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Biden Mocks Trump in Unfunny White House Dinner Speech


White House Dinner Bombs

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner this Saturday provided a nauseating glimpse into the hubris and hypocrisy of DC elites with Biden atop this corrupt list.

President Biden and his wingman Colin Jost took nasty, hyper-partisan shots under the guise of “jokes” aimed at conservatives and the former president, Donald Trump.

Biden especially revealed his bitterness, unleashing a torrent of angry attacks on Trump all while taunting the former president for his legal woes. The arrogant and out-of-touch establishment applauded while hard-working Americans were left enraged

Biden’s hostility and Jost’s smugness showcase a political-media complex utterly detached from the concerns of millions of citizens they belittle and bully.

The president devoted more bile to insulting his predecessor than discussing solutions for real problems like 40-year high inflation or how he is expiring highly regarded Trump tax cuts in further effort to tank the U.S. economy.

An unfunny clown show meant to amuse equally unfunny clowns; It is pretty clear the oval office is in dire need of a Trump injection to fight off all the corruption.

Biden Thinks He is a Comedian

The annual spectacle of Washington D.C.’s media and political elites gathering for a night of self-congratulation and roasting was on full display this Saturday at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

President Biden and Saturday Night Live cast member Colin Jost provided the evening’s entertainment, opting for a barrage of mean-spirited and cowardly barbs aimed at conservatives and Donald Trump alike, only for it to end up bombing in retrospect.

Biden, looking weary at 81 years old, pretended he had a modicum of the charisma that Trump naturally possesses and proceeded to pretend to be a roaster-in-chief with relish.

In a divisive and angry speech, he unleashed a torrent of caustic insults at his predecessor, Donald Trump, showing that pettiness remains his strongest suit.

Attempting comedy but achieving only bitterness, Biden’s overt hostility exemplified the deep rancour still simmering after the 2020 election.

The President wasted no time in viciously mocking the former President, now his likely 2024 opponent. Referencing Trump’s “sleepy Joe” nickname for him, Biden fired back by calling Trump a “sleepy don” and saying he felt like a “grown man running against a six-year-old.” Does Biden really think that taking an insult and replacing one name with another is clever? Or does he think calling your opponent a child is how you win political ground? Clearly his mind is in the gutter if any of these questions are answered with a yes.

And if you thought this was the end of the lame snides then Biden will prove you wrong as he soon moved on to mocking Trump’s dispute with former Vice President Mike Pence over election results, quipping smugly that his own Vice President Kamala Harris actually endorses him. Funny how that is Biden’s way of remembering the events on january 6th and the subsequent revelations that came after it.

The President also took juvenile potshots at Trump over his ongoing legal issues, including the Stormy Daniels lawsuit. Ever above the fray, Biden joked crassly about “stormy weather” in an attempt at humor with nobody home.

He further attacked Trump over selling Bibles, claiming Trump stopped reading Scripture upon seeing “no other gods before me.”

Of course, joking about someone’s faith is entirely appropriate for the leader of the free world. But humorlessness and hostility have become Biden’s signature traits when not constrained by his handlers.

Biden predictably took some swipes at the media too, joking about ignoring their questions and slamming The New York Times for criticizing his avoidance of journalists. He remarked snidely that if insulting the Times is what it takes to be seen as active and effective, he’s all for it.

After his barrage of insults, Biden struck a fleeting serious note about the importance of the upcoming election. But his calls for unity rang hollow following such a petty and divisive diatribe.

The media sycophants and celebrities in attendance, though, ate up his bitterness, rewarding many of his angry zingers with raucous and undeserved laughter. It felt exactly how you would laugh at a teacher’s joke fearing he would punish you and give you a bad grade. No one was laughing with Biden.

Biden Brought out his Equally Unfunny Friend

Speaking of no one laughing, comedian Colin Jost, representing today’s detached and irony-obsessed pop culture, provided the remainder of the evening’s “entertainment” or whatever you may call it.

Jost leaned heavily on mocking Biden’s age and Republican politicians he dislikes such as Rep. Matt Gaetz and obviously Trump, as if any hack comedian would give up the opportunity to mention his name to gain easy brownie points.

He took predictable shots at Trump over his legal woes, portraying Biden as honourable for not starting speeches by having a bailiff say “all rise.”

According to Jost, Obama and Biden both had highlights of their tenure being Osama bin Laden and O.J Simpson’s deaths respectively. Such hard-hitting political commentary from one of Hollywood’s brightest.

Jost unoriginally compared Biden to his own 95-year-old grandfather as a form of flattery, highlighting Biden’s frequent bumbles and gaffes. If this is the best you could do to flatter Biden, then maybe Biden is truly too old for his powerful role as the president.

All in all, the evening showcased some of the worst aspects of today’s political culture: bitterness, anger, polarisation, petty insults substituting for wit, and detached irony enabling acceptance of the unacceptable. And it is all the fault of the corrupt democrats ruining the fabric of this great nation for the past 4 years, as they destroy everything that Trump has accomplished for the sake of the American citizens and for the sake of making America great again.

Attempting to Sink America

The most recent example of that would have to be Biden’s promise to let the Trump 2017 tax cuts expire if he is re-elected; A promise that was met with justified criticism from conservatives and representatives.

Senator Tim Scott rightly slammed Biden’s comments, noting it would amount to the largest tax increase in history on the American people.

After overseeing 40-year high inflation that is draining family budgets, Biden now wants to pile on by hiking taxes on citizens and businesses still recovering from his poor economic leadership.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, passed by a Republican Congress, cut rates across the board while also lowering the burdensome corporate tax rate that was hindering American job creators. These reforms allowed citizens to keep more of their hard-earned money and boosted economic opportunities.

Yet Biden is so determined to pin the country’s woes on his predecessor that he’s vowing to reverse this progress.

He dishonestly claims the cuts only benefited the wealthy and corporations while exploding the debt. In reality, Americans at every income level received relief. And our debt woes stem from reckless spending under the democratic party, not letting citizens keep more of their own money.

Biden essentially admits he owns the economy’s current troubles, yet is already preparing to worsen conditions with drastic tax hikes if given another term.

As Senator Scott noted, this proves Biden is willing to tank the economy purely for partisan gain, not the needs of working Americans.

While Biden misleads citizens, his Vice President Kamala Harris plans to embark on an “Economic Opportunity Tour.” As Senator Scott quipped, she should apologize for the damage already done under Biden’s leadership

American families don’t need more empty rhetoric. They need relief from soaring prices, higher taxes, and shrinking paychecks caused by this administration’s blunders.

President Trump’s tax cuts fueled an economic boom that put more money in citizens’ pockets. Median incomes rose while unemployment rates for all demographics plummeted to historic lows.

A Fork in the Future

Biden is right that a stark choice is approaching in 2024. Continue his backwards economic policies that have eroded household budgets. Or return to the pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda enacted under President Trump.

Biden called for moving past distractions, yet devoted much of his white house speech to attacking his predecessor and now he is virtue-signalling by attempting to let a beneficial tax cut expire because Trump has his name on it. His hypocrisy and hostility were on full display, despite the best efforts of sympathetic media to portray his routine as harmless fun.

With threats abroad and economic turmoil at home, America needs leadership that can rise above grievances from past elections and partisan food fights.

Unfortunately, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner serves as an annual reminder that bitterness and score-settling remain the lifeblood of the corrupt democrats.

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