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Biden Fails To Install New Judge Nominee


Failure And Chaos in The Senate

Biden and his stubborn crusade to appoint a controversial judge is crashing into a political firestorm.

When the president nominated Adeel Mangi to the federal bench, warning bells immediately sounded about his shady connections. But instead of wisely withdrawing this suspicious pick, Biden has only doubled down despite mounting bipartisan opposition.

Now Mangi’s bid is going down in flames, fueling accusations of White House incompetence and misplaced priorities.

Biden’s refusal to admit error has turned this judicial debacle into a microcosm of his flailing presidency. He ploughs stubbornly ahead no matter the facts, seeking to appease the radical left fringe rather than all Americans.

This defiant nomination strategy may score points with woke partisans, but it continues alienating the moderate mainstream.

As Biden sticks with a lost-cause nominee linked to controversial groups, he signals a dangerous ideological zealotry out of touch with voters.

Rather than bring America together, Biden is ridiculously risking his remaining political capital on a divisive figure.

This partisan play epitomizes the president’s disconnect from reality as his ineffective tenure sputters to a close.

Biden just can’t seem to grasp that his woke agenda has been completley rejected at the ballot box.

The president’s unwillingness to change course despite the clear warning signs perfectly illustrates why most Americans are eagerly counting down his final months in office.

Biden is Stubborn in His Choices

Would you consider it better to stand your ground when you have lost control over a situation you were responsible for, or stand down and admit defeat in what might be perceived as an honourable way? Our dear president Biden chose to swerve around and pick both options shamefully trying to nominate a controversial figure into being a judge.

This all went down in April when Biden gave us a glimpse into his stubborn nature avoiding the admission of defeat at the hands of his opposition.

Faced with mounting bipartisan opposition to his controversial judicial nominee Adeel Mangi, President Biden dug in his heels instead of taking the more sensible and logical path of withdrawing this flawed and corrupt pick.

But no no no of course this is not how the Democrats and the “woke” liberals roll. If they can’t get what they deem important, what they want more than anything right now, then they will whine about it and stay the failing course without ever attempting to reach a resolution or understand the other side.

And it is very much clear with this stubborn refusal to admit error encapsulating the broader problems plaguing the Biden presidency playing friendly with radical leftists.

Rather than course-correcting based on legitimate concerns raised about Mangi’s background, Biden is doubling down out of partisan pride. He refuses to let facts get in the way of his agenda.

And all of this debacle has led to Democrats going toe to toe with other Democrats over Adeel Mangi’s questionable ties and whether or not xenophobia or islamophobia plays a major role. Spoiler alert: it is actually not but some democrats want to take this angle for obvious political brownie points kinda reason, which is funny considering all of this failed in the end.

The White House’s handling of the Mangi nomination demonstrates this stubborn disconnect. Despite bipartisan agreement that Mangi is unfit to serve, Biden refused to admit his mistake. He is captive to the woke left’s stranglehold on his presidency.

But all corrupt things come to a sad whimpering end when push comes to shove and the dust settles. So what happened recently as part of the karma against Biden?

Biden Very Quietly Admits Defeat

Well, the Biden bid for Mangi appears to be headed for an ignominious demise, serving as yet another example of this administration’s flawed vetting process and misplaced priorities.

With three Democrats already vowing to oppose Mangi’s confirmation, Biden and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer seem content to just let the nomination expire when the current Congress adjourns in January.

Rather than expend more political capital on a doomed pick, they are essentially abandoning Mangi to “twist in the wind,” as one expert described it.

So now we know that when Biden is done with you and thinks you are of no purpose, you can be rest assured he will make sure that you are forgotten and disposed of. Very righteous of the current sitting president of the United States. Very righteous of Biden after he kept claiming how former president Trump actually has no allies and will stab whoever he wishes in the back.
But focusing back on this judicial nomination disaster, the passive by Biden approach speaks volumes about the White House’s incompetence and mismanagement.

Faced with mounting criticism of Mangi’s concerning ties to controversial and highly questionable organisations, Biden is somehow still unwilling to pull the nomination, yet knows it cannot pass the Senate.

Once again, political calculations trump any principles of accountability for this corrupt leftist administration.

Mangi’s association with the Rutgers’ Center for Security, Race and Rights is particularly troubling. This radical group has promoted speakers who openly justify terrorism and call for violence, Yet despite Mangi serving on their advisory board, Biden refuses to withdraw his nomination. But he will happily let it simmer and expire in the most shameful of ways instead.

Biden’s handling of this nomination once again proves his weakness when it comes to strenuously combating extremism and actually giving it a clear pass.

At a time of rising crimes, nominating someone with Mangi’s dubious associations sends a horrific message. It also explains why Senators in Nevada were quick to condemn the pick.

It does not however explain why Biden is adamant about always painting Trump in a bad light as if he supports extremists and terrorists, when Biden’s house is made of clear glass and his closet is filled to the brim with skeletons. I guess he may have forgotten about that alongside the many other things amid his declining clarity due to his age.

In A Sane World Things Would Be Different

In a sane world, these damning revelations would have prompted Biden to quickly withdraw this nomination. At a time of rising violent crime, nominating someone linked to cop-killers is unfathomable. But in Joe Biden’s America, radicalism trumps common sense.

Biden should view the midterm thrashing as a wakeup call to moderate his extremist stances. But he has learned nothing from the shellacking voters gave Democrats under his leadership. He continues catering to the radical fringe while ignoring the views of mainstream America.

Is it really out of this world to state that Americans want fair-minded and independent judges, not partisan extremists.

The lopsided opposition to Mangi’s nomination proves Biden’s aggressive leftism remains dangerously out of touch with patriotic Americans.

As his presidency sputters to an ineffective close, Biden refuses to learn this basic lesson. He continues pushing controversial nominees like Mangi, even after similar picks have embarrassed his administration. And then he gets absolutely humiliated on the political stage and whines about any and all opposition.

The president still fails to grasp that most Americans reject his woke agenda. But maybe he is still in the fantasyland where the left won the culture war somehow.
This is not a culture war however, it is a matter of common sense against the nonsensical.

Nominees should be assessed on their merits, not crude identity politics. Mangi’s concerning background makes him wholly unsuitable for a lifetime appointment, no matter his ethnicity or religion.

In the end, the American people see through the progressive left’s hypocrisy on nominations.

Qualifications and character, not ideology, should guide such important picks. By stubbornly sticking with this deeply flawed nominee, Biden again puts politics over prudent governing. It is a fitting epitaph for his failed presidency.

And it will be a fitting obituary for its end at the hands of Donald Trump.

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