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Biden Under Fire For Boosting Reelection Scandal


Biden SBA Partnership Raises Alarm Bells

Biden administration finds itself embroiled in yet another ethical scandal, this time involving questionable efforts by a federal agency to register Democratic voters in a key swing state. The controversial initiative has prompted Congressional subpoenas and accusations of illegal politicization from legal experts.

The drama stems from a voter registration partnership between the Small Business Administration and the state of Michigan – considered a must-win for Biden in 2024. This unprecedented arrangement raised alarm bells about inappropriate electioneering by the SBA.

When agency officials stonewalled Congressional oversight, a House committee took the historic step of issuing subpoenas. The American people deserve transparency about whether taxpayer resources were misused for partisan advantage.

This is just the latest ethical controversy for an administration promising to restore integrity to Washington. Earlier, Biden’s DOJ came under fire for allegedly seeking to register federal prisoners as voters.

Taken together, these incidents fuel criticism that a struggling president is improperly weaponizing the federal bureaucracy to boost his own reelection prospects. Yet Biden insists no ethical lines have been crossed.

The White House now faces a new storm over paying college students to register voters using federal work study funds. Legal experts contend this scheme likely breaches electioneering prohibitions and misuses taxpayer dollars.

Desperate Biden Leverages for Partisan Gain

The latest blow to Biden’s flailing administration and campaign comes in the form of a subpoena from the House Committee on Small Business. The committee is rightfully demanding answers about the SBA’s highly questionable efforts to divert resources towards registering Democratic voters in Michigan. 

Biden’s SBA announced an unprecedented partnership with Michigan back in March to promote voter registration under the guise of “civic engagement.” This blatant electioneering by a government agency raised immediate alarm bells.

but SBA officials Arthur Plewes and Tyler Robinson have repeatedly dodged the Committee’s questions. Their stonewalling forced the Committee’s hand in issuing subpoenas, an historic first for the SBA.

The American people deserve transparency about Biden’s brazen politicization of federal agencies.

Investigations have already revealed the SBA’s voter registration events are conveniently targeting Democratic strongholds like Detroit. Meanwhile, swing counties with surging voter registration just happen to align with key Dem demographics like young and Black voters.

This is just the latest ethical scandal emerging from Biden’s camp as his poll numbers continue to plummet. Biden’s campaign is clearly exploiting the SBA to tip the scales in this critical swing state. So much for bipartisanship and unity from the struggling president.

Biden’s voter registration executive order last year mandated every agency to get involved in electioneering activities under the guise of promoting “equity.” 

The SBA has utterly abandoned its mission of helping small businesses in order to carry water for the DNC. And if this is happening in Michigan, who knows what other swing states are being targeted by Biden’s campaign?

Biden’s DOJ has also been exposed for its attempts to register federal prisoners, including potentially illegal immigrants and felons. States like Mississippi are rightly pushing back against this blatant attempt to pad the voter rolls with Biden supporters. 

Taken together, these incidents paint a picture of an increasingly desperate president leveraging the full weight of the federal government to cling to power.

Meanwhile, Biden continues to deny that his administration has been anything but ethical and above-board. But the string of scandals emerging from multiple agencies tells a far different story. 

This is an administration dragged down by controversy, stonewalling, and questionable tactics as Biden’s approval plummets. The American people are tired of the evasiveness and politicization from the White House.

Biden clearly recognizes that his flailing campaign cannot win on his record alone. That’s why federal agencies like the SBA are being conscripted into blatantly unethical voter registration efforts in key swing states. 

Biden Chicago-Style Politics Destroys Trust in Government

Biden is now governing to win elections at all costs instead of uniting the country as he promised. His Chicago-style politics are destroying trust in government institutions.

Stonewalling by Biden appointees cannot stand. Transparency and ethics in government should be bipartisan issues. But under Biden, agencies are working first and foremost to re-elect Democrats at all costs.

Biden’s approval continues to crater as scandals mount, and his desperate campaign knows Michigan is a must-win. So the administration is pulling out all the unethical stops to tip the scales there. 

The SBA’s dodgy voter registration partnership is likely just the tip of the iceberg. Biden knows his far-left policies are unpopular with voters, so he’s resorting to shady tactics to cling to power. Americans can see through the charade.

The House Committee is right to use subpoena power aggressively to uncover the truth about Biden’s SBA. Their oversight is ensuring transparency and accountability at a time when the administration is clearly attempting to operate in the shadows. 

Meanwhile, Biden continues to deny reality as his campaign flounders under the weight of self-inflicted scandals and unpopularity. His sinking presidency is dragging Democrats down across the country.

Biden promised to restore ethics and bipartisanship to Washington, but his actions tell a far different story. The mounting scandals engulfing federal agencies expose an administration desperately abusing power to aid Biden’s struggling campaign.

The White House stonewalls and deflects criticism at every turn while Americans suffer. Biden’s hubris led him to believe he could politicize agencies with impunity. Now he’s learning otherwise as subpoenas and investigations rightfully intensify.

The House Committee’s subpoenas mark a new phase of scrutiny into Biden’s improperly politicized administration. Officials like Plewes and Robinson can either comply with the investigation or face consequences for their continued stonewalling. 

Either way, the truth will emerge regarding Biden’s unprecedented weaponization of agencies like the SBA for partisan advantage. The scandal marks a new low for a president already dragged down by self-inflicted crises as his approval plummets. Voters are watching closely.

Last but not least, the Biden’s administration is also accused of using the taxpayer funds to help his campaign with student voter registration scheme, speaking of a desperate and lowly move from a president and his team.

The Biden administration is facing intense scrutiny over an effort to pay college students to register voters using taxpayer dollars. Legal experts warn this scheme could illegally support Biden’s own reelection campaign in 2024. 

Vice President Harris Plays The Righteous Card

Once again, the White House stands accused of misusing funds for blatant partisan advantage. This is just the latest ethical lapse for an administration premised on “restoring ethics” to Washington.

Vice President Harris recently announced the administration will tap federal work study funds to pay students to register voters. She claims this nonpartisan effort will “engage our young leaders” in democracy.

Watchdog groups argue funneling federal funds into voter registration categorically aids the incumbent, Biden himself. The entire federal government has essentially become a turnout machine for the DNC under Biden’s control. 

Allies dismiss ethical concerns and abuse of power allegations by claiming “expanding access” to voting. But make no mistake, this scheme benefits the Democrats alone.

Legal experts assert the student voter registration push likely violates the Hatch Act prohibiting executive branch employees from engaging in electioneering. It also breaches federal law preventing misuse of taxpayer dollars for unauthorized political purposes. 

This is a transparent case of Biden leveraging government power to boost his own reelection prospects. So much for pledges to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

The Department of Education is complicit in this partisan scheme, recently “clarifying” that work study funds can support voter registration. In reality, they are stretching legal boundaries to the breaking point solely to assist the Biden campaign. 

Executive agencies are supposed to implement the law in good faith, not twist it for political gain. This scandal has abuse of power written all over it, In wrongly utilizing federal funds for voter registration schemes.

The Biden administration has opened itself to serious charges of illegal electioneering and abuse of power. Legal experts contend they have crossed bright ethical and legal lines in pursuit of partisan advantage. The White House repeatedly places political gain over principle.

Once again, the administration stands accused of leveraging government power for political gain under the hollow guise of promoting participation. But many see a desperate incumbent blatantly rigging the system in his favor.

This swirling ethical morass speaks to deeper concerns that Biden has forsaken his pledges of bipartisanship in favor of whatever it takes to cling to power. Yet subpoenas and oversight aim to peel back the layers of impropriety and restore accountability.

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