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Biden White House Admits Trump Prosecution Is Election Scheme


Democrats’ Abuse of Justice Exposed by Startling Admission

Biden White House’s press speaker Karine Jean-Pierre’s startling admission that Trump’s prosecution is election-related lays bare the Democrats’ authoritarian plot to weaponize the justice system against opponents. 

Meanwhile, Biden pedals blatant lies about inflation in a desperate attempt to rewrite history and escape accountability for the economic crisis. With callous disregard for facts, Biden deceives Americans and corrodes his credibility.

As Biden’s rank dishonesty shreds public trust, polls confirm his collapsing support as Trump pulls ahead. But in delusional denial, Biden’s team derides these surveys as fake, clinging to fantasy while their popularity plummets. 

As their feeble excuses and profound detachment from struggling citizens mount daily, Democrats’ day of reckoning approaches.

This November, furious Americans will sweep them from power, finally shattering the hubris that blinded them to the coming firestorm. 

The White House confession lays bare the Democrats’ hypocrisy and perversion of justice for political gain. Biden’s willful deception reveals a man unfit for office who prioritizes deceit over governing.

This electoral wave will force a reckoning upon failed leaders drunk on hubris but abandoned by the people’s trust. The White House confession, Biden’s lies, and denial expose a party crumbling before Americans’ seething anger. Come November, the left’s flimsy façade will be shattered beyond recovery.

White House Admits Attack On Trump Connected To 2024 Race

The White House just inadvertently let the cat out of the bag. When asked about political leaders attending Trump’s bogus New York trial, Biden spokesperson Karine Jean Pierre essentially admitted it’s all connected to the 2024 election. 

She claimed she “can’t speak to this” because it’s “related to the 2024 elections.” There it is – straight from the Biden team – confirmation of what Trump supporters suspected all along. Democrats are abusing the legal system to wage election warfare.

This startling confession reveals the truth behind the endless partisan witch hunts against Trump. Democrats are cynically weaponizing the justice system as a political attack for electoral gain.

These aren’t legitimate criminal cases – they are dirty campaign tactics dressed up in legal proceedings. The White House’s tacit admission proves Trump voters’ long-held belief. Democrats are using sham prosecutions and show trials to sabotage Republicans.

Of course, the Biden team never intended to openly state their election meddling motives. Jean Pierre quickly realized her blunder. But the damage was done – the truth emerged. For all their bogus rhetoric about “justice,” Democrats view these cases as useful electoral tools. 

It explains their thuggish targeting of Trump and allies with flimsy retroactive charges right as the 2024 race heats up. This is abuse of power, plain and simple.

Astoundingly, the White House thinks it’s acceptable to erode impartial justice for political gain. They arrogantly assume nobody will notice their partisan perversion of the system. In reality, citizens see through Democrats’ crooked plan. 

Weaponizing legal proceedings to influence elections is the hallmark of banana republics, not free democracies. If left unchecked, Democrats’ misconduct will inflict lasting damage on America’s institutions.

Conservatives must expose this rank hypocrisy and hold Democrats accountable. The White House’s confession strips away any pretense that these cases aren’t politically motivated. Democrats are rigging the system against their opponents. 

This is the totalitarian behavior of third world dictators, not ethical public servants. All Americans who care about equal justice under law must unite against such brazen corruption.

This scheme represents a new low for the radical left. They barely even try to disguise their authoritarian attempts to cripple opposition leaders through legal harassment. If they get away with persecuting Trump, no conservative is safe. 

Thankfully, the White House slipped up and revealed Democrats’ tyrannical plot. Now patriots must stand together, defend liberty, and defeat the left’s despicable attack on justice.

Biden Repeatedly Lies About Inflation In Desperate Rewrite

Meanwhile, Biden and his campaign sit in desperation for any bait that might come in their way. For the second time in a week, Biden shamelessly lied about inflation in an attempt to rewrite history. 

When asked about inflation during a Yahoo Finance interview, Biden falsely claimed it was 9% when he became president in January 2021. In reality, inflation was only 1.4% when Biden entered the White House.

Once again, the President is brazenly misstating facts to escape accountability for the economic crisis unfolding under his watch. His repetition of the same inflammatory lie even after being corrected shows stunning disregard for the truth. Biden is deliberately misleading Americans about his culpability for record-high inflation squeezing family budgets.

Unsurprisingly, journalists and conservatives immediately called out Biden’s deception. The Republican National Committee lambasted Biden’s constant lies and noted inflation only hit 9% in June 2022, long after liberal policies triggered rapid price hikes. 

Biden’s false narrative aims to blame his predecessor for today’s economic woes. But the timeline proves liberal overspending sent inflation soaring well into Biden’s term.

Astoundingly, this is now the second time in a week Biden has tried peddling the same ludicrous inflation lie. He again claimed inflation was 9% when he took over, after fact-checkers rebuked his initial falsehood. 

Biden is shamelessly hoping repetition will cause his fabrication to stick. In reality, he is destroying his credibility and public trust.

Biden’s galling dishonesty seeks to absolve him of inflaming inflation. But voters know liberal policies like wasteful stimulus checks fueled rising prices. 

Biden concentrates on misleading soundbites, while families struggle with a crisis he exacerbated. His willful denial of the facts prevents urgently needed course correction.

Biden cannot be allowed to rewrite history and duck responsibility. Conservatives must relentlessly correct his dishonest inflation narrative. Biden’s credibility is crumbling, along with public faith in his leadership.

Moreover, A new round of polls delivered disastrous news for Joe Biden’s reelection hopes. Surveys by the New York Times showed Trump dominating Biden in 6 key battleground states. But rather than confronting this harsh data, Biden’s team took the coward’s way out and claimed the polls must be fake.

After the Times polls showed Trump trouncing Biden across swing states like Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada, the Biden campaign lashed out on Twitter. 

They angrily labeled the surveys as unrealistic outliers, insisting there’s “no way” Trump is really leading by double digits in Nevada. This reveals the Biden team’s state of complete denial. With polls trending against them, they plug their ears and pretend the numbers are bogus.

Of course, Biden loved touting polls back when they showed him ahead. But now that surveys reveal his collapsing support, suddenly they’re all invalid. This hypocrisy exposes the Biden campaign’s desperation. 

Biden Stuck In Fantasyland As Surveys Signal Voter Fury Towards Democrats

They know Biden is profoundly unpopular, so they ostrich-like bury their heads in the sand. Dismissing factual data as fake may soothe their egos, but it won’t win elections.

Now Biden is similarly attacking accurate polls he doesn’t like. But this stick-your-head-in-the-sand approach solved nothing for Trump then, and it dooms Biden’s hopes now.

In truth, the Times polling aligns with Biden’s broader collapse across multiple surveys. Aggregates show Trump surging as Biden hemorrhages support among Hispanics, youth, and even 19% of black voters. 

Biden may find these facts inconvenient, but mathematically, Trump is winning right now.

Of course the race can shift, but Biden can’t regain ground while living in a fantasyland ignoring his problems. 

The Biden team’s polling delusions echo the candidate’s disconnect from voters. Biden keeps declaring the economy strong while families struggle, and touts his mental fitness while bungling basic facts. He’s laughably out of touch.

With Biden stubbornly downplaying his unpopularity, Democrats are hurtling towards disaster. The president has lost the plot, trusting bluster over cold hard facts. 

But no amount of fake bravado will convince voters watching their livelihoods crumble that Democrats deserve power. Biden’s profound disconnect from the struggles of working Americans spells doom for his party.

Biden essentially cedes the election with his refusal to acknowledge reality. If he remains cocooned in a fantasyland ignoring public discontent, voters will force him back to Earth with a crushing defeat. Biden can keep attacking accurate polls all he wants, but it won’t stop the red tsunami heading Democrats’ way. 

Biden and the Democrats cannot evade accountability forever. Their days of making flimsy excuses are over. The American people have lost patience with feeble liberal rhetoric detached from reality. 

This November, voters will unleash their simmering fury at the ballot box as a long-overdue reckoning sweeps Democrats from power. Biden’s party will finally pay the price for its mounting failures and have nowhere left to hide.

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