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Bill Barr Is backing Trump 2024 because ‘far left’ is a greater threat


Bill Barr Endorses Trump 2024 Bid

A political bombshell just dropped that could shake up the 2024 election like never before. In a stunning betrayal to the Democrats that is already triggering shockwaves, former Attorney General Bill Barr has turned his back on the establishment and thrown his full support behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Despite their very public falling out, Barr is apparently letting bygones be bygones. He is now calling Trump the only hope to stop the woke socialist mob that has infected the Democrats and Biden administration.

Barr warns that freedom and democracy as we know it are under threat from the totalitarian leftists who have seized control of the other party. He says the Constitution itself is under attack from these heavy-handed socialist thugs who want to shred the Bill of Rights.

You won’t believe the names Barr is calling Biden and his cronies now – it just shows how much is at stake if they win again in 2024. He makes it clear Trump is America’s last line of defense against this national suicide mission being forced on citizens by the looney left fringe.

The former Attorney General’s endorsement adds major momentum to Trump’s surging campaign and deals a crushing blow to liberal hopes of blocking his return.

Barr Details High Stakes of 2024 Election

In an unexpected move that is sending shockwaves through Washington and the entire political establishment, former Attorney General Bill Barr has wholeheartedly endorsed Donald Trump for president in his 2024 election race with Biden.

Barr’s surprise decision to back Trump has stunned pundits on both sides of the aisle. Many assumed the relationship between the two Republicans was permanently fractured after Barr resigned from Trump’s administration in late 2020.

Yet despite any past differences of opinion, Barr made it clear he firmly believes Trump’s policies and Republican principles vastly outweigh anything the Democrats have to offer. With Joe Biden as the incumbent, Barr sees the 2024 race as a critical battle for the soul of America.

In no uncertain terms, Barr stated “The Biden administration is in fact the greater threat to democracy. I think they have a totalitarian temper. They have bought into the progressive movement and are trying to squelch opposition and freedom of speech.”

He went on to characterize the Biden agenda as “a heavy-handed bunch of thugs” determined to undermine the Constitution and impose socialism on the country.

By contrast, Barr emphasized that he was “fine with [Trump’s] policies”, which he believes were good for America. Barr approves of Trump’s track record on issues like border security, limited government, supporting law enforcement, and standing up to China.

Clearly Barr has chosen to let bygones be bygones and endorse the candidate he sees as the best option for preserving freedom and opportunity in America. He warned allowing Democrats and the radical woke left to retain power for four more years under Biden would be tantamount to “national suicide.”

This bombshell announcement speaks volumes coming from someone with Barr’s conservative credentials and experience at the highest levels of government. The former Attorney General serving under Trump is putting his country first by supporting the policies he believes in, despite any past personal frictions.

Barr’s backing adds significant gravitas and momentum to Trump’s burgeoning 2024 campaign. It remains to be seen how much this endorsement will sway other Republicans who may have mixed feelings about Trump’s leadership style but agree with his ‘America First’ agenda.

The former Attorney General’s rhetoric goes beyond election strategy. His dire warnings about the threat of Democrats and the “far left” reflect fears held by millions of patriotic Americans, who see the Democrats’ woke agenda as a direct attack on the values that made America great.

The socialist policies Biden and his comrades are trying to force on the nation fly in the face of what the founding fathers intended. They want to undermine free speech, religious liberty, the right to bear arms, and other fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.

Americans also feel Democrats have become the party of division and racial animosity. By constantly harping on identity politics and so-called “equity”, they are encouraging resentment between groups and undermining the concept of equal treatment under the law.

The far-left flank of the party, led by radicals like AOC and the so-called “Squad”, are pushing truly dangerous ideas like defunding the police, opening borders, empowering the IRS to target political opponents, and massive government overreach.

Most troubling is the left’s full-scale assault on election integrity. Democrats have consistently opposed common sense reforms like voter ID laws and cleaning up voter rolls. They encouraged unconstitutional changes to election procedures in 2020 that fueled public mistrust. And they have demonized anyone who dared question the highly dubious results as dangerous threats to democracy.

This blatant hypocrisy shows the left only cares about democracy when it suits their agenda for power. They are happy to undermine free and fair elections as long as they can cling to control. This is the behavior of dictators and despots throughout history.

That’s why Barr and many other principled politicians have come to the realization that Democrat governance under Biden has become the true threat to the survival of American democracy. For all his glaring flaws, a Trump return represents the only viable alternative to the left’s socialist power grab.

Trump’s presidency delivered peace, prosperity, secure borders, and renewed pride in America. His policies reduced illegal immigration, rebuilt the military, spurred record economic growth, achieved energy independence, cut taxes, and reduced stifling regulations. He appointed strong constitutionalist judges, supported law enforcement, and stood up to China and other enemies.

Trump’s administration’s results speak for themselves. Democrats and their media allies demonized Trump for years and spread propaganda about him showing their fear of a powerful Trump return in the upcoming elections.

But Trump still notched major achievements both at home and abroad. He even earned Nobel Peace Prize nominations for historic progress towards Middle East peace and the denuclearization of North Korea.

Biden Agenda ‘National Suicide’

Compare this strong record of accomplishment to the unmitigated disaster of Biden’s years in office. Out-of-control inflation, exploding crime across the US, war and aggression abroad, human waves flooding over the southern border, family members facing insane charges – the list of failures goes on and on.

Far worse than mere incompetence, the Democrats’ socialist agenda is deliberately designed to expand government power at the expense of the people. First Amendment rights are under assault as Big Tech censors dissenting voices. Second Amendment rights face unprecedented attacks.

Religion, the bedrock of civil society, is marginalized while sexual deviancy is exalted. Criminals are coddled while law enforcement is vilified and stripped of resources. Woke gender ideology is forced into schools while parents are labeled domestic terrorists for speaking out.

This twisted far left worldview stems from Marxist critical theory and represents an all-out war on the foundations of American civilization. If left unchecked it will surely destroy the greatest beacon of liberty the world has ever known.

That is why principled politicians like Barr are choosing the country over personal grudges. Another four years of Democrats’ socialism could do irreparable harm that conservatives spend decades trying to undo. The totalitarian tendencies and thuggish tactics of the left know no bounds. This is not just another policy disagreement – it is an existential battle for the soul of America.

Donald Trump is the only leader who has proven he can and will stand up to the woke mob and deliver real results for patriotic, freedom-loving Americans.

He will continue appointing constitutionalist judges, defending religious liberty, securing the border, standing up to China, supporting law enforcement, cutting job-killing regulations, achieving energy independence, and incentivizing growth through tax and economic policies.

Trump’s priorities align with the majority of Americans who believe in God, freedom, and patriotism. As Barr acknowledged, that national suicide mission would do far more long-term damage than a brash and outspoken Trump presidency.

The stakes could not be higher just months before the elections. Americans must make their voices heard and vote to stop socialism in its tracks. Though the left will continue shrieking and smearing all dissent, patriots must stay strong and keep fighting. The US depends on it. Barr and all principled citizens understand this, even those who have had personal falling outs with Trump.

Some may hold their nose, but the choice is clear. Americans need a president who will stand up to the woke mob, not cower and cave to socialist demands. Trump is the only leader with the strength and will to push back against radical leftists who want to fundamentally destroy the shining city on a hill that is America.

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