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Biden Bizarre ‘Cannibal’ Claim Contradicts Military Records


Biden’s Shocking Mental Decline

A new video reveals Biden displaying concerning signs of mental decline. In the awkward footage, a bewildered and confused Biden makes a downright strange comment about his uncle, exposing the president’s shaky grasp on reality.

This bombshell video provides undeniable evidence that Biden is mentally unfit for office. Watching his rambling statement and detached demeanor will leave your jaw on the floor.

The troubling clip has gained attention amidst worries about Biden’s ongoing struggle to communicate clearly without assistance. But his latest spontaneous remark takes confusion to a whole new level.

Once seen, the video cannot be forgotten. The video provides a raw look into Biden’s worsening cognitive decline, which the White House can’t hide anymore.

This game-changing new evidence reinforces what many Americans already feared – that Biden lacks the mental acuity to lead the nation in these challenging times. With our enemies eagerly exploiting any weakness, we cannot afford a commander-in-chief crumbling mentally in plain sight.

The bombshell video reinforces calls to finally confront the uncomfortable truth – Biden does not have the capacity to fulfill his duties. His deterioration should alarm all Americans.

Biden Cognitive Crisis

In a profoundly disturbing episode that calls his mental fitness into question, Joe Biden has continued to spread an outrageous falsehood that his uncle was eaten by cannibals in Papua New Guinea during World War Two.

Despite clear evidence to the contrary from his own Defense Department, Biden keeps repeating this lurid tale, suggesting the president is losing his grip on reality.

Biden first made the absurd claim during a speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania, saying his uncle Ambrose Finnegan “got shot down in an area where there were a lot of cannibals at the time. They never recovered his body.” He doubled down later, reiterating “there were a lot of cannibals for real, in that part of New Guinea.”

President Joe Biden delivers remarks during a campaign event with Vice President Kamala Harris in Raleigh, N.C., Tuesday, March 26, 2024. Voting ends Saturday in North Dakota’s Democratic presidential primary, with President Joe Biden looking to add the state’s handful of delegates to his insurmountable lead for the party’s nomination. The party-run contest rounds out the busiest month of voting on the presidential primary calendar, with 30 states, plus the District of Columbia and several U.S. territories all holding primaries and caucuses in the last 30 days. (AP Photo/Stephanie Scarbrough)

However, official military records clearly disprove this outlandish story. The Pentagon conclusively reports that Finnegan’s plane ditched into the ocean due to engine failure. There is zero indication he was eaten by cannibals.

Biden has conjured up a complete fantasy, either through intentional dishonesty or, more likely, the creeping effects of dementia.

This is not the first time Biden has been caught red-handed fabricating stories out of thin air. He repeatedly lied about an Amtrak conductor congratulating him for commuting miles every day, a physically impossible tale about a war hero uncle, and multiple other false anecdotes.

But his “cannibal” comments suggest Biden’s grip on reality is actively deteriorating.

Biden’s defenders try to downplay these lies as mere “gaffes,” but indulging his delusions is incredibly dangerous. The leader of the free world, commander-in-chief, and steward of America’s nuclear launch codes is seeing things that never happened. This should terrify all citizens, regardless of political affiliation.

At a time of global instability, we cannot afford a cognitively declining president detached from the truth. Adversaries like China, Russia and Iran will exploit any perceived weakness in the Oval Office.

Biden’s cannibal comments, which most news outlets buried or ignored, signal a president losing his mental capacity.

Americans should compare the vigorous mental sharpness of Trump to Biden’s rambling incoherence and forgetfulness. At 81, Biden is simply too old for the grueling demands of the presidency. The uncomfortable fact is that he exhibits many warning signs of early dementia.

It is not ageism to want leaders with clear minds – it is just common sense. While most 81-year-olds enjoy retirement, Biden took on the most stressful job on earth.

Why do Democrats refuse to openly discuss Biden’s obvious cognitive decline? The implications are terrifying.

Biden never should have run for president in such a condition. And his deterioration now poses a grave national security threat.

Just imagine if Biden repeats fiction as fact in high-stakes negotiations with China or Russia. His lack of lucidity could spark misunderstandings and chaos.

Are Democrats willing to risk global conflict to pretend Biden is up for a job he clearly cannot handle?

Biden’s cannibal comments are the latest reminder of how far his mental sharpness has fallen. He now struggles to speak coherently on even simple topics.

He loses his train of thought, shuffles aimlessly, and needs notecards just to get through media appearances. This is elder abuse.

While Biden denies the obvious, more Americans are recognizing the tragic truth. His cognitive issues can no longer be ignored or dismissed. Simply put, the president is cognitively compromised and unfit to lead the nation.

Biden App Enabled Entry for Haitian migrant double homicide suspect

Also, Biden’s deteriorating mental state has directly enabled the worst border crisis in history, unleashing a flood of illegal immigration through insane policies like ending Trump’s Remain in Mexico program.

As Biden’s brain fades, his administration embraces open borders while ignoring the suffering of Americans victimized by uncontrolled migration.

Just look at the case of Kenol Baptiste, the Haitian illegal who used Biden’s CBP One app to enter the country before allegedly murdering two people in New York. This app is basically a red carpet for potentially violent criminals, allowing migrants to easily schedule travel to the U.S.

Over 95% of applicants get their golden ticket through CBP One. And Biden expanded this disastrous program in January to let in over half a million migrants per year, no questions asked. His mushy brain thinks this app that aids and abets lawlessness is a fantastic idea.

Another mentally enfeebled Biden policy allows flights packed with migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela to land in the interior of America. One of these arrivals, a Haitian who came via CBP One, is now accused of raping a disabled 15-year-old girl in Massachusetts.

These are direct consequences of Biden’s mental incapacitation. A president in command of his faculties would never greenlight such insane and dangerous open border schemes. Biden is so cognitively compromised that he can’t grasp the inevitable results of unleashing chaos.

And the tsunami of illegal immigration only incentivizes more human smuggling and drug trafficking. Fentanyl deaths have skyrocketed thanks to endless new routes for Mexican cartels to infiltrate our communities.

Many Americans die from fentanyl monthly, with the deadly narcotic pouring over the southern border. But in Biden’s disoriented mind, building a wall or tightening security would be “immoral.” He cares more about virtue signaling than American lives.

Biden also terminated Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which ended the lunacy of catch-and-release. Now the deranged plan is to apprehend trespassers and immediately let them loose in America for years-long asylum processes.

Only a president with diminished mental faculties could endorse this madness.

The Biden approach has predictably acted as a giant migrant magnet. Illegal crossings have reached half a million annually, overwhelming border agents forced to perform useless processing duties instead of enforcement.

This surrender at our border is a direct result of Biden’s crumbling psyche. No strong president would allow invasion on this scale or adopt policies that aid lawbreakers and endanger citizens. But Biden’s administration caters to the most radical open border voices in his party.

Don’t forget the insulting prioritization of illegal immigrants over the needs of homeless veterans and other vulnerable Americans. While illegal children get charter flights into Florida paid for by taxpayers, many impoverished citizens lack access to housing, healthcare, and education.

Our veterans who fought for this country put their lives on the line, only to be forgotten and neglected. Providing unlimited handouts to those who show contempt for our laws is an affront to citizens struggling to achieve the American Dream the right way.

Biden has also proven unwilling to confront hostile regimes facilitating illegal migration. His weak leadership emboldens dictatorships in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua to continue using migrants as pawns to undermine America. And they face zero repercussions.

A strong president would stand up to these tyrants promoting chaos at our border. But Biden’s mental fragility leads to appeasement instead of asserting American power abroad to tackle the roots of the crisis. He can’t even correctly identify the sources of the problem.

At the heart of Biden’s immigration insanity is a president unfit for duty. His judgment is corrupted by age and cognitive decline. Democrats propping him up are endangering the republic to hide the truth about Biden’s inability to govern responsibly.

America cannot afford a new presidential term of open floodgates, empowered cartels, and unchecked invasion enabled by muddled policies from a vacant mind in the White House.

We must demand leadership that puts citizens first and recognizes immigration without assimilation is invasion.

The stakes are too high to tiptoe around reality. Biden is simply not mentally equipped for the demands of the presidency in this perilous era.

His decline has grave implications for our security as long as he remains in office while fading quickly. We deserve the truth about Biden’s condition and his resignation for the good of the nation.

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