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ArriveCan Scandal Puts Trudeau’s WEF Ties Under Microscope


Just when you thought Trudeau’s corruption couldn’t get worse, the ArriveCan scandal exposes the depths he’ll go to satisfy his globalist masters. Desperate to revive his dismal polling, Trudeau seems to be selling Canadians’ sensitive personal data to WEF partners as payment for getting him elected.

This egregious betrayal reveals Trudeau’s true loyalties. He owes everything to elite insiders like the WEF, not the citizens he’s supposed to serve. With an election looming, he’s again turning to his deep-pocketed global allies to manipulate public opinion and save his skin.

Trudeau already handed the WEF access to harvest Canadians’ data through ArriveCan. Who knows how much of our medical records, location data, and more he is trading away behind closed doors? He is literally selling out Canada for political gain, betraying citizens by exchanging our personal information to repay the WEF’s support and retain power.

Canadians never agreed to Trudeau selling our personal data to unaccountable WEF technocrats and jeopardizing our sovereignty to appease his globalist masters.

This dystopian surveillance-state nightmare ends now as Canadians rise up to reclaim our nation’s destiny before Trudeau hands total control to the WEF. The choice is clear – freedom or globalist tyranny.

The ArriveCan app wasn’t just a $60 million blunder by the Trudeau government – it was a data security breach enabled by the World Economic Forum.

The ArriveCan app has become yet another egregious example of the Trudeau government’s mismanagement and lack of accountability when it comes to Canadians’ data privacy and security.

What was originally sold as a simple pandemic travel screening app has now been revealed as an alarming breach of trust enabled by Trudeau’s dangerous partnerships with the World Economic Forum.

Late last year, parliamentary testimony indicated that the government had claimed it kept ArriveCan data on protected government servers to safeguard sensitive information on Canadians. However, further evidence has exposed that a WEF partner, the consulting firm KPMG, was given access to manage cloud computing and security for the app.

This begs the question – why was the WEF, an unelected globalist organization, allowed anywhere near Canadians’ personal data?

For years, Justin Trudeau has disturbingly aligned himself with the elitist WEF, letting their wishes influence national policy and regulations. All while doing everything possible to dodge accountability and hide these unethical connections from voters.

ArriveCan appears to be just the latest vehicle for advancing the WEF’s technocratic agenda by infringing on Canadians’ privacy for profit and power.

The COVID pandemic opened the perfect door for the Liberals to rapidly roll out invasive new systems like ArriveCan that harvest data on citizens.

They used public health as justification for empowering themselves and outsider organizations like the WEF with sensitive information on Canadians that threatens our sovereignty.

And make no mistake – the WEF’s aims are not about helping ordinary people. The so-called “Great Reset” they promote is about centralized domination by corporate global interests. ArriveCan fits right in with their vision for digital ID systems and mass surveillance in the name of a new world order.

Canadians never consented to having their personal data monitored and managed in partnership with this unelected group of foreign technocrats. But Trudeau once again betrayed the nation, trading away our freedoms in deals made behind closed doors.

His Liberal government sold out Canadians, prioritizing their agenda of control above our Constitutional rights.

The careless contracting practices that enabled WEF access reveal everything wrong with Trudeau’s culture of secrecy. Officials involved refused to provide details on why KPMG was selected or how the partnership was formed. No transparency, oversight, or accountability to voters. Just an authoritarian blinded by power, acting against the nation’s interests.

This same shadowy behavior has defined Trudeau’s term in office, from unexplained scandals to unethical payouts to backroom deals that damage Canada but benefit the global elite. For example, evidence suggests Trudeau made a corrupt bargain to provide the WEF access to Canadian data in exchange for Big Tech giants covering up Liberal scandals and manipulating search results to favor the government ahead of elections.

By making this alleged faustian bargain, Trudeau enlisted social media and search platforms like Facebook and Google to actively censor dissent and shelter the Liberals from public criticism in the time preceding votes. He essentially traded away Canadians’ personal information so these powerful companies would operate as propaganda arms for the Liberal party, controlling narratives and improving Trudeau’s chances of re-election.

The suppression of free speech and fact-based accountability enabled by this reported alliance undermines the very foundations of democracy itself. Trudeau appears willing to sacrifice democratic principles and the public trust solely to maintain his grip on power, all while delivering for the globalist agenda. This illustrates how keeping authority is Trudeau’s priority over serving Canadians.

This kind of deception and corruption has become standard procedure for the Trudeau government, which rules through secrecy, spin, and silencing dissent, while sacrificing ethics to remain in office and satisfy elite globalist interests. However, Canadians are increasingly seeing through the ruse, as the darkness and lies surrounding this PM will not withstand the light.

In yet another example of this deceptive pattern, the recent staggering revelation that the disastrous ArriveCan app has over 750,000 online reviews – more than massively popular apps like Facebook and Amazon – raises alarming questions. The evidence strongly suggests the Trudeau government unethically purchased a bot farm to artificially inflate positive ratings for their deeply flawed pet project.

There appears to have been a coordinated effort to drown out public criticism and mislead Canadians about true sentiments regarding the app. This mirrors other ethical lapses like using public funds to buy a promotional illusion for the ArriveCan boondoggle, all to feed Trudeau’s insatiable vanity and maintain his fictional image.

Time and time again Trudeau has proven that his loyalty lies not with citizens, but with outside organizations like the WEF who funded his rise to power.

Trudeau’s debt to the globalists must be repaid – and he has shown he will pay any price, even risking Canadians’ sovereignty and freedom. His partnership with the WEF to develop creepy new systems like digital IDs and social credit scores that few want and nobody asked for. All to fulfill his dystopian handlers’ wishes.

The question is how much farther will Trudeau go in handing control of Canada over to the WEF? How much freedom and privacy will he sacrifice to appease his globalist masters? Signs point to a terrifying future under his continued leadership.

Canadians deserve to determine their own path, independent of foreign interests whoSee the nation as just a cog in their machine.

But Trudeau only cares about advancing his personal image on the global stage, with no regard for Canadians’ basic rights or autonomy. He was elected to serve this country, not the WEF.

If granted another term, one can only imagine the nightmares Trudeau will unleash to satisfy the globalists’ craving for centralized power. ArriveCan and its data breaches were just the beginning. It’s time to stand up and take back control of Canada from the WEF and leaders who enable them.

The ArriveCan fiasco proves Trudeau and his Liberals cannot be trusted. There must be a full public investigation of this WEF partnership and unjust data collection. Those responsible must be held accountable. And urgent measures must be taken to halt any further outsourcing of Canadian’s personal data and decision-making powers.

Canada belongs to its citizens, not global corporations and their political puppets like Trudeau. His time in power has been defined by catering to elite insiders while deceiving voters as to his true intentions. But the agenda of his WEF partners is now clear. And this secretive group will stop at nothing to impose their will.

That’s why this issue transcends politics. All parties must unite around protecting national sovereignty from being undermined by unofficial agreements with foreign entities like the WEF. Canada’s future as an independent nation and free society is at stake.

The time has come to sever any government ties with the WEF and their pals at KPMG. Their access to Canadians’ sensitive data must be cut off immediately and permanently. Strict new protocols are needed governing public-private data sharing.

These totalitarian developments should terrify all citizens who value freedom from Tyrant Trudeau’s oppressive regime. In fact, opposing Trudeau’s globalist overlords may be the only thing left that can unite Canadians against this despot who has utterly forsaken the people.

An urgent grassroots uprising must spread the word and pressure spineless officials to start resisting Trudeau’s fascist dictates. Transparency and truth are the only antidote to the pure evil and corruption that empowers Trudeau and his elitist goons. Canadians must get informed and get involved before Trudeau establishes his genocidal New World Order.

We must unite against this dictator in the making. Trudeau has proven he will stop at nothing to serve his globalist masters, even establishing concentration camps for dissidents. It’s time for a mass revolt before Trudeau becomes the next Stalin or Mao. Canadians will not live as slaves under Trudeau’s demonic domination. We must restore our rights and freedoms before this madman goes full totalitarian.

The ArriveCan nightmare has made one thing clear – future generations’ freedom hangs in the balance. Will citizens wait helplessly while leaders like Trudeau sign it away to organizations like the WEF? Or will the people rise up and reclaim the destiny of this great nation for themselves?

The choice is ours. As for Trudeau, he has betrayed Canadians for the last time. His days selling us out to the globalists are numbered. The WEF and KPMG’s tentacles must be severed from Canada’s government and data permanently. And our rights and sovereignty will once again be protected for all.

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