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Biden: “If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running.”


Biden has just shamelessly admitted that his only motivation for running is to stop Trump! The president openly suggested he wouldn’t have dragged himself into another grueling race if voters had other options.

Biden’s startling admission reveals everything voters need to know – even he thinks he isn’t up for another term.

With this massive blunder, Biden let the curtain drop. His whole candidacy is a sham propped up by Democrats desperate to stay in power. Biden is an aging career politician, being used by the DNC to preserve the party’s power for four more years.

If Biden wouldn’t be running if Trump was not in the race, then what does this say about his ability to hold the nation’s highest office? 

During a fundraising event on Tuesday, President Biden admitted to donors that he likely would not have run for re-election if Donald Trump had not also been running in 2024.

“We’ve got to get it done, not because of me. … If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running. We cannot let him win,” Biden said.

The remark comes at a time when Biden is already struggling in the polls due to voters’ concerns about his age.

If Biden truly cared about America’s future, he’d step aside for fresh leadership and his statement hints that that might actually have been the case had the DNC not pushed him to run for a second term.

At 81 years old, Biden has had a decades-long political career, which included holding our nation’s highest political office. There’s nothing left for him to achieve and it’s clear he would happily relax into retirement if given the chance.

Yet, the party is selfishly pushing him on hoping that his advantage as an incumbent will be enough to win over voters despite his flagging faculties. Democrats know Biden lacks the vigor, vision, and competence that a president needs. Even they have questioned his abilities.

President Biden has faced some criticism from fellow Democrats, including primary challenger Rep. Dean Phillips, about his advanced age and suggestions that he should step aside for a younger candidate. At 81, Biden is already the oldest president in American history. However, despite these concerns about his fitness for the job, Biden is running for re-election anyway.

This is because the Democratic party recognizes the power of his name recognition and the fact that he was able to win in the last election against Donald Trump. Clearly, they are avoiding his glaring unfitness for office hoping that they can replicate the results of 2020. But in reality, Biden is just a Trojan horse for the left’s real agenda, which is staying in power by any means necessary.

Biden’s comments also reveal a fundamental insecurity about his own candidacy. It seems that he lacks faith in his policies and leadership. After all, a true leader who has full conviction that his way is what’s best for the country would not question whether they would run again. They would feel obligated to do so in order to fulfill their vision and make the country better. A prime example of this is Donald Trump running for his second term.

But in Biden’s case, he feels the need to constantly compare his merits to Trump because he knows that if Democrat voters were really given a choice between him and candidates with more mental acuity, he would not succeed. Perhaps even he would not vote for himself in those circumstances.

However, the reality of the situation is that Biden is stuck in an election to secure his second term in office whether that’s what’s best for him or the country. And what does a career politician do in these sorts of circumstances? They try to win by any means necessary.

So at his fundraising event, Biden began fear-mongering, warning donors that American democracy is under serious threat in the next presidential election. He even claimed that Trump and Trump’s supporters are actively working to “destroy” the country’s democratic systems and institutions.

Biden’s comments are not only inaccurate and another sign of the partisan divide the left is trying to enforce by vilifying the other side, but it’s also reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s fateful comments during a 2016 fundraising event.

This divisive name-calling starkly contrasts Biden’s pledge to unite the country upon taking office. The escalating war of words shows that bipartisan unity was just another empty campaign promise. Now, with Biden’s approval plummeting, he’s relying on demonizing Trump to fire up his supporters.

And this isn’t even the first time.

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump was asked to promise he “would never abuse power as retribution against anybody.” Trump responded, “Except for day one. I want to close the border and I want to drill, drill, drill.”

“After that I’m not a dictator,” he added.

Biden’s campaign quickly responded to these comments by Trump, sending out an email with the subject line “Donald Trump: Day One Dictator.”

So while Biden is normally reciting the DNC’s message right on cue, his slip up in finally admitting his own reservations about running for a second term did not go unnoticed. The President quickly tried to backtrack when he was later asked by reporters if he would be running if Trump wasn’t.

“I expect so” isn’t much better but after a long day juggling the duties of President, Biden does not have much energy left to follow the DNC’s narrative.

It’s clear that Biden will follow the script but the real question is whether voters will buy it. After all, a strong leader with a positive vision wouldn’t have to define their candidacy purely in opposition to another. Americans have a right to expect their president, especially 80-year-old commanders-in-chief, to be motivated solely by service to the nation, not by assurances that they are merely better than the alternative.

Biden’s recent campaign stops in Boston underscored his fixation with Trump. He took repeated swipes at the former president, aiming to contrast his own character and policies with Trump’s. With his polling numbers down, rallying anti-Trump sentiment seems to be Biden’s only strategy.

And according to NBC News, President Biden’s re-election campaign is expanding its war room efforts to aggressively counter-message during Trump’s upcoming media events this week. The campaign aims to provide rapid responses to Trump’s Fox News town hall on Tuesday and the final Republican primary debate on Wednesday prior to the Iowa caucuses.

The Biden team plans to use these opportunities to reinforce their narrative that the Republican policy platform is centered on Trump’s “MAGA agenda.” It will be closely monitoring and swiftly rebutting Trump during these high-profile appearances while also taking aim at any other GOP candidates that catch their attention.

While Biden and the DNC may see him as the only one able to stop Trump, his desperate attacks on Trump and his supporters have done nothing to sway voters.

A recent NBC News poll found his approval rating has plunged to just 40 percent – the lowest point ever in his presidency. Even Biden’s constant assurance that he is a better alternative to Trump is not convincing voters.

Polling results showing him trailing Donald Trump among voters ages 18 to 34. Young voters were key to Biden’s victory in 2020 however that seems to have changed with this poll showing that 46 percent of young voters are backing Trump compared to just 42 percent for Biden.

With Biden already facing doubts about his advanced age and stamina, the fact that even young voters are now preferring Trump raises questions about his chances in this election.

Some of you have probably heard Biden tell a story time and time again about his father saying “don’t compare me to the Almighty. Compare me to the alternative.”

Well it seems voters are comparing Biden to the alternative and he is losing.

This story, like many of Biden’s stories, really shows the true character of this President.

He seems to know that he is not what’s best for this country but continues to appeal to voters and even himself, trying to convince everyone that he’s better than the alternative.

Unfortunately for Joe, voters are just not buying it anymore.

America needs hope restored through proactive governance, not reactive politics.
Rather than relitigate old grudges, voters want actual solutions for immigration, crime, and rising prices – not a war of words.
While Biden’s presidency is defined more by who he’s against than who he is, Trump’s leadership brought real benefits like a roaring economy and secure borders.

Leaders must see beyond themselves and their rivals. When the current president literally admits he’s only running to stop someone else from becoming president, instead of ensuring a better future for America, it’s incredibly concerning.

Steering the country forward through troubled waters requires seeing all Americans in the same boat – voters deserve that from whoever occupies the nation’s highest office. Maybe Biden’s comments will finally open voters’ eyes to what’s really going on within the Democratic party.

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