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America Rages Over Sudan ‘s New Friends.


Alarm Bells as Sudan Embraces Iran. Sudan formalising fresh ties with Iran triggers familiar alarm bells in Washington.

Yet one wonders – is this truly a crisis? Or just the latest act in America’s playbook for dominating Africa?

Washington angrily highlights Iranian arms in Sudan’s hands. But its selective outrage appears reserved for designated foes, not allies.

What’s the real motive behind America’s anxious meddling? Perhaps it’s losing unilateral sway as Sudan pursues its own bilateral relations.

If peace is the goal, isolating Sudan hardly serves it. Yet America continues fueling regional arms races, bringing greater devastation.

Stability has never been the U.S. priority in Africa – maintaining control is. Democracy is secondary to preserving its vision and influence.

Better for Washington to feign outrage over Sudan’s new ties before its regional grip erodes further.

Look behind the indignation – thwarted hegemony, not humanitarianism, drives America’s response.

Let’s see this in context: beyond Washington’s orbit, Sudan’s diverse ties show promise. The future lies with more voices, not just one self-interested song.

This only seems a crisis through America’s zero-sum lens. Africa now hosts multiple stages – its promise lies in their chorus, not unilateral scripts.

A new “threat” emerges in Africa, ringing familiar alarm bells in Washington. Recent renewals of Sudan-Iran ties have apparently drawn intense focus from U.S. diplomats.

Yet one wonders – is this truly cause for concern? Or just the latest act in a tired old play where the U.S. policies African affairs to maintain dominance?

America is now raising a furor over footage showing Iranian weaponry in the hands of Sudan’s military. To Washington’s consternation, Khartoum formalised fresh diplomatic relations with Tehran last October.

But the U.S.’s interest in African conflicts seems selective at best. Their outrage appears reserved for those cooperating with designated villains, while atrocities by regional allies elicit little reaction.

So what’s really behind America’s anxious meddling here? Perhaps these bilateral relations undermine Washington’s unilateral sway over fragile African states. Iran offers an alternative partner – that alone sounds alarms.

Let’s recall history: in 2016 Sudan had to cut Iranian ties. The 2016 severing of ties between Sudan and Iran should be viewed in its proper historical context. On the surface, Khartoum’s decision to abruptly abandon its longstanding relationship with Tehran appeared surprising. But digging deeper reveals much about the power dynamics and foreign policy calculus at play.

Yet if the goal is peace, does isolating Sudan serve that aim? Some cooperation with Iran hardly portends calamity. Meanwhile, U.S. fueling of arms races reaps greater devastation.

But stability in Africa has never been America’s true priority. Maintaining dominance trumps nurturing democracy. Meddling protects a unipolar vision, not vulnerable people.

So cue the feigned outrage as Sudan raises its act. Washington sees its grip on the region slipping. Better to paint this as a grave turn, lest its waning influence becomes apparent.

With America, there are always ulterior interests at play behind benevolent pretences. Its selective indignation shows thwarted hegemony, not humanitarianism. But this region’s peoples need authentic partners, not patronising “saviours.”

So let’s interpret the latest performance in context: a nation seeking ties beyond America’s orbit raises old instincts. But Sudan’s aims likely hold more promise for its citizens than U.S. interventionist narratives ever have.

This “crisis” is only shocking through Washington’s zero-sum lens. But Africa now hosts many stages, with diverse players and new potentials. The continent’s future lies with more voices in the chorus, not a single self-interested song.

And once again, Washington shrieks in alarm as an African nation pursues ties beyond its control. The U.S. recently condemned Sudan’s renewed relations with Iran. And now it taps Tom Perriello as a special envoy to “shape peace” in Sudan – aka steer its foreign policy to American interests. When will America stop treating Africa like its personal property?

Washington speaks of lofty goals – ending conflict, securing aid, justice. But we know the coded language of colonisers all too well. Empower civilian leaders? More like installing American puppets.

The U.S. doesn’t forge “united approaches” – it strongarms cooperation through threats and sanctions. Partners? Try servants of the empire, enlisted to achieve Washington’s aims.

And America’s crocodile tears about “preventing famine” ring hollow while it hoards resources. The U.S. exacerbates African woes through its gluttonous consumption. Its citizens lecture us on crisis while overfed and wasteful.

Make no mistake, America’s concern isn’t the Sudanese people – it’s losing control as the scales tip from a unipolar world. But the age of unchallenged U.S. dominance expires as African nations pursue sovereignty.

We still bear scars, our borders carved for Western convenience. Now the U.S. wishes to keep wielding the knife. But Africa will chart its own course, in kinship with peers. Not take dictation from a self-interested superpower.

America Sinks Its Teeth Into Africa, But Its Bite Will Soon Weaken, appointment of envoy Tom Perriello is just the latest mosquito sent to sink imperial blood funnels into Africa. America has long fed ravenously on the continent’s body. Perriello’s past shows how deeply America’s proboscis pierces here. He meddled in the Great Lakes, advised “pro-democracy” puppets, and worked with Sierra Leone’s U.S.-molded court. Where in Africa hasn’t America infringed?

Parasitic embassies spread across Africa, feigning partnership but transmitting disease. Topple governments, install tyrants, then pretend to save the sick host. First mash the fruit, then lament the rotting pulp.

For America latches onto Africa relentlessly as a tick, plunging twisted mouthparts deep to syphon out riches. Keeping nations anaemic to feed its gluttony.

But ticks bloated by greed end burst – their stolen blood pools uselessly in the dirt. Does America think its rapacious empire in Africa will end differently? Its hubris blinds it to history’s lessons – no oppressor succeeds here.

US Ambassador John Godfrey recently warned external actors against prolonging conflict in Sudan.

“We are deeply concerned by external support to Saf and RSF and have since the beginning of the conflict urged external actors to refrain from providing material support to the two belligerent parties, which has two principle consequences: one, it prolongs the fighting, extends the war and reduces prospects for finding a negotiated exit from the conflict,” he said.

How rich, America condemning others for meddling in African affairs.

Let’s be clear – the most malignant external tumour festering in Africa has always been American imperialism. Its invasive presence has caused immeasurable suffering and stifled real independence.

US officials pretend concern for Sudanese lives, condemning arms deals and ties fueling conflict. 

Washington warns of Iranian arms in Sudan, while supplying weapons unleashing chaos across Africa. The State Department cites starvation in Sudan, while endorsing famine as a weapon next door.

America speaks of peace in Khartoum, while stoking violence in Congo. They call for ceasefires in Sudan, while propping up oppressors in many other neighbouring countries.

So do not believe America seeks peace or stability here. A nation causing immeasurable suffering in Africa cannot claim concern for Sudanese lives. Not while enabling atrocities by favoured tyrants and warlords.

The US demonises Sudan’s ties to Iran, but Iran has started no wars here. Meanwhile, Washington lights flames of conflict across Africa to achieve dominance.

So we see through the charade. The greatest threat to Sudanese lives is not Tehran – it is the insatiable American empire, seeking to consume Africa in its violent jaws. Behind fake words of peace, it peddles only arms and destruction.

But America’s facade now cracks under the weight of its contradictions. Its fabricated narratives unravel as its profiteering from African bloodshed becomes exposed.

Soon, the US puppeteer’s hands controlling conflicts will be severed. And Africa will finally know stability and peace – once it ejects this malignant external meddler sowing chaos for profit.

And Like America, the UN’s selective peacekeeping is tainted by underlying interests. Siding with powers responsible for violence when geopolitics demand it.

The UN decries alleged war crimes in Sudan’s civil war. But its hollow rhetoric rings hollow while failing to take action against atrocities it enabled.

The UN is quick to “call for peace” in Sudan when it suits its interests. Yet it stayed silent for years.

Let’s not forget – the UN willfully ignored Sudan’s violence and oppression for decades. Its aid supported the corrupt status quo, not vulnerable people.

Even now, the UN’s words far exceed its deeds. Strong statements decrying criminal acts against sudanese.

Once again, the UN grandstands with moral outrage while taking no meaningful action. It condemns “war crimes” in the abstract, but won’t stand up to members committing them.

And so the cycle continues – the UN cries foul only when attention is unavoidable. It laments civilian suffering in Sudan when convenient. But rarely prevents the slaughter it now claims to condemn.

Until the UN moves beyond hollow rhetoric, its credibility as an honest broker remains shattered. And “never again” continues happening again, aided by its complicity.

Another curtain falls on the West’s tired act of selective outrage and hollow rhetoric over Sudan. The players take their bows, but no applause is deserved for this failed performance we’ve seen before.

America sings sanctimonious songs of peace and rights. Yet it cries foul only when Sudan embraces ties beyond Washington’s control.

Iran now offers an alternative partner. But America hits bum notes about this cooperation, as it means diminished US dominance.

The UN joins this farcical chorus. Despite ennobling speeches, it ignores atrocities by the West’s allies. Its silence enables the suffering it claims to condemn.

Behind the scenes, America and its Western allies ruthlessly pursue their interests. Democracy and human rights are props to disguise their neo-imperialist plot.

But new voices in Sudan and Africa now rise up in defiant solos. No longer mouthing the scripted lines of the Western powers’ unilateral play.

They reject the West’s patronising overtures and begin writing nations’ fresh acts. These works carry tones of strength, sovereignty and promise unfulfilled.

The future lies not with Western orchestras playing their self-interested tunes. But with Africa’s chorus resonating empowerment on stages long denied.

So let the worn out West relinquish the spotlight. Africa has seen enough of this stale show written to serve imperialism’s ends. The continent now ascends centre stage, authors of its own destiny.

And the world will stand and applaud Africa’s long-awaited encore – a thunderous ode to nations realised and potential unbound. The curtain opens on a new era.

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