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Biden Smears Trump In Desperate Mother’s Day Attack Ad


Biden Resorts To Manipulation And Negativity

This Mother’s Day, the Biden campaign sunk to a new low by releasing an attack ad smearing Donald Trump. Their desperation is evident. With Biden’s approval in freefall thanks to soaring inflation, they are lashing out with partisan vitriol, even politicizing a holiday meant to honor mothers.

The ad makes misleading claims about Trump’s policies on immigration and abortion, while ignoring Biden’s own cruelty separating families. It drips with hypocrisy and dishonesty. As Trump’s spokesperson noted, this reflects the hatred and resentment consuming the failed Biden team.

Blaming Trump can’t mask Biden’s disastrous leadership. While American families suffered this Mother’s Day from rising prices, empty shelves, and shrinking paychecks, the Biden administration just attacked their opponents. Hardly uplifting.

Details remain murky, but Biden’s latest smear apparently claims the “stakes are high” under Trump. For desperate Democrats, maybe. 

But for American mothers, Trump oversaw prosperity, not hardship. The real stakes are escaping Biden’s failed socialist agenda.

On Mother’s Day, mothers want leaders strong enough to secure their family’s wellbeing, not flailing radicals consumed by anger. The Biden campaign’s nasty video may backfire with voters tired of politicizing everything. 

Even solemn holidays are not off limits for their venomous crusade against Trump. What a sad existence they must live.

Biden Sinks To New Low On Mother’s Day

The Biden campaign has released a new desperate Mother’s Day video attacking Donald Trump demonstrates the ever-more desperate politicking of the flailing Biden administration.

Weaponizing a holiday meant to honor mothers with hysterical partisan attacks is reprehensible. American voters see through this manipulative negativity.

In the video, Biden makes the absurd claim that the “stakes are high” for mothers under a potential second Trump term. But he relies on distortion and dishonesty to make his point. 

“Happy Mother’s Day. At the Biden campaign, we are asking Americans to do the moms in their lives a favor. Stop Trump,” Biden wrote in his campaign ad.

“Families depend on moms – and moms deserve a President they can depend on to protect their rights, work to lower their costs, and fight for them. Donald Trump wasn’t and isn’t that President, but Joe Biden is,” Biden’s campaign wrote.

How low can the Biden campaign sink with their desperate attacks against Trump? Weaponizing Mother’s Day is a new low, but will they continue plumbing new depths?

Allowing states to monitor pregnancies recognizes the sanctity and humanity of life in the womb. And Trump’s strong border policies discouraged the victimization of migrant women and children through dangerous illegal immigration.

Biden also deceitfully claims Trump would “rip families apart.” In reality, the short-lived family separation policy began under Obama. Trump signed an executive order to stop the cruel practice of separating migrant families detained at the border. He worked to keep families together while maintaining rule of law.

In the release, Biden-Harris 2024 senior spokesperson Lauren Hitt said, “The stakes of this election are high for all Americans, but especially moms across our country who will suffer under a second Trump term.

“Under Trump, the government will be allowed to monitor their pregnancies, and rip their families apart. Meanwhile President Biden is fighting to bring back his historic expanded Child 

Tax Credit to give families a little extra breathing room, and ensure paid leave for all Americans. Families depend on moms – and moms deserve a President they can depend on to protect their rights, work to lower their costs, and fight for them. Donald Trump wasn’t and isn’t that President, but Joe Biden is.”

The Biden campaign further alleges Trump “proudly separated mothers from children.” This is blatantly untrue. Trump’s administration made it a priority to minimize family separation and reverse the heartless policies enacted by Biden and Obama. Just more disinformation from the Democrats.

Trump’s Team Stands Against Fake Ads Again

In response to the ad, Trump’s spokesperson Steven Cheung told Newsweek via email on Sunday, “What a sad, miserable, cowardly existence Crooked Joe Biden and his campaign must have had to make such a disgusting ad on such a joyous day. Their lives are obviously filled with anger, hate, and resentment because they clearly suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Trump’s team told Fox News Digital.

“President Trump continues to live rent-free in their pea-sized brains, even on Mother’s Day.”

On economics, Biden’s attacks on Trump are equally dishonest. Under Trump, median household income rose $5,000 annually pre-pandemic. Unemployment hit record lows, inflation was minimal, and wages were rising rapidly across the board. Trump’s policies brought tremendous prosperity.

Meanwhile, under Biden’s the economy is going downhill and Biden keeps neglecting it and focusing on how to defeat Trump, knowing that his campaign is falling apart.

Republican Ohio Sen. JD Vance summed up the ongoing vs Trump as a Democratic effort to distract from the fact that “the world is on fire” under the Biden administration.

“This is about the fact that President Joe Biden has a failed record as commander in chief and leader of this country, and the Democrats can’t talk about that. So what they’re doing is putting these trials out there and saying, ‘Focus on this, not on the fact that the world is on fire and the fact that you’ve gotten poor under the presidency of Joe Biden,'”

In just one short year, Biden has reversed all that progress. Inflation is now over 9%, reversing wage gains and reducing family purchasing power. Middle class prosperity has eroded quickly under progressive policies. Mothers and families are suffering from Biden’s failed leadership.

With Biden’s approval in freefall thanks to 40-year high inflation and economic malaise, the Democrats have resorted to vindictive partisan attacks on Trump. But American mothers care about policy results, not petty politicking. Smearing opponents is no substitute for competence.

With Biden’s America spiraling into misery, can any amount of scapegoating erase his abysmal record in real families’ eyes?

Trump delivered phenomenal results that improved family security and opportunity. Unemployment fell to record lows, incomes rose, and prospects expanded even for disadvantaged groups. 

In a short time, Biden has squandered all that progress with failed socialist policies.

This Mother’s Day should be free of such blatant politicization. We should reject clumsy partisan attacks and instead celebrate American mothers’ countless sacrifices for their children and families. Biden’s video is a crass political ploy.

Biden’s Team Consumed With Hatred And Arrogance

The stakes are high in the coming elections, but angry attacks won’t improve mothers’ lives. Only conservative policies that restore prosperity through freedom and opportunity will do that. Mothers want their family’s well being secured, not more empty raging from incompetent leaders.

The Biden campaign’s reprehensible new Mother’s Day attack ad against Trump demonstrates their sheer desperation. With Biden’s approval tanking, they have resorted to dishonest politicization of a holiday meant to honor mothers. This is a new low in gutter politics.

As Trump’s spokesperson correctly stated, this ad reflects the anger, hatred and resentment consuming the Biden team in the face of their failed leadership. Their lives seem filled with nothing but Trump derangement syndrome.

Biden’s claims that the stakes are high under a potential Trump second term are purposefully misleading. Trump’s border policies aimed to protect migrant women and children from exploitation. His pro-life policies recognize the humanity of the unborn. And his administration made it a priority to minimize family separation and reverse Obama-era cruelty.

The notion that Trump “ripped families apart” or “proudly separated mothers from children” is patently false, as proven by his executive order ending those policies. Trump worked compassionately to keep migrant families together.

Meanwhile, Biden has unleashed disaster for American mothers and families. Trump oversaw tremendous middle class prosperity, with rising wages and record-low unemployment. In just one year, Biden has brought punishing inflation, erasing family budget gains.

Mothers and families are suffering under Biden’s failed progressive leadership. Everything is more expensive, incomes can’t keep pace, and shortages plague essential goods. This is Biden’s America.

Rather than take responsibility, the Biden administration has pitifully resorted to vindictive smears of President Trump. But moms see through such desperate, partisan attacks. They want leaders who produce stability and prosperity, not wild-eyed radicals consumed by hatred.

On this Mother’s Day, we should be uplifting and celebrating American mothers, not tearing down political opponents. Biden’s nasty campaign ad is the epitome of everything wrong with today’s toxic politics.

In the upcoming elections, mothers will undoubtedly reject this darkness. President Trump oversaw an America where families thrived and opportunity abounded. The contrast with Biden’s faltering leadership could not be more stark.

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