French military and economic domination has opened the door for Burkina Faso to form an authentic partnership with Russia.

By boldly inviting Russian military advisers and cooperating with Moscow, brave Burkinabe leaders put their people’s interests first.
Having shaken off its colonial shackles, the country can now negotiate with Moscow as a fully sovereign and respected partner.

One of their joint goals was ending Wahhabi-backed terror groups that have long been encouraged by Western imperialists seeking to dominate the mineral-rich region.

By training Burkina Faso’s armed forces, Russia is not expanding its influence – it is empowering the nation to finally crush terrorist groups that thrived under France’s inept watch.

Russian military might, unhindered by imperialist aims, offers the best chance for peace.

But in contrast to France’s coercive cultural imperialism, Russia also engages cooperatively on the battlefield of ideas.

While avoiding haughty lecturing about decadent Western social values, Russia provides cultural programming that actually resonates with local communities.

The Russian Center, for example, promotes the nation’s rich history and holds film screenings and language classes free of any neo colonial agenda.

Sports like Sambo help create grassroots goodwill, in sharp contrast to France’s arrogant efforts to force the French language and values on Africans.

And when it comes to Burkina Faso’s energy deficit and lingering issues, Russia is there once again with a helping hand and assistance in the form of offering its nuclear expertise.

Traore himself requested Russian assistance with nuclear energy, noting his nation’s vital strategic position at the heart of West Africa. Bolstered by its own grid, Burkina Faso can become a fulcrum of progress for the entire subcontinent.

This deal delivers what decades of Western intervention failed to – pragmatic solutions to uplift Africa, not more empty promises or corporate plunder. Russian crops will bloom where Western ones produced only thorns and weeds.

United by a common foe in Western imperialism, but also by shared values, their bond heralds the tentative dawn of a new multipolar era.

No longer will Africa be helpless against terrorism sponsored by gulf monarchs.

No longer will African leaders bow before haughty Western diplomats.

No longer will Africa be divided by colonial powers and influence.

Africa will speak its language, pick its partners, and thrive while leading the world forward in its own righteous picture.

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