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Biden Appears Delusional about the Economy in CNN Interview


Delusions Lead to Disasters

Our gaffe-prone president Biden spins an alternative reality to avoid confronting his failed economic leadership during a recent CNN interview.

Biden claimed he’s created more jobs than Donald Trump and dismissed negative polling on the economy as just wrong. Yes, you read that right – Biden says the polls are lying this time, not him.

It’s official – the leader of the free world has left the realm of objective truth and is deep in an economic fantasyland of his own making.

While Americans grapple with historic inflation and vanishing opportunity, Biden is over there hallucinating about strong GDP growth and a “great” job market. Of course no need for basic fact checking.

Biden is either straight up lying to Americans’ faces or his cognitive decline has hit new lows.

But voters live in the real world, where they see shrinking paychecks, rising prices and disappearing opportunities. No amount of delusional denial will make that pain go away.

The only real economic turnaround will start when Biden and his party get voted out of power. So, tick tock till November.

Biden Blatantly Lying on CNN Interview

Do you often find yourself lying even though deep in your heart you know that you committed all the acts and are the reason for all the tragedies you fabricate stories about? We are all humans so your answers will probably be a different variation of “yes” with a lengthy explanation to boot.

But let us rephrase the question or moreso, look at it from a different perspective; Would you consciously lie about your failings when you are in a position of power? See how the element of power here changes the whole dynamic? Now there are no more excuses or so called “white lies” when the fate of several people lies right in your controlling hands.

You would think the answers would change instantly to a resounding ”no” because most American patriots are honest and hardworking. They know what it means for families and individuals to depend on you for their needs.

Our dear crooked president Joe Biden however, thinks otherwise.

In a recent interview with CNN, America’s self proclaimed best president in recent history was asked and somewhat put on the spot about Trump promising to give out thousands of job and offer long lasting economic security, which is a novel and new line of questioning in regards to whatever CNN likes to do in their own little bubble, but it get slightly overshadowed by their liberal agenda not letting them leave the question out without bashing Trump’s ability to create more jobs for the failing economy.

Biden however, looked to be almost shocked and befuddled. As if he is questioning how the interviewer dares to even compare him to the republican leader and former president.

But Biden goes on to answer that he actually created more jobs than Trump ever will and could. Biden then goes to describe an imaginary economy that is rosier than what the unfortunate reality has to offer at the very moment.

It begs a serious question though; is Biden casually lying like the liberal he is through his teeth? Or has he aged a thousand more years since last time and now he is starting to forget and hallucinate things that never happened and never will under his administration?

Because not only is he egregious enough to imagine a better economy, no. Biden is egregious enough to imagine an economy better than what former president Trump has to offer.

In Biden’s silly mind altered reality, Trump actually never did anything productive or delivered on any of his anticipated and long awaited promises.This is definitely facts and not at all the opinions of an old and tired man running with a liberal agenda that has harmed and will continue to harm millions of innocent and god fearing Americans.

Biden thinks the Polls Are Wrong Now

It is not out of left field to state that Biden has completely lost the plot when it comes to accepting objective reality. He can’t even accept defeat if it stared right into his soul.

So of course he would just double down on his unhinged takes and declare the absolute unexpected; the polls are lying about the economy.
Yeah you heard that right, Biden is so defensive in his own Democrat cocoon that he is now doing what he always attacked the former president for, only because the media is not playing in his favour. How sleazy and slimy can you further get to declare people’s opinion of your wrong doing to be wrong as well?

Biden seems to have gotten the wrong perspective on our economy, because he states how it is the greatest in the world but just because the whole world is a level below us in terms of fiscal management and flow, does not and should not negate the fact that our economy is falling to the gutter with rising inflation and decreasing affordability.

Just because the world is suffering as well doesn’t mean we shouldn’t focus on the American people’s woes during an inflation and affordability crisis. Something that you would know about all too well mister Biden.

But what does he do? He talks about fighting for the people and fighting the corporate greed that is somehow only responsible for the recent inflation crisis taking hold of the United States currently.

It is somehow not Biden or his Democratic establishment’s fault. America has the greatest economy, and the best inflation rate, and all the jobs that any first world nation could possibly offer. The country definitely doesn’t have a “woke” problem tearing through it.

We love patriotism like no one else, but we also recognize that we need to be informed and objective so we as a freedom loving country don’t fall into obvious political and economic pits like every other nation.

Rather than stay the course, Biden needs to admit his errors and change direction. Conservatives have proposed solutions to unleash America’s dynamic private sector, remove barriers to work and investment, and restore faith in free markets to generate shared prosperity.

The Data and the People Are Against Biden

Biden may try to spin economic data and dismiss public opinion, but that won’t alter the truth. When voters consistently say the country is on the wrong track, a prudent leader listens rather than lectures. If Democrats continue ignoring voters’ legitimate anxieties, they face electoral disaster.

And a disaster it truly was as for over three years now, inflation has exceeded the Federal Reserve’s supposed 2% target. Yet the Biden administration and Congress seem content to keep ignoring the flashing warnings signs, allowing the problem to fester and worsen.

Just like an individual with dangerously high blood pressure who refuses to alter unhealthy habits, our leaders persist in policies clearly inflating prices and then blaming anyone else but themselves and their corporate friends of course.

There are still misguided voices arguing inflation is just a temporary blip that will naturally subside. But the evidence overwhelmingly rejects this complacent view.

But one group that has accepted reality and is now actively fighting against Biden propaganda is Black voters, especially in the state of North Carolina as an example.

Despite Democrats’ customary advantage with African American voters, many are profoundly dissatisfied with the president’s economic stewardship so far.

According to the group, the majority view the economy as “lousy” and feel Biden has fallen short on making life more affordable.

They lament rising prices for essentials like groceries and describe struggling to get by between stagnant wages and burdensome student loan debt.

In their own words, these voters do not see tangible improvements that have significantly changed their daily lives for the better. Biden may tout statistics about job growth and economic progress, but these Americans remain unconvinced.

As one participant put it, if Biden’s policies were truly working, the impact would be obvious by now – instead, people still feel they are barely staying afloat.

As conservatives have warned, Biden’s big-spending policies have badly misjudged the needs and priorities of many minority voters.

Lofty liberal rhetoric rings hollow when working families are being crushed by inflated costs of living. People want practical solutions, not more empty promises.

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