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Biden Team Shields Biden from Risky Trump Debate


Biden Quickly Backtracks After Happily Agreeing to Debate

Biden is once again hiding from direct debate, the contrast is stark between indomitable Trump barreling ahead impervious to distractions versus cowering Biden’s reticence to defend his failed tenure.

While bold Trump powers through barrage after barrage this week confronting distractions and presses forward- from the farcical Mar-a-Lago raid to turncoat Kennedys backing Biden – he remains laser focused on victory. 

Yet fragile Biden, when simply confronted with the prospect of facing mentally superior Trump unfiltered, recoils behind his handlers terrified. 

The data doesn’t lie – Biden hemorrhages support, especially among once-loyal youth, knowing he can’t withstand exposure of his frailties under the glare of an unscripted Trump matchup.

Gone would be Biden’s rhetorical crutches; only his bumbling incoherence remaining as master persuader Trump verbally dismantles the feeble shadow of Biden compared to Trump’s proven executive command. 

Biden’s admittance of happiness to debate was telling Freudian slip – quickly retracted by panicked aides who know Biden turns intelligibly cowardly sans teleprompter. 

While Biden inevitably continues declining, Trump powers forward undimmed toward decisive 2024 victory fueled by his warrior spirit and fortified base. The contrast is now undeniable between lion Trump, and cowering Biden.

The data and polls revealing Biden’s shrinking support, especially among youth, affirm his misgivings about debating master persuader Trump are well-founded.

Biden knows his crutch of scripted speeches would be removed in an unfiltered debate matchup, likely revealing an incoherent, floundering shell of the executive Trump proved to be.

Embarrassing Public Display Against Joe Biden

Once again, Joe Biden and his team has made a public display on not facing Donald Trump in open debate. We see feeble Biden duck and cover when confronted with the notion of debating strongman Trump. 

According to Politico, Biden’s team is terrified of exposing the gaffe-prone president on live TV versus the quick-witted Trump. Apparently the White House prefers keeping Biden packed away in the bubble wrap instead of facing his old foe.

Biden foolishly said he’d be “happy” to debate Trump, forcing his anxious aides to do damage control. Biden has a habit of erratic statements when he’s off script. You can imagine the panic in the White House – they know Unfiltered Biden would get steamrolled by skilled orator Trump.

“I’m curious what Jen Psaki’s reaction would have been like, if she was still in the White House, when she heard President Biden blurt out during a live interview that he was gonna debate,” said Martin, who also serves as Politico’s senior political columnist.

“Because Biden folks don’t want him to debate. They don’t want to give Trump that platform and risk exposing Biden like that on national TV.”

According to Politico, Biden’s team wants him on equal footing with Trump before debating. But we know the truth – Biden has lost immense ground and can’t go toe-to-toe anymore with Vigorous Trump. A debate would be the final humiliation for Fragile Biden.

Let’s be honest – Biden’s team understands he would be roundly dominated and overpowered in a straightforward debate versus a masculine persona like Trump. That’s why they want training wheels for fragile Biden. But nothing can disguise his marked weakness compared to Trump.

It’s obvious feeble Biden could not withstand the crushing defeat vigorous Trump would inflict in direct head-to-head debate. That’s why Biden’s caregivers shield him from unfiltered exposure that would highlight his frailty compared to enduring Trump.

If Biden had half of Trump’s vitality and mental muscle, his advisers would push for debates, not protect him from them. Biden’s reluctance exposes the harsh reality – he no longer boasts the energy or cognition to directly face Trump’s superiority.

He can hide from scrutiny amid mounting catastrophes, but he can’t escape accountability forever. Trump the Fighter would revel in finally confronting Biden’s floundering face-to-face in an even match to expose his mounting failures.

Don’t let Biden’s defenders detract cultural issues. Americans recognize the core liability is Biden’s impotence on the economy, border, crime and international affairs. Trump would clobber enfeebled Biden on these policy failures in a debate.

Team Caught Lacking To Avoid Debate

Bluntly put, Biden currently lacks the mental stamina and acuity for rigorous policy debates. His team understands this deficiency would become unambiguous when contrasted with astute Trump. Thus, they avoid risky unscripted venues.

The crux is Biden Fears Debating Trump after flailing in office. He knows an alpha persona like Trump would end Biden by exposing his ineptitude through direct confrontation. Biden is wholly overmatched.

Despite bluster, timid Biden dreads seasoned pro Trump spotlighting his leadership inadequacies after reversing Trump’s successes. Biden may talk tough but inside he quakes at facing the heavyweight who would intellectually pummel him.

Even with the Dems and RINOs ganging up to try silencing him, the indefatigable Trump powers on towards victory in 2024. This week, Trump confronted a barrage of distractions – from the bogus Mar-a-Lago raid to turncoat Kennedys backing of Biden. Yet stalwart Trump remains locked on the ultimate prize, rallying the base.

A Quinnipiac poll released last week found Kennedy with 16% support overall, with Trump and Biden each at 37%. He pulled significant support from Trump and Biden with voters aged 18-34, garnering 19% support, but still trailed the former president (34%) and president (30%).

The same poll taken last fall showed Kennedy leading Trump and Biden with voters aged 18-34, getting 39% to their 27% and 32% respectively. However, that poll did not include West and Stein.

While the colluding Dems and GOP establishment fruitlessly try manufacturing legal pretexts to hobble ascendant Trump, the Lion remains undaunted. Trump perceptively calls third-party candidate RFK Jr’s campaign a wasted gambit, urging supporters to stay focused on the fight ahead.

Shrewd Trump surely recognizes RFK Jr’s vanity campaign is likely a thinly-veiled Dem plot to siphon his votes. But crafty Trump is 5 steps ahead, with an army united behind his Make America Great Again crusade. These desperate divide-and-conquer tactics won’t divert Trump Nation.

Their transparent political publicity stunt earns only an eye roll from resolute Trump. He can’t be distracted from his epic quest to resurrect American greatness.

Trump Charges Ahead Toward 2024 While Biden Retreats

While Dems, RINOs and assorted Trump-haters flail trying to stop the indomitable Trump movement, the boss remains focused on the ultimate prize – restoring America’s strength. Their flimsy attacks only further galvanize Trump and his legions for the monumental clash ahead.

Both parties know only Trump has the vision, will and grit to lead America from the darkness back into the light. Their coordinated schemes to hobble Trump reek of desperation. But nothing can halt the Trump train now barreling towards its national renewal destination.

When others see chaos and obstacles, Trump sees opportunity. He effortlessly brushes aside these trivial ankle-biters to keep eyes fixed on advancing his nation-saving agenda. Trump’s warrior spirit cannot be defeated or deterred from redeeming America.

While Dems and old guard Republicans myopically play checkers, strategic Trump stays 10 moves ahead playing chess, navigating their self-serving trickery. No matter their attacks, unflinching champion Trump remains planted in the foxhole fighting for us.

Trump’s declarations of running and winning in 2024 continue gaining momentum despite the bombardment of distractions. Trump alone has the cunning, vision and spine to steer America off its current disastrous course. His will remains unbroken.

In summary, formidable Trump powers forward undaunted despite the endless attacks and roadblocks. His steely focus on America’s renewal remains unchanged. Trump knows reclaiming the White House is the only path to stopping this nation’s decline. Onward to victory.

Once again, the contrast is stark between Trump’s unwavering focus on America’s renewal versus weak Biden’s reticence to defend his failed tenure under the public scrutiny of direct debate. 

While Trump boldly confronts distractions and presses forward, Biden cowers behind handlers, afraid to face the exposure of his obvious deficiencies when put to the test against his mentally superior predecessor. 

The data and polls revealing Biden’s shrinking support, especially among youth, affirm his misgivings about debating master persuader Trump are well-founded.

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