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Biden Support Plummets as Trump Makes Historic Inroads


Biden Pandering Fails as Minority Voters Reject Him

A massive political eruption is rocking the Democratic Party to its core as Joe Biden witnesses a historic collapse of support among minority voters. Polls point to an unprecedented reckoning underway that could realign American politics permanently.  

Biden is hemorrhaging Black Americans and Hispanic support as Donald Trump makes shockingly deep inroads with both groups. Experts warn the minorities exodus could prove an extinction-level event for Biden and the Democrats all together.

In a desperate last-ditch effort, Biden embarked on a campaign trip to Philadelphia steeped in hypocrisy and fabrication. But the spectacle seemed only to confirm that the Democrats’ days may be numbered. 

At an embarrassing event some are dubbing “Biden’s Fyre Festival,” the president touted a tone-deaf new initiative panderingly named “Black Voters for Biden-Harris.” Yet the half-empty auditorium foreshadowed the minority voter mutiny already underway.

After decades exploiting racial division for votes while failing minorities, Democrats are witnessing their house of cards collapse. Biden proved utterly incapable of engineering an exit strategy from the impending political tsunami.

With minorities openly revolting, Biden seems helpless to prevent the looming right-wing political realignment.

Biden Blatantly Lies About Civil Rights Past to Woo Black Voters

In a desperate attempt to regain support among black voters that has been rapidly sinking, President Biden embarked on a campaign trip to Philadelphia where he harshly accused former President Donald Trump of racism. 

However, Biden’s own record reveals glaring hypocrisy and empty promises when it comes to the black community. 

Biden chose Girard College, a majority-minority boarding school, as the venue to unveil his flailing new campaign initiative “Black Voters for Biden-Harris.” 

Handpicked students and families, who declined to speak to reporters, provided a captive audience that filled only half the gymnasium. 

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris put on an exaggerated show of catering to the black community, despite polls showing their support plummeting among this crucial voting bloc.

A recent survey found Biden’s lead among black voters has plunged a staggering 43 points from his 2020 performance. 

The president who boasted of securing the black vote now frankly told the crowd, “I need you.” Biden proceeded to rattle off a list portraying Trump as racist, desperately trying to energize the passive crowd. 

He slammed Trump for not saying “Black Lives Matter,” pushing the “birther lie” against Barack Obama, and wanting to “tear gas” black people. 

Biden’s attacks on Trump’s racial record reek of hypocrisy given his own history of dishonesty on civil rights issues.

As Biden engages in a desperate campaign to try to regain support among black voters, he has resorted to lies about being involved in the civil rights movement decades ago. However, Biden’s own past remarks contradict these current claims of activism that never actually happened.

Campaigning in Philadelphia, Biden claimed, “I got involved as a kid in the Civil Rights Movement,” specifying “1969” as when his supposed activism began. He later reiterated, “Like I said, in 1969, I got involved deeply in the Civil Rights Movement.”

However, in 1987 Biden admitted the truth: “During the ’60s, I was, in fact, very concerned about the civil rights movement. I was not an activist. I worked at an all-black swimming pool in the east side of Wilmington, Delaware. I was involved in what they were thinking, in what they were feeling. But I was not out marching, I was not down in Selma, I was not anywhere else.”

This pattern of deception raises serious questions about Biden’s integrity. 

If he can lie so blatantly about his record on an issue as iconic and well-documented as the civil rights movement, what else is Biden willing to disassemble about for political gain? His words cannot be trusted.

Biden was never “involved deeply” in the civil rights movement, no matter how many times he asserts that claim. 

Nor was he arrested protesting segregation, despite his anecdotes. He was never a student activist at Delaware State University, though he keeps insinuating that narrative.

Congregants of the black church Biden insists he attended as a teenager deny ever seeing him there. These are not fuzzy memories or harmless exaggerations. They are intentional lies peddled by a cynical politician trying to rewrite his past. 

For decades, Biden misled Americans about his tepid support for civil rights. Only later did he finally admit the truth: “I was not an activist.” 

But now that he desperately needs strong minority support, he dishonors true civil rights heroes by inserting himself into that hallowed history where he does not belong.

Biden’s deception about his civil rights record demonstrates a career-spanning pattern of disingenuousness on racial issues. This contrasts sharply with the perspective of many black voters today. 

According to one black voter, Sharron Hall, she credits Obama with helping her “see the light.” The Obama administration revealed what Democrats truly value: “They’re either for homosexuality or abortion,” Hall said. She added, “It’s always something against God, against nature, and it’s just against my beliefs.”

While Biden tries to portray Trump as racist for not parroting “Black Lives Matter” slogans, many black voters find Biden’s policies the real threat. 

Rikeysha Brown, a Michigan social worker who voted for Obama and Biden, said she is not happy with “all the illegal immigrants coming into this country.” She sees Trump as the “stronger leader,” and switched parties because Biden’s agenda conflicts with her Christian faith. 

Alexandra Knoten, a black woman from Georgia, used to be a loyal Democrat. But researching the issues led her to vote for Trump in 2020.

 When she told friends and family she was switching to the GOP, the “feedback was a lot of positivity.” People expressed pride in her thinking for herself, not just conforming to expectations. Knoten was “surprised” that many others are also considering voting Republican.

Biden and Harris claim America faces a dire threat if Trump is re-elected. But Orlando Owens, a black Republican activist in Milwaukee, sees an opportunity for the GOP by truly listening to minority voters. 

He is working to flip several wards that normally vote Democrat. “This is an opportunity for Republicans,” Owens said, because Democrats are no longer listening to the people. He sees many young black voters ready for change.

While Biden raised the specter of Trump appointing Supreme Court justices who could overturn Roe v. Wade, black voters like Jeniffer Rodriguez care more about other issues. 

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Rodriguez used to assume she had to vote Democrat as a Hispanic immigrant. But under Biden, she felt he threatened her ability to “raise my children.” Biden’s social policies go “against my beliefs and things that I want to teach my children.” 

Wender Angeles, a Hispanic voter in Pennsylvania, originally registered as a Democrat when he immigrated from Peru, connecting the party with “democracy.” 

But he realized “this is not what I believe” as he learned more about the parties. “The Republican Party is more conservative. I am like that,” Angeles explained. His faith leads him to believe the GOP better represents his values.

The supposed party of diversity and inclusion bullies those who dare to depart from the ideology. Orlando Owens, in the heart of Milwaukee’s Democratic stronghold, can’t even put up a Trump yard sign for fear of backlash. 

He described an atmosphere of “intimidation” that attempts to silence minority conservatives. But he and others are bravely speaking out, exposing the hypocrisy of Biden and the Democrats pretending to care about the black community just for their votes.

Polls Confirm Historic Hispanic Voter Shift Toward Trump

In city after city, the same pattern emerges of black and Hispanic voters feeling disillusioned and deceived by Democrats who take their votes for granted. 

These voters identify the Republican Party as more in line with their personal beliefs on life, family, faith and freedom. Black and Hispanic voters increasingly see through Biden’s empty rhetoric, worn-out victimhood mentality, and failed policies. 

Touting economic progress, Biden said he created the “second black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.” It does nothing to improve the everyday lives of struggling minority families. 

Wender Angeles cares about taking care of his wife and four kids. Jeniffer Rodriguez worries about schools pushing sexuality on her children before they are ready. Rikeysha Brown sees Biden’s failure to curb inflation making life unsustainable for working Americans.

These voters represent a historic shift unfolding. The Democrat stranglehold on minority voters is weakening as Biden’s support sinks. 

A recent poll showed 30% of black male voters in battleground states plan to vote for Trump. Hispanic Republican identification has soared from 26% to 35% since Biden took office. 

Michael Rivera, an elected Hispanic commissioner in Pennsylvania, said more are realizing Democrat policies fail to deliver on promises. Rivera declared: “People are leaving the Democratic Party and becoming Republicans.” 

In a desperate ploy to attack this trend, Biden accused Trump of wanting to “turn America into a place of anger, resentment and hate.” 

But quickly more minority voters are recognizing that precisely describes the current state under Biden and the Democrats. Biden’s policies produce hardship and divisiveness, not progress. 

With nothing but failed policies and broken promises to show minority voters, Biden is left spewing tired accusations of racism against his opponent. 

But this gathering storm of minorities supporting conservative principles shows Biden’s exploitative tactics have passed their expiration date. 

The deceptive Democratic orthodoxy proclaiming that minorities must vote blue is being shattered. And that could pave the way for major Republican wins in november.

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