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Biden Shielded by The Mainstream Media After Cannibal Lie


A Lie Like No Other

In a bizarre display unbecoming of the leader of the free world, President Biden recently wove a fantastical tale about his uncle being eaten by cannibals in World War II.

This utterly unhinged fabrication casts serious doubt on Biden’s mental fitness and proximity to reality. Yet the partisan mainstream press and the White House press secretary downplays his obvious cognitive decline, protecting the failing leader they installed.

But the American people see through the ruse and grow alarmed as the President reveals a fragile grip on the truth.

Because this is hardly an isolated incident either, as Biden accumulates falsehoods on everything from family to finances.

Naturally, the biassed mainstream media rushes to excuse each fabrication as an innocent “gaffe.” But they would crucify any Republican president this untethered from basic reality.

Americans demand accountability. Americans demand the United States to be governed by a functional and aware leader that will make this nation great once again.

Americans demand none other than Donald Trump.

Biden Cannibal Lie

President Biden recently made confusing and concerning remarks that seemingly fabricated details about his uncle’s death in World War II.

While paying respects to fallen service members, Biden claimed his uncle was “shot down” and eaten by cannibals after crashing in the Pacific. Yet Pentagon records contradict both assertions, exposing this as another instance of Biden’s frequent public confusion and embellishment regarding his family history.

According to official accounts, Biden’s uncle Second Lieutenant Ambrose Finnegan died heroically when engine failure forced his bomber to ditch into the ocean, not from being shot down. And there is zero evidence cannibals contributed to his death. The White House could not explain why Biden invented such an inflammatory claim.

This bizarre episode highlights growing worries over Biden’s mental acuity and his inability to accurately recollect basic facts, even regarding his own relatives.

He also cannot keep straight intricacies of meetings with world leaders.

These ever-increasing memory lapses raise serious doubt about his capacity to lead the greatest and most powerful first world nation in the United States.

Biden Being Shielded By the Media

Of course, the partisan mainstream media downplays Biden’s obvious cognitive decline. They even make pathetic excuses to explain away his frequent nonsensical ramblings.

They claim he simply had an “emotional moment” when fabricating details about his uncle’s death. But being so detached from reality is not normal behaviour for the leader of the free world, no matter how sentimental the setting may be.

It is impossible to imagine the media firestorm if Trump gave a similar statement confusing and dramatising his own family’s wartime history.

He would have been utterly skewered for days. But Biden is shielded by a protective press who suppress his never-ending parade of verbal gaffes and falsehoods. Their see-no-evil approach poses a serious disservice to the public.

Asked to explain Biden’s claim that his uncle was “shot down and eaten by cannibals” in World War II, the white house administration has scrambled to smooth over the President’s penchant for embellishing stories with fictional details. But their excuses ring hollow and only reinforce concerns over Biden’s tendency to fabricate assertions completely detached from reality.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted Biden was just having an “emotional moment” about his uncle’s sacrifice. She maintained he was speaking symbolically to make a point, not relaying factual events.

Do they think we are simpletons who will accept such an egregious explanation? Who had ever spoken symbolically about a death in his family by adding that cannibals caused the death? This absurd spin treats the public like fools unable to recognize when the President blurts utter fantasy as though it were truth.

Jean-Pierre also dubiously claimed Biden was honoring the “sacred commitment” to troops by not calling them “suckers and losers.” This – again – was a ham-fisted attempt to divert attention to a long-ago discredited media hit-job accusing Trump of disparaging the military.

The White House dredged up that old fake news to distract from Biden’s obvious struggles with basic facts.

The White House administration believes some emotional window dressing and Trump references can whitewash the President confessing to utter delusion.

But when the commander-in-chief cannot separate reality from fiction regarding his own family history, it suggests profound cognitive issues demanding scrutiny.

The White House press shop should be transparent about Biden’s state of mind, not making preposterous excuses for gaslighting falsehoods.

In a healthy republic, the media would demand clear answers if the president publicly embraced wild fantasies about a close family member. They would dig for the truth rather than parrot the administration’s transparent spin. But this is not what the mainstream media chose to do in this case.

Despite military records definitively contradicting key parts of Biden’s story, many liberal news organisations could not bring themselves to directly call out Biden’s outright lies.

NBC News gently characterised the imaginary claims as an “apparent misstatement.” The Associated Press was only willing to say Biden “misstated key details.” And CNN benignly reported he gave an “accounting” that “differs” from official records. Was there ever another president in the history of the United States that had this much care and softness when being handled by the mainstream press? Maybe, but that does not excuse biden form joining the shameful ranks.

Contrast this to the hair-trigger “lie” accusations routinely hurled at Donald Trump for far more ambiguous statements.

The same reporters who make tortured excuses for Biden rated Trump’s campaign rhetoric on the “Pinocchio scale.” They built elaborate “lie databases” to paint him as uniquely dishonest. But when their favoured politician spins utter fantasy, they default to spinning for him.

And they are probably getting dizzy by now with all the lying and misremembering that Biden has been doing lately. Because this has never been an outlier with Biden, it has always been the norm.

A History of Mistakes

His cannibal story was just the most egregious of many lies during his Pennsylvania campaign.
For example, Biden wrongly stated his annual income never topped $400,000, despite currently earning this very same $400,000 salary. This fiscal memory is definitely the one that should be running the show.

He falsely claimed a $2,000 cap on seniors’ drug spending starts in 2024, when it actually begins in 2025. And he vastly overstated the impact of his corporate minimum tax, which will still allow profitable giants to pay zero federal tax.

Biden also severely lowballed the tax rates paid by billionaires and misleadingly took credit for deficit reduction that primarily resulted from expiration of emergency pandemic relief. His loose grasp of details was on full display, regardless of the topic.

Biden’s relationship with honesty will only continue deteriorating without accountability. His fragile grip on reality requires thoughtful analysis, not dismissive rationalisations.

Conservatives should continue pushing for transparency about Biden’s condition. We want America to thrive under strong, stable leadership. But ignoring presidential instability serves nobody’s interests.

Biden’s farcical cannibal story is merely the latest red flag something is amiss. Honesty compels us to ask tough questions, even when difficult.

America deserves confidence in her commander-in-chief’s clarity of mind, judgement and vision. Biden’s proliferation of falsehoods jeopardises this basic trust. And his weak and brazen efforts to silence his opposition in the former president Donald Trump, shows that even if he lost his grip on reality, Biden can be fully aware of the danger that will be afoot if Trump and him debated one on one.

The American people see the game that is being played right in front of their eyes and they are choosing the truth and to divert all their efforts to making America great once again.

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