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Biden Campaign Busted For A New Hoax


Another Petty Act From The 81 Year Old President

Biden’s campaign has reached new lows in their flailing efforts to stop Trump’s unstoppable momentum. With the president dominating battleground state polls, Biden falls back on creative editing to twist Trump’s words and distract Americans from the migrant crime epidemic. 

But no misleading social media post can mask the human cost of Democrat negligence at the border, as grieving families like Laken Riley’s know too well. 

Biden would rather feign outrage over rhetoric than confront the cold reality of lost lives enabled by his catch-and-release policies. The president rightly calls out the vicious actions of illegal immigrant killers – something Democrats seem unable to do. 

As Trump continues rising, promising to fully secure our invaded border. Desperate campaigns make desperate moves, but American voters see the clear choice – a president who leads with honesty versus a challenger who relies on tricks.

The Biden campaign has reached new levels of desperation over the fear of losing against Donald Trump, using embarrassing measures to achieve the goal of a campaign is not a very wise method.

Biden’s Embarrassing Hoax Trick

In a recent speech in Michigan, democrats and Biden’s team were up for their old tricks distorting Trump’s words to distract Americans from the real issue at hand – the innocent lives destroyed by criminals crossing our open borders. 

This latest misleading video posted by one of the social media accounts related to Biden’s 

re-election campaign team was edited intentionally to take Donald Trump remarks out of context and now faces backlash for editing the full context of Trump’s ‘animal’ comment as another hoax.

In Trump’s full speech in Michigan this week, he specifically cited the heartbreaking cases of Americans like 22-year-old Laken Riley, who was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant who had no business being in this country. Trump was rightly calling out these vicious killers for the animals they are.

Mentioning another case in 2020 of the murder of Ruby Garcia by an illegal immigrant who was deported then but re-entered the U.S during Biden’s term, But what does Biden and his campaign do? They turn a blind eye and then act like Trump is the bad guy in the picture. Not very mature for an 81 years old president leading a nation.

In an act of desperation, Biden’s team decided to edit a 7-second clip of Trump saying illegal immigrants are animals and cut out the rest of the statement that shows that the comment was directed to convicted migrants.

Unleashing chaos at the border and halting the border wall construction with a little to zero planning, then acting surprised when deadly criminals flood into the neighborhoods. 

FILE PHOTO: Combination picture showing former U.S. President Donald Trump attending the Trump Organization civil fraud trial, in New York State Supreme Court in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., November 6, 2023 and U.S. President Joe Biden participating in a meeting with Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S., March 1, 2024. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid and Elizabeth Frantz/File Photo

But Biden would rather feign outrage over rhetoric than confront the cold hard reality of all the lives lost due to Democrat policies. We’ve seen this film before – they pretend to take the moral high ground while enabling sanctuary city policies that protect murderers rather than addressing the real problem.

Trump’s team, along with many republicans has been blasting the Biden campaign for not including the full context of the speech, and they are right, Why is the Biden campaign constantly jumping on the defense of bloodthirsty illegal alien murderers who killed American citizens?

It’s crazy how the Biden campaign can push lies like this all day and never be fact checked, siding  with an accused murderer on social media platforms is an act of pettiness, then they act surprised their campaign is failing.

Trump always puts America First and tells it like it is, no matter who gets offended. The Biden team’s pathetic misinformation effort shows they know their open border agenda has been a complete disaster for this nation.

Trump has been warning Americans since 2015 about the dangers of an open border, Biden on the other hand can’t get any more oblivious to the safety of Americans, he went ahead and announced his new open borders extravaganza! Under Biden’s insane plan, we’ll get the privilege of welcoming a whopping 2 million illegal immigrants per year, or about 5,000 per day.

Now America has a rising crime problem pouring over the borders as more illegal immigrants enter the country. Border Security has stated that “Trump was right”. Imagine all the cartel members, human traffickers and violent criminals who will be wandering around in America.

Trump on the other hand understands the necessity of borders and immigration enforcement to keep Americans safe. He rightly promises to crack down on sanctuary cities, resume deportations, and fully seal our southern boundary. Enforcing the law shouldn’t be controversial. The first duty of any president is protecting citizens, not criminals who have entered the country illegally. That’s the difference between feckless Democrats and Trump’s America First agenda.

Biden Is Trailing Trump In Polls

The latest polling shows President Trump trouncing Biden in 6 out of 7 battleground states after battleground state. The data highlights broad approval of Trump’s bold conservative policies on issues ranging from the economy to border security.

Trump’s support continues expanding nationwide as more Americans see the tangible impact of his pro-growth, pro-freedom agenda. Meanwhile, flailing Biden can barely gather a crowd as he flip-flops on issue after issue.

Biden’s never-ending parade of cringe-worthy gaffes raises grave concerns about his mental fitness for office. His incoherent babbling on the campaign trail does not inspire confidence in his abilities to lead.

As Trump enjoys a 51% approval rating, a position of strength for an incumbent guided by principle, not political winds. Americans reward his willingness to speak hard truths and stand up to radical Democrat interests.

Biden is saddled with a pathetic 38% approval rating as the public rejects his far-left policies and bowing to socialists like Bernie Sanders and AOC. Biden’s numbers are a dire warning that the Democrats’ socialist vision has utterly failed.

In a recent interview with CBS News, Our out-of-touch First Lady was asked if they are worried about the polls showing Trump leading Biden, and she must not have gotten the memo about Trump destroying Biden in battleground states and claimed that there were only two choices and that it is obvious that Joe Biden is going to win or maybe she’s just in deep denial and as oblivious as her husband.

Biden Campaign And Reputation At Risk

And while his campaign is severely failing, Joe Biden can’t even keep a simple 11:00 appointment. Apparently Biden overslept and showed up an hour later to his speech with creases on his face. But I guess he’s not to blame. If my campaign was collapsing right before my eyes I wouldn’t be getting a minute of sleep either.

Nebraska Republicans are wisely pushing to make their state a winner-take-all instead of splitting electoral votes by congressional district. This closes a loophole that gave Biden an unearned Electoral College vote from Nebraska’s blue district in 2020. Good work to the GOP for protecting election integrity.

Transitioning to the urgency of this reform, the Nebraska legislature must swiftly approve repealing the 1991 district allocation law before the 2024 cycle. With just weeks left in their session, Gov. Pillen and lawmakers must prioritize removing the ‘blue dot’ that threatens election fairness.

As Biden’s team expresses alarm, as they should, Their scheme to eke out reelection by poaching Nebraska’s 2nd District has been exposed. While Democrats play dirty tricks, Republicans responsibly enact policies that reflect the true will of voters.

Biden’s path is narrowing, make no mistake – Nebraska was the Democrats’ key to an undeserved victory in 2024. Republicans aim to close this loophole and ensure the state’s electors properly represent the statewide popular vote winner, upholding election integrity.

As Nebraska joins other winner-take-all states, Biden is rapidly losing options. Congressional district splitting enables exploitation of elections for partisan gain. Nebraska lawmakers must unite to forbid this in 2024

The Cornhusker State now holds the power to determine the outcome of 2024 – they must seize this moment to enact winner-take-all and secure a rightful Republican triumph. 

In conclusion, Americans see a President who delivers on his promises to stand up for our workers, defend the unborn, and restore law-and-order. Biden offers only pandering platitudes as he bends the knee to the woke mob.

While polls consistently show the President prevailing in must-win swing states, Biden’s support cratered the moment voters got to see his unmasked radical leftist agenda. President Trump champions the values of faith, family and freedom that form the foundation of our Constitutional Republic, winning him broad admiration.

Come November, Americans will resoundingly validate President Trump’s vision for national restoration within four more years. His momentum is unstoppable because he fights for us – not D.C. elites.

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